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Today both of our kids went to school and we were teenages again!! ha but it is a strange feeling when both the kids went to school so we had ourselves a date day and went shopping for our new house kitchen!
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Welcome to our lives! We are the SACCONEJOLYs Irish vloggers living in Iondon, we upload videos of our life together everyday!
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Short History of SACCONEJOLYs
When Jonathan Joly married Anna Saccone they both decided that instead of Anna dropping her family name they would both take each others name and join them together.
They choose to use SACCONEJOLY rather then JOLYSACCONE simply because it sounded better.
Jonathan and Anna Saccone-Joly have two children, Emilia Saccone-Joly and Eduardo Saccone-Joly, they also have six maltese dogs, Albi, Sina, Theo, Bianca, Nivea and Nuvola.
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Caption: Oh guys guys guys to somebody outside . the gate all . gate opening who is it . [music]. good morning and welcome to the 6th best . day of the best year of your life and i . mean it's here . we're all sorry sorry coming true . scooter patrol with the interstate . patrol number to come on scooter patrol . all right let's go . scooters will conduct this immediate . your car handle is frozen old . unification they did turn his eyes . oh waters car seats in the wrong one . frosty the snowman is a friend to you . and me he does we in my corn flakes and . it tastes like b. o for us . ps you don't know either the frosty the . snowman. boat children are in school friends look . at us now huh . let us now just a pair huh and we need . to jump into are under the left vanquish . over here so maybe i went to school fine . yesterday was a bit temperamental . eduardo content i have to find teacher . already again today. yeah yeah but it wardo oh boy he was . crying there was tears through the . motions horrible so horrible like he . wasn't screaming no . then he was like shivering as well like. when he sounded like okay and find out . why you acting out because he was acting . like i'll be there wasn't it was like . shivering and then then we have to like . sneak outside and he was like crying and . stuff but i oh my god it was horrible . horrible . so in our guilty feelings we're going to . go to coach and we're going to eat some . food and we're gonna try and mask our . emotions. this is a single life again alright can . we go has asking the emotions . thanks enjoy school a straw does look . like again wanted to be dirty fri when i . got there. this is my new year's resolution and . don't hours at the end take the trees of . onion things also one of the copyright . without degrees divided think don't . fancy but paul the whiteness gave a . standing on a snapshot but i got to . think everybody's i don't take risks but . that's the second treat a lady but he's . attractive 30 tracks cheese of it very . much sugar . alioto's an animal feels some on an egg . and i got this bad boy here we got . parfitt we are natural yogurt will try . to eat around and they weren't all over . honey on top should hopefully make it is . not good. edward of i think i'll call though i . think i'll call of that if it gets too . much room. nolita yeah so . in this case the kitchens . you think i feel like definitely . community was a good idea like woody we . got a brochure . yeah the brochure it's are just the idea . of things you can actually do fridges . biggest possible french available this . kind of thing was closed now . yeah massive witness kinda makes me feel . like i'm liking this is for real now . exciting i do like these ones but if you . put a door on he can't have that anymore . now so i don't know what you want the . door . your kids back my toes back . so did you have a fun day after all one . yeah don't follow that tree . i was a bit worried because you are a . bit upset this morning. yeah so it's a bit worried that you . might be sad. what are you doing what are you doing. eduardo sakoon jolie huh . cool on how are we going to walk . superfast super class book your facebook . super fast mode but everything going to . go faster. we're holding you want me to go to . sports adaptive sports mode. are you ready for this eduardo are you . sure are you a hundred percent sure . countdown . but you know it's too fast light out . i can never do it again . oh my goodness and why don't i just i . would never do it again. mechanic like i just you are a good man . huh odds and i just comes home now with . immediate just as we're home huh good . word in school today huh . we had a good time in school today . didn't you you're going to tell the . media all about your first day of school . watch . welcome home amelia and i why do i start . writing million and i guess i don't like . it any better . oh is that the baby in mommy's tummy let . me i yeah . oh it's you me all the money you owe the . olden days someone we didn't have a baby . haha . remember the old days so yeah once we . left he was fine. yeah she knows the picture evidence that . he had a good time . did you have fun today why don't ya he . said he just after we left he warmed up . it was such a weird day having both of. them in school like i can you drop them . off the school always like we so like i . don't know it's just weird when you have . vodeo kids in school and you just like . right we've got three months to live . this up lads three months and then we're. going to have roses bloom or janet anna . whatever we're going to call this little . little monkey of ours . don't mind the christmas tree that's for . next year you go poop . no i recommend having children legs you . thinking about . ok i am editing and the v log eduardo's . here get the ona use u21 it is a friday . eduardo it is a friday we're meeting . upstairs as well we immediately appear . to let ya all that yelling gasps not . having spot of lunch in trouble . oh back . ok so this is yesterday's vlog okay . check this out right it hasn't gone live . yet but if you come down into the . description box. ok and check these links that one knew . you can go everyday right and vlogs i'm . gonna put a link in you can go check out . what we were doing one year ago . we're doing when year ago weird in . strongest baby in the world and then i'm . working on trying to get it on the way . look and then you can go when you go . from that date so get out you know when . we go to ireland blood haha it's crazy . and then from there i don't have many . have actually done i have another there . but if you go back then to the pepto . woman before this one and from here you . should be able to look you should be . able to go over here and she was to go . here and then you can go back five years. ago this day five years ago with a . hundred 4650 nasty pigs crazy those the . intro back dead. how did the movies we look like so i . haven't changed that you like to comment . he was coming back then . oh not 11 enjoy you guys there's a year . ago two years ago watching your videos . again really like as if seeking sound . like nathan for misfits nathan was a . whole new reason i ever watched misfits . was because in a that was six years ago . are you still watching his sonic so . watching my friend wants to crush your . wedding. i'll crash away classic anyway go do . that enjoy yourselves . enjoy yourselves you got a lot of . catching up to do. hi i'm i don't know if i have a ticket i . think i might have lost my ticket . oh thank you where's my seat . he's gonna show me to my seat with this . one and i got it i got a real hold on . hold on i got a really bad seat that was . amazing . another son . wow what do you use her to drop my leg . up. wow i'm bringing my oh thank you . what commander . oh yes i everybody's gonna be anything . like yeah we have time to read your time . [music]. [applause]. what's happening not everybody watching . the camera. the kids are watching the camera see . varrick is common are you excited for . this the first time you've seen her this . year you haven't seen eric is his last . year. i'm oh oh well it's just eric at this . time almost not here guys just gonna be . erica we're gonna see it holds a car is . a car that want to and is actually . tracking the heck are they in here we . little bear up here she's in this car . oh guys guys guys to so many educate all . gate opening. where's that he was it . hello what erica american we saw you . were watching you . is your mom here something oh yeah i . know what no white can't do presence . would be filming it . oh close your eyes but i know that get . there . open close but and decided water media . yeah okay but i have a writer . oh he's from scotland yeah eric has been . asking where in scotland where you . didn't end i can borrow . can you speak spanish now no play more . when we take anything you want to take . one thing anything you want from the . suitcase have to educate children one . you but i don't think show smithy my . giphy wait is there more money take a . book each guys . eduardo take a look oh cause ok but you . just wrote a book away media have to . pretend you like the book watch easy . sharing now because i honestly . oh wait wait wait let way . [music]. government squish for anyway i think . there's more guys guys i think them all . my goodness got it squished this is your . bedroom don't want your ones when i know . but don't let the dog got the tiny and . you have any sylvania i don't think you . do my friend eric used to love civilians . donkeys get enough it's okay and then . it's also my goodness guys guys what do . you both say to erica give erica accardo . miyake pericardial quickly or should . take it back quickly quickly quickly . quickly going to be trying to get over . yourself. we give it a cuddle and say thank you . shut up . oh you're gonna show mommy okay . erica is to collect sylvanian you had a . minute used to make videos we want to . hate videos they want even videos they . were just like on on recorded videos . with dr. will robert race right passes . eyes and ruby true off an amazing the . skies her secret was out and everyone . saw that sweet little ruby was tilak . crew hahaha shaggy you never got me . their dogs as a boat rentals three much . give you miss trask is moving away i for . russia sugar i reach you . her right oh . [music]. [music]. .

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