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America is passionate about saving babies, just not once they grow up and have babies of their own.
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America loves babies so much so we even . chose a 70 year old baby to be our. leader and despite that particular . baby's claims that obamacare is slowly . killing us all the truth is that infant. death rates in america have dropped to . historic lows that is good news which i . urge you to cherish it's one of the few . pieces of good news in this story . because there's a major shortcoming in . america's maternal health care . specifically the maternal part while . american newborns are safer the what do. you call them the women who bring them . into the world are in the most danger in . decades the united states has the worst . rate of mother's dying during pregnancy. childbirth or postpartum than any . country in the developed world a number . of women in the us who died in . childbirth is nearing the highest rate . in a quarter century a woman giving . birth here is twice as likely to die . than in saudi arabia and three times as . likely than in the united kingdom those . statistics are especially shocking . because the u. s. spends more per capita . on maternity care than any other nation . but most of that is focused on the . child's health we're kind of may about . those nagging husks that incubate them. and one subgroup of nagging husks is . particularly overlooked the rate at . which worl women die of . pregnancy-related complications is 64% . higher than in large cities goddamn it . rural areas should only have higher . concentrations of good things like . waffle houses in hot farmhands named . clowns. you may be asking how can so many of . these rural mothers be dying in our . modern 21st century hospitals to which i . am answer what hospitals there's a . growing problem across the country . limited access to maternity care and . obstetricians for women in rural areas . in 2004 45 % of rural counties lacked . hospital obstetric services a decade . later it jumped up to 54 percent 8 labor . and delivery units in rural parts of . georgia have closed in the past three . years around a third of alabama's . delivering hospitals have been forced to . close their labor and delivery units . nine rural hospitals have closed across . tennessee jesus can we just turn all ob. units into confederate monuments so. people will actually protect them even . if a rural county is lucky enough to . have a hospital maternal care is . frequently the first department to go . when budgets tighten which is fair since. a mere 100 percent of americans are the . result of female pregnancy the only . possible exception is ted cruz who may . have hatched from a lizard i'm looking . into it so what effect of these closures . have on pregnant women this small . hospital in louisville georgia is one of . the few facilities within a 60-mile . radius where women can receive prenatal . care women must travel an hour to . augusta for anything that requires . specialized equipment such as diagnostic. imaging and to deliver transportation is . our biggest issue and it's kind of a . 50/50 sum have cars some most don't a . lot of them carpool and then when they . do get to the hospital that sad music is . playing. such a bummer being forced to travel out . of town for medical care isn't just an . inconvenience it can be dangerous come . january bryant will have to travel 45 . minutes to deliver in morganton since . blue ridge will be closing its maternity . ward doors for good. on saturday it's a straight shot once . you get down the mountain you can get . down the mountain long drive to grace . hospital down state road 80 takes an . hour. descending 1,400 feet through curves so . tight that some call it the devil's whip . oh my god the devil's whip those words . near your baby's delivery yes we are . living in a society that's outraged by . problems with the domino's delivery . tracker app but we're totally chill . about problems with the delivery of new . human lives maybe we'd care more if each . baby came with a side of cheesy bread . and a two-liter jolt like any crisis . this one has many fathers the rise of. hmos skyrocketing malpractice insurance. costs demographic shifts the recession . medicare cuts and yes even obamacare or . more precisely the right wing freakout . response to obamacare take that black . sperm away from that white egg many . states refused the obamacare medicaid. expansion that could have offset these . other problems of the 83 rural hospitals . that have closed since 2010 . three-quarters were in states that . didn't expand medicaid oh by the way do . you know which group suffers the most . from black people you know i didn't even . finish the question the answer to that . question is always black people okay . well let's see what the script says . maternal mortality rates among african. american women are more than triple the. rate for white women told you and it's . not just on farms and stuff it's . everywhere it's extremely shitty hey i'm . sorry . yeah you should be because it's why . you're not getting grandchildren. [music]. but it doesn't have to be like this for . example in california maternal mortality . is actually decreasing thanks to the . maternal quality care collaborative they. studied frequent causes of death like . hemorrhaging and get this they tried to . prevent those things when they found . that hospitals lacked a uniform response . to severe bleeding during childbirth . they made specially designed hemorrhage . carts inspired i believe by the least . popular game in the mario kart series . and they got results well the country's . maternal mortality rate has been . increasing california's dropped to. one-third of the national rate compare . that with texas which closed planned . parenthood clinics and rejected medicaid . expansion despite having the largest . uninsured population in america . coincidentally the state also has the . highest maternal mortality rate in the . developed world . i guess the lone star state refers to. the yelp reviews of its maternity wards. lack of access to maternal healthcare . creates horror stories you'd assume are. happening in third-world countries but . are actually happening right here in . rural tennessee whitney brown was in . labor when she started having seizures . it was a three-hour scramble to get an . ambulance and then a 90-minute ride to a . hospital with obstetric and trauma . services the baby survived but whitney . did not american women deserve better. than this they shouldn't have to wait in . fear for their delivery date just . because they live on one of our more . remote purple mountains majesty there . are a lot of problems that led to this . crisis but there is one solution and the . women in question know what it is value . their lives more than money they just . transferring the risk of your premiums . to our loss that's exactly what's . happening is there less or being risk . now keeping mothers in rural areas alive. and healthy is never going to be . profitable if it were silicon valley . would have disrupted it already we need . to decide that rural women's lives are . worth saving at any price and if you . disagree with that you can be the one to . drive up the devil's whip and tell them . that we'll be right back . [applause]. you. you. .
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