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Oh coming at you a day early the merch . is live that's right guys don't calm get . your merch the link is down below deuces . deuces but that sunset though in the new . one donation guys we're gonna shock the. world with this don'ts merch boy i'm so . excited it's been a long time coming and . i am feeling good and he's taking out . the magic bar yo logan thoughts on the . merchants office yeah it's nice yeah you . did good. [music]. [music]. good day donation good day donation oh . you thought i was gonna start the vlog . in the apartment no no guys finally . getting this merch to show you guys is. getting me amped and freaking feeling . like a man so it's got anyone to do some . ants . honestly there was no point to that i . just haven't ridden my harley in a long . time and i want to know why don't you . take a poop next to it all this obvious . convincing oh so as you guys know it is . a very exciting time for the donation as . we have the new merch dropping design . number one but that sunset belle design . number two the deuces hoodie with the . bolt on the front and flipping it over . the deuces on the back with the two from . the $2 bill loose oozes design number . three the deuces t-shirt again with the . same back on this one and also a little . bit later on i'll be meeting up with the . boys we couldn't all meet up yesterday. because we all had differing schedules . we are meeting up today to take some . photos for this hot new merge so guys . now that you've seen the merch i wanted . to talk to you about the brand behind. the myrtle mirchi is called don'ts . here's the logo check it out so for you . diehard fans out there in the donation . if you guys aren't in the donation . welcome to the donation like and. subscribe and join the family because . there's a lot of new exciting things . happening but guys the message behind . domes is this it is my second instagram . accounts name and i've never really . explained the meaning behind it well now . is the time to explain this so back in . the day guys my am screen name was don . zone zero five and eventually i . shortened it to domes to make my . instagram then everybody at school . started calling me domes and it stuck to . me the rest of my life and the cool . thing about the logo is you guys see a . lightning bolt in and the message behind . them is to shock the world so one of the . things that i always preach in the vlogs . is to be positive be happy and most . importantly guys be yourself and i think . that this brand speaks to being yourself . and shocking the world holding true to . yourself and not really caring what . other people think about you and just . going out there every single day and . impressing people proving to them that. you are creative that you are different . that you are independent and that you . are going to be successful and follow . and live out all of your dreams when i . first moved to los angeles it was very . difficult for me to fit in because i . felt like i was always being judged and . i think that's something that we all . struggle with all the time fearing what . other people are gonna think about us . but i think what holds true to this . brand and what holds true to me and you . guys as my fans is being yourself and . really . and differentiating yourself guys this . merchant bodies all of that no pun . intended like it embodies do you like it . is on your body it's clothing and it . encourages you to be different because . you guys are gonna be the first people . to be confident so you're gonna be . wearing it it's cool people like you . know what's he wearing you're gonna be . like yo yes don't guys don't be afraid . to be different be the trendsetter . that's what we're doing out here we're. saying trend trust me guys embracing . that will get you a very very long way . and tonight i am super excited to shock . the world with you guys and being . different and it is so amazing to me . that i am able to share something a part . of my life with you guys on a daily . basis in the vlogs and now something . tangible something that you can hold . that brings us all together as one tight . family that is different and setting the . trend yo a gamma man i know you got that . book that sunset the merger but are you . ready to shock the world . oh some beast on you man oh man loves . out of me and i try to shock the world . [applause]. [music]. large sweatshirt. bam medium sweatshirt whoa baby baby . it's time for the boys to shock the . world yo. hannes already met up with me . yesterday and got his merch cough but i . got merged for logan and george back . their we're gonna meet up with him and . conrad photo and take some fire flames . lit pics for the website tubes dot-com . boom dog car ready to rock and shuck no . before we go take pictures i was just . checking my email and i gotta give a . huge shout out to my man mateo you are . just awesome i haven't watched the vlog . much recently as i got a new job i owe . you some ahead since money you sent me . ten dollars first and foremost mateus . why are you watch the vlogs but secondly . thanks for thinking of you texts reward . for mentioning goodies ponies yes boy my . dear ' yeah anyways i'm gonna decline it . but thank you for the thought of giving . me ten dollars why don't you put it . towards your merchants calm baby it's on . the screen it's in the bio get ready . oh man he's got the merchant hand how's . it feeling it's nicely absolutely ready . which one first hopefully this one yeah . guys we're adding squad deep right now . we got myself johannes cotton rob votto . ready to take some fire photo in a gown . we're going to meet up with logan at his . cool but the only problem is i wanted . all of the boys in the photo but george . had a meeting like a bus that is not the . cool bus know what proper sightsee . anyways what i was trying to say george . is at a meeting an hour away so he can't . make it so i invited jd our other friend . he's gonna fill in for george and i'm . gonna photoshop george's head on a hip . radius brilliant man you gotta improvise . them we can't get the boys ready hey oh . my gosh could it be in the flesh look . cool bus johannes why don't you take a . poop next to it oh this always. convincing so guys the joke is . apparently in logan's blog i was . watching it some looping next to it but . it just sits here the maverick . enterprise that someone just dropped . someone next to it what do you think . about that i don't see what when did it . happen and where i don't know it's been . happening a few times less or next to . the book i'm pretty sure next to the bus . it's crazy . oh my god throw on the deuces would you. do this is yo you look like a stud in . this marriage i look better in this one . y'all i don't understand you look long . like not long but like half it's so . funny because my favorite one is this . one guys and the sweatshirt and then his . is the but that's not because you're . colorful guy yeah i love it i like the . blue we're making merch for everybody . out there so yo. hannes is ready and we . got jd here i mean george oh that's much . better. wade you make it george well technically . i'm not here i'm stuck in traffic but i . really like the merch i appreciate . you're my boy bro now lydia's showing up . and she doesn't ran over this cone yo . i'm sorry but now the vlog knows how bad . of a driver you are i'm not a bad driver . i just didn't see the go well that makes . you better . it's always good to have lydia in the . vlog how are you let you throw this on . for me i just want to see how that fits . on you it's a large in the donation. merch i got to have you cheat on logan a . little bit here just so you guys know if . you are four foot five you should . probably not get the large unless you. want to wear it as a dress hey my man's . done with the business gavin on the . hating number one trending and he's . taking out the magic bar you do some yo . you might not even notice during that . shirt switch my phone started ringing i . silenced it so you could get good audio . and put my shirt backward . [laughter]. not to mention none of us have even said . anything about the mustache that's going . on and his father he spends a busy man . number one trending on youtube they . don't want to motion whatever you do . look cool . [music]. [music]. yo logan lots on the merchants office . yeah it's nice yeah you did good yeah . thank you is it honestly though or did . he just whisper in your ear i didn't say . so you look like uncle rico from . napoleon dynamite i'm initiating . flashbacks and marks of long yeah . flashback to when morgan i use me . roommate shut a flame you try flashback . [music]. guys i'm okay . me right now you can get your merch out . where can they get the merch downes dark . hour . we got that domain domain that's pretty . cool all right there over there . investigating this but i wanted to say . bye to george george i appreciate you my. boy thank you for coming through no . problem buddy but don't forget to buy . your merch let those guys go honest you . ever gonna tell logan that you're the . man entering the cool bus for the very . first time. oh nice futon we got over here a nice . flashlight that is you're under arrest . for smashing too much pussy now this is. a proper bus. even got branding from above that's . genius. right oh babe it's dripping yeah it was . at this moment mark knew yo. hannes . was the pooper the best person to . officially hump the bus goodbye cool bus . i hope you get no more conrad my man . y'all appreciate the quick moves you're . so gentle bro i always said the like . spike his audio he's very good for you . mark i don't know where the accent came . from it's from russia probably from me . okay so the schumer really well but . george wasn't able to make it and the . photoshop job on his face well it didn't . work out too well so i'm gonna have to . meet up with george there's another date . but as i mentioned earlier in the vlog . guys we have a final surprise for you . the final design no one is theta here . but it's it's right here in this . freaking box right here and i'm going to . use my muscles can you cut you guys are . not ready . kylie come here come in here let's intro . kylie oh slime into the dams like i . never anyway oh you look . the magic sweatshirts are you ready how . was your day by the way yeah let me put . this on and model this for you donation . you guys already know with the deuces . piece site look at the sleep just look . at the sleep show them the sleeve egg up . hand down the sleeve pan down the sleeve. you see those deuces deuces deuces . deuces not gonna lie guys this is one of . my favorite pieces because it's a long . sleeve shirt it is super comfortable we . got the ones accent are you don't have . to mention my like i love wearing gold . she loves wearing gray and the best part . of all it's the most meaningful one you . know why because it says donation this . one is dedicated to you guys this is the . fan shirt you guys gonna be able to get . it on dogs calm lookout freakin fresh . kylie's lookin look at that yeah just . slide yeah baby i am so excited we . decided to launch the merch a day early. guys get your new merch dose calm and . screenshot your orders guys and tweet . them at me and i'll feature them in the . vlog tomorrow let me know in the . comments down below which piece of . clothing you guys like the best i cannot . wait to start this movement with you . guys shut the world did that subscribe. button shout out to the entire donation. for watching especially noah and i'll . see you guys all tomorrow with another . late blog it's a new march so until then . say with me oh one time you . [music]. .
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