Original 2007 iPhone Unboxing!!!

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I got this first generation unopened iPhone from 2007!
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Just fire every move . touch me let me know you wanted to . [music]. we . [music]. we need. it's a moment that i've been waiting for . this is the original first generation . iphone this is the 8 gigabyte model i . got it on ebay and i don't even know if . it's legit but i'm pretty sure it is . i searched the serial number the imei . number and everything seems to have . checked out it hasn't been activated the . serial number has never been registered . with apple fingers crossed because i am . doing today an unboxing of the first . generation iphone and it's crazy because. i never did do an unboxing over the . first gen iphone the only unboxing that . i did do of the original iphone was a . phone bill you guys have never seen this . this is back in the day when i'd first . got my phone it was a 300-page iphone . bill so essentially in some sort of . weird roundabout way i did unbox this . phone just phone bill have an idea and i . had to switch to at&t okay that's . wonderful while i got my first 18d built . [music]. in a box. [music]. this phone means so much to me and . there's a lot of sentimental value and . the fact that i never really got a . chance to unbox the original one may . have been scouring ebay for the past . couple of years trying to find one that . was legit within minutes we will know i . feel like this is such a big moment i . don't even know what to do like i should . i i don't know should i put on a party . dress or something i'm not i don't know . i maybe i just open it hope for the best . what knife would i have used in 2007 i . don't even know some of the concerns. that i have on this box that may . potentially lead me to believe that it's . not real is this little packaging line . right here there's a few tears of . greater this has been around for 11 . years so it's trying to find some . original unboxings and i saw some . original photos and in those original . photos of the original iphone it looked . like they used to have this type of line . in packaging so i thought it's gotta be . real i think i'm putting too much hope . and effort into boxing this one i just . could open it and find out here we go . we're gonna use this one wow this is a . lot of pressure oh gosh i'm so signed so . i might cry this is so stupid don't cry. just seemed oh cried don't be a baby oh . my gosh this is happening it's happening . it's happening oh wow . here it is. what's my heart rate . i caught my heart rate is that it's . actually 92 right now which is kind of . crazy because that's not what my resting . heart rate usually is it's averaging of . like oh my god it's 111 right now my . heart rate is 111 112 i'm getting so . worked up please don't cry . [applause]. [music]. like i'm actually getting a really. teary-eyed right now and like whether . this is real or whether it's not the . fact that i'm here unboxing this 11 . years later and i'm still doing . something that i absolutely love to do . is so incredible i'm so emotional right . now this is actually crazy i oh so far . this looks pretty legit . [music]. there's like a little dad here oh gosh . no my baby my baby so far everything . looks pretty good before we get into the . phone let's see what else is in the box . so has this clear little front i don't . even remember doing this unboxing . originally here it is everything is very . snugly fit in here which makes me. believe this has never been opened . before a charging brick a dock i do not . even remember this coming with a dog . that's crazy . here's our charging cable oh my gosh. you are such a sweet so it's all i have . not seen you in so long and last but not . least earpods definitely having some . flashbacks to this 30 pin connector i . mean i haven't seen one of these in such . a long time i guess i saw on the 3gs but . still i honestly forgot that they even . had this now let's see what came inside . of these directions . you don't want to rip it this is this is . my baby. fingertips oh hello came with a nice . cleaning cloth lay you down very very . gently that's what we're gonna put you . here's our directions i mean there's . there's a lot. [music]. [music]. we've also got the original white . stickers i am putting this all back . right where i got it from important . product information this just looks like . some safety things i think contain . sensitive components do not bend drop a . crush i felt your concern about . scratching iphone you can buy one of the . many cases sold separately i should do a . dramatic reading of this for a youtube . video i might as well i'm gonna be . milking these iphone original views for. a very long time enjoy an unboxing and . also re boxing because i don't want any . of my things to get damaged so i guess . this only leaves us with one more thing . to do unwrap the phone and turn it on . let's get our charging brick ready that . is that is really on there you like it's . gonna rip this whole screen off i guess . this has been on there for doesn't have . a smell for like a what 11 years do you . guys think this will actually turn on do . you think this will even work at all . it's charging it's charging there's a . charging if there's there's a charge . look look look it's charging i am so . excited i'm gonna let this charge for a . little bit and then i'm gonna come back . and we will just do some investigating . just see what we can do with this thing. just been walking around the house . patiently waiting for this moment let's . see if it'll turn on oh what you may . have connected to itunes that's a . problem oh no i can't do that this . version of itunes has not been out for. 11 years okay well if it wants me to . connect it itunes then that's what i'm. gonna do. i know i know you know i know i'm shh . calm yourself opening up itunes itunes . cannot connect to the iphone because an . invalid response is received from the . device it's valid let me let show me oh . god how am i gonna even get this thing . to work. oh boy okay download full version of . itunes i can't use this okay so i'm good . to go getting it a pc this is gonna work . i promise . actually i don't promise supported . systems windows xp well on my own this . is not gonna work oh gosh the real . bottom line is the phone is legit it . looks brand-new it's never been . activated before i don't have to . jailbreak it oh will i have to jailbreak . it i'm not sure this is gonna take a lot . more time than i have currently right . now to dedicate to this but stay tuned . because i will get this phone to work no . matter what i have to do well guys thank . you so much for watching i look forward . to doing a little bit more of . investigating with this phone i'll see . you guys in the next video i'm gonna get . back to working if you guys have any . suggestions for me leave those in the . comments below as of this point i have . done absolutely zero research on how to . get this to work so i have a feeling . that between your comments my google . searches and a little bit more . investigation we will be able to get . this thing up and running in no time . this is no that's not what i wanted to . do yeah do whatever you want . [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. .
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