PART 1: Steven Avery, “Clubs”, Weird & Suspicious Experiences.

There's a transcribed written statement on our website that provides more details and is hopefully provides better clarity
PART 1: Discussing my experiences relating to an event that occurred in Two Rivers, WI in which a man, Steven Avery, was accused of attacking a woman. He was convicted of this crime and went to prison. Years later DNA evidence proved he did not commit the crime. The story doesn't end there.......and from my perspective continues to be weird.
This is PART 1 of a 3 part video. Please watch them in order.
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Hi everybody this is david caca is my. first video for my youtube channel dr. nephilim 666 and it's gonna have some. adult content it's gonna have kind of. some gruesome details so you should up. not watching if you're offended by. yourself but it's something i i i've. wanted to put behind me and you know so. many times i just wanted to let this. stuff go because it happened in the past. but it keeps coming back up so i'm just. gonna have to i'm going to make this. video and try and take it from there and. has to do with that stephen every story. this whole trial and you involvement you. know what i'm talking about you don't. know what i'm talking about a better. look it up but out the day that this. happened on the beach the first incident. when he was originally accused of this. rape on the beach. i just happened to be down there and it. was a day i wish i never would have. happened in my life i mean because you. know i've said a lot of things on the. internet recently and i want to try to. explain home you know i i can come up. with just you know line of whatever. thought but a house on the beach at day. and i was riding my jet ski house with a. friend of mine and we're taking turns. riding on a jet ski and we have been. down here for a while and i was watching. the road i was watching the cops for. police because at that time when it was. like when this is 30 years ago too by. the way 30 years ago on the beach is. hard to remember all this but i was. watching her old because i was watching. for cops because people are calling the. cops right now even though it wasn't. illegal some people were against and i. noticed that day before anything. happened that there was a lot of cops. track on undercover i knew what the. undercover cop cars look like it you. know there's just a lot of activity seem. like too much activity for the. because it's usually dead down there but. i am whatever jet skiing and a guy came. up and talked to my friend walls riding. and i saw him talking to him and they. talked for a while and then i walked. away that pulling on a jetski i figure. down guys probably a cop or somebody. complained about us right now just get. on there but it wasn't it was some guy. and he had told my friend that his wife. had gone jogging on the beach and she's. missing. she can come back and he was expecting. her back or whatever and no he had a. told my friend that he was going to the. police department or to the to call the. police he went over to i think the beard. equal i used to be down east side of. town and then he came back when he came. back one cop came there i knew the cop. yeah i know it was discussed that maybe. i should take my jet ski and look for up. the beach alone and i was like all right. the guy seemed like he wanted me to in. the cop seemed like maybe he didn't want. me to ruin whatever horrible but i got. on a jet ski and i wrote up the beach i. jet skis i go over 30 miles of hours. with seven miles 17 miles of beef so it. wasn't that long and i saw some people. of miami large creek and i pulled in. athletes all this girl may i had a. description shed a light colored bikini. on like blue ourselves i remember. exactly but i asked her if they had seen. this girl and said they had seen her a. while back and she turned around going. the other way so i got my jet ski and i. was riding back and how's this is back. when the dunes are really high next too. late because the the lake i just come up. and so i had to go kinda far out it was. accommodating i had to go kind of far. out so i could say could see back into. the dunes because if she was in the. dunes or whatever i had no idea and uh. i'm riding back and they're there was. two other people i saw on the beach when. i left and i saw bottom we were jets can. it was a man and a woman they're. carrying a total and they were walking. up to be tried see them on the way up. and when i was coming back i saw. and i can see the police and some other. people on that man who is the husband. walking up the beach they were maybe up. to the underwear the houses are the two. people on there were on the beach we're. sitting looking and they're looking at. me because i was on my jet ski and i. looked and i saw this woman running over. the top are doing is full-speed i mean. just you know almost losing her stop. running on the dunes and the these. people were looking at me and i pointed. at the girl and i turn my jet ski and we. go in and i pointed at the girl and a. tsar and they got up and i wrote my. jetski up to the shore and i trashed. because i was looking at her i wasn't. paying attention i went over the. handlebars and i didn't hit my head but. i got up and i ran over there because it. looked like she was running from. somebody and she ran past me to the. people that had the total kinda and they. threw the towel over and she was crying. and she's covered with blood it was ugly. scene you know just didn't ever cop on. and it was it was shocking you know at. least and the police got their own they. were closed so they came up there's two. cops by then her husband her husband was. hugging her and that she was just. screaming and crying hand up you know at. first i was kind of my even that will. you know maybe she hit her head or. something running computer head and you. know she's believed and kinda didn't you. know was out of it. i asked one of the cops was right there. that's what happened and he said she was. attacked was like really surprised that. this even happen word is because the. area is kind of a small area and you. know that kind of stuff never happens. you know you think you know nice that. they're just for a second i was thinking. you know i i grew up right over the hill. from there and so i do every trail. through the woods where this was kind of. it was beach and then there was doing. and then there was like a swamp and then. there's another road highway all that. goes on and i grew up around here my. whole life i knew every trail through. there. and uh i turned around and i was passed. that was like i'm gonna give someone the. boots for this you know. no i turn around i went running up the. sand because i was going to catch this. guy did it and i got as i got running. and rats and the cops are hollering. screaming at me to stop stop come back. come back. i got to the top of doing some there's. some people standing there one guy was. in a prone position looking over the. dunes you know and housing and the. council screaming at me and these people. there's a few of their some people. walking like maybe back towards where. the road was maybe and they kind of. looked surprised and i looked surprised. to see them and the cop screaming they. said there's people over there. um you're gonna mess up the crime scene. as i go home. whatever you know i was like why not. just try and catch the guy but. supposedly when i got back on off the. dunes. she said she had been passed oh and the. guy was long gone and somehow she you. know that was long gone but whatever you. know when i was about it for me. they took her i really hear anything. more about it and a few weeks go by and. this is a county official comes to where. i wear and this media can talk to. someone you know introduced himself and. he's like day we we said we don't know. who he was he was by himself we're at. the place at work there's nowhere on so. we want you to join our club he says if. you have this all man's club and. everybody's in the end of people i knew. and including like some people my family. and i was like i never really it you. know i kind of knew what he was talking. about when i really added understand why. he was you know asking me what everybody. he told me that they have these parties. and we sound like the interested party. party we have these parties we love. you know we party because i don't want. to go like randy from trailer park boys. and hopefully party was lonely without. these pictures on these pictures is a. bunch of naked people in these pictures. you know he showed me i'm you know i'm. like look at i recognize some of these. people i mean someone somewhere where. teachers you know at least one of them. was a teacher i knew that i didn't have. but i knew he was a teacher and you know. and they're all standing around and. different you know different like states. of undress standing around this bad. their hotel room and there's people. doing sexual things on the bad and. people are standing there watching. pictures being our pictures a naked guy. standing there. yeah and full frontal nudity and i was. like you know these polaroids back then. you're left all i had. all rights and for something to have to. get developed and that's another guy who. he was a junior very junior high school. football coach and i was like black. figures you know i mean the guy i never. liked the guy. yeah he was one of the guys that walk. around and grab your crotch to make sure. you had a jock you know you know these. guys i never liked football coaches they. were not my friends but whatever you. known i was like he's children's. pictures and he says we really want to. join this on like this don't worry sweet. girl sometimes too early because it was. all mad at the pictures you know how. still like i mean at the time i'll still. a virgin. honestly i was like i don't want you. know i just didn't want to be. interesting that kind of stuff in this. club i heard is people talk about this. club that i didn't know much about it. and the guy left almost thinking about. it and also follows after weird it. already in this guy you know i'd why. would they want. over and i was thinking about this club. and i had a couple issues with this club. in the past you know when i was 18 years old i was the victim of crimes. committed against me by a police officer. and you know it got to the point it was. like for half my life i was eight years. old this had been going on and finally. got to head and i mean there was there. was other place that got wrong there's. teachers there was a priest there was. none they all know what happened but. nothing really happened you got covered. up them this club when i heard this just. hushed it up and also don't worry and. you know going. don't worry about sleeping either no. hope whatever you don't got pushed up. and now they're always around eat and. then when i was a freshman in high. school when to quit football because in. like two coaches abusive and it wasn't. my sport i wasn't really good at it. either i mean whatever but i quit. football and these kids game who were on. the football team they can't bully me to. rejoin the team and i told no one. they said some stuff to me like yeah. well someone told his dad said your mom. did this derogatory stuff when she. worked with his dad back this company. what you know your this guy you know who. supposedly this guy through all the. rumors you supposedly you know in this. club and one of the higher ops you know. who this guy is i mean my kid with no. dad and i was being raised by a single. mother i really cared for my mother and. i mean she went to college put herself. through college after the divorce and my. dad left i was too so i didn't had. nothing to do with them and she put. herself through college she works. full-time as a nurse in on cheap you. know i i thought i was really wrong for. this guy even to say something like this. you know i was really really upset then. you know something in his position would. say something like that especially about. a kid and all the shit that goes on but. whatever you know same club and i was. like why don't really want to have. anything to do with this club. so i i just play that kind of play dumb. you know when i just never did anything. you know i didn't he told me that. supposed to contact the right never. contact roman nothing it goes on i asked. about them were never investigating the. crime on the beach and scattered rumors. you know rumors that they were making. they knew he did it and they're making. sure that you would go away forever for. wait no i don't know it on i just kept. going listed next thing i did was really. smart about a bar i was in this bar i. worked all summer on the bar fix it up. so i could open up about 20 years old i. want this buyer and the drinking age was. 18 and i just that made and they change. the drinking age but i was all the. training that i've worked at bars at. that point on the barbie great and i. bought this barn running back for a. little while it wasn't a great idea and. put whatever just comes and eats tells. me to come and join this club club it's. like well these guys don't like what. guys really want to join this club turn. your home . joining clubs you know the. guy left and i kind of played tom i doan. while maybe i'll stop in there he said. he had to go to the basement of one of. these lodges downtown you know. also you know i do the clause about hey. guys just not getting i want to be is a. free country i want to just want to be. free and my own business and home a new. kind of knew what it was about you know. that goes on the y later and his. delegation shows up and it's the naked. guy who's the football coach in the. pictures. i mean he comes in and he's nice at. first he tells me i'm going to join this. club and joining that club and you know. he was kinda not real pushy and kind of. nice they stopped in at least 12 times. like that night when this is over months. .
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