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Did you see the time that I gave Scarbro a bath? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gdT7D0C0BXA&index=4&list=PLzJJH9jFtNp914Edp5vPvhHYSphugPLV3
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Can you order we don't change our . clothes apocatip you lose your house . we're so excited this morning i was so . excited this morning i hope you're . having a swell day i woke up really . really early and i've already done four . calls so i'm kind of killing the game . the points points points points here's a . mission for today's number one get in . focus this is just a goddamn camera i . have another call and then i have . another call after write script one . script to go to my inbox order stuff for . the office i know i keep saying this but . i still have basic things the office hug . and kiss caro and my mission is to poop . everywhere forget it forget it mom what . are you doing mom what are you doing . [music]. breakfast of champions made myself a . little breakfast before i head to the . office and have a very productive day i . don't want to order food like i usually . have been because i went grocery . shopping well we gonna dolt out here . fabulous carrboro with the magic but it . was like mom there's that devil all . right i'm at the office finished one of . my calls i've one more to go i actually . had to go to the vet last minute because . got one easiest second shot i missed the . date just a huge thing i miss the days . we had to get a second shot which was a . huge monkey wrench in my day but i'm . still gonna do everything i actually. wanted to say in this clip you know what . i love about scarborough i'm sorry i . know it was talking about him but it . makes me feel so good that if i'm . working or stress about anything he's . just there like he's got my back he's . like you know what mom i'm just gonna be . by your feet i'm loyal i just look i . swear everything our dog i'm being . exposed to a type of loyalty i did not . know existed no friend no family member . no boyfriend no nothing has ever been as . loyal as this gag damn dog to me over . the past month freakin love it look at . you sweetheart. my little baby cubs really - a baby cub . mommy stop embarrassing me mommy i'm . trying to stop embarrassing me mommy . holy crap i have an overwhelming amount . of things to do today i'm so behind i . finished one script though give me the . points i have two more scripts to do one . ran to record i still gotta order some . stuff for the office reason i keep . saying order stuff i have a new team . member and right now this is their . office so i need to sort that out i'm . also buying some wall art from my office . cuz you know how i am and telling my . office is like complete i don't feel the . vibes i need things to be on the wall i . need to be hundred percent complete i . just keep like staring out of being like . it's space here i don't do it's a spice . spice right scarborough and carpet calm . down calm down please . can you hey he's gonna keep trying it. hey hey hey hey i know you really like . carpet i need you to calm down okay okay . don't act all innocent i know you do . this face it mommy i didn't do anything . look how cute i am mummy and calm it . down okay hey hey hey mister and miss in . tight lu hey don't even i see you well . you talk more mummy i never touched the . tape let me never touch the tape all . right i'm gonna walk over here don't . touch the tape . don't touch the tape hey hey hey hey you . touching the tape are you touching . that's me are you dead to the dais hey . hey hey hey hey hey mom hey mummy i . didn't i did not touch the table i know . it looked that way but i did not touch . the tape okay it's 9:00 i need to leave . i'm going crazy i need to go home and . record a rant let's do it okay honesty . hours lilly i am very overwhelmed right . now i literally drove home like this and . i have this state of numbness over me . and when i get the same numbness that's . right no more overcame and speak i'm . also tired like literally five pimples . today today by in the last couple hours . i'd have so much to do and it's an . unrealistic amount of things but it's . okay sometimes days like this is fine i . think i just like want to come home and . show but i have to come over and like do . a lot of work right now but i'm trying . to do dope things so this is the price . you pay sometimes and i've had a . relaxing weekend the past two weekends . so now it's time to do what but i am . super super overwhelmed and i have so . many things to do so what do you do . right now is i need to write a rent i . need to record it which like i said . doing makeup overall this is not a fan i . also didn't make up but like ten eleven . it's just i don't want do that look i'm . gonna do please you're going under the . sofa so you definitely whooping and then . so he's right the rantings record the . rent that i need to read a movie script . danny's got send a few emails so my goal . is to be in bed by 1:00 is that a call . at 9:00 that gives me eight hours of . sleep so that's a goal see what happens . well the soup woman that is in breath . and just finish my round which means i . also wrote my ran so you should give me . a lot of points right now i have so many . pimples i need to wash my face and put . on a face mask like we're just burning . so boone scarborough is so funny he will . follow me everywhere if i just literally. remember two seconds to go p but even if . he's sleeping like dennis lee and i exit . the room to grab a drink something he's . gonna get up and follow me to make sure . he's right behind me at all times. watch all right get in here get in here . it's nighttime baby boy well thank you . for joining us on today thank you thank . you say thank you thank you so much . good yeah thank you so much for joining . us on today we had a splendid swell'd a . very very very productive even right now . i'm gonna end the vlog but i'm about to . read a movie script. i'm just ending it now because i think . i'm gonna fall asleep while doing that i . try to read a movie script so i'm not . even do it for the points i'm just doing . it for a knife i'm doing for the hustle . i see i did it you talking to me you . talking to me . okay talk to me some more tomorrow bye . [music]. you. .

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