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SANDR - Miles High
Some effects and visuals may not be suitable for those that suffer from epilepsy.
I thought it would be a good idea if we . react to his new music video oh . i mean put your vlog belts on three - . what you - were to ever fly click my . table title i'm done vlogging for the . day it's every day bro please make sure . you're subscribed guys i have so much . energy right now because i just took . like eight espresso shots the reason why. is because it is like 50 degrees right . now . we came here spontaneously last night as. you guys know i forgot to pack a . sweatshirt so guys i really need a jay . paul sweatshirt right now more than ever . i know the 35% off i'm probably gonna . have to order one of the entire store . i'm gonna have to order one myself oh my . god well we are here at the alltech . family farm as you know we flew in last . night surprise logan and caden and . mckenzie and so we got here late last . night surprise logan didn't find them . anywhere and so i go to sleep last night . and this morning i get woken up by like . nine chickens and logan pause big old . chat slow deep all comers i can't i get . some sleep guys look at this couple . goals right here that's a signal for. life but now we are about to go on the . alltech family farm tour and petting zoo . oh this is the pool if you told me when . i came here for the first time she's . like this is our pool everybody jumps . okay so now it's all starting to make . sense this is where we walk down last . night to surprise logan although i don't . think logan was too excited i don't know . maybe because he was already trying to . go to sleep . but that's not what is important what's . important is the fact that we spent . thanksgiving together as brothers and . speaking of logan i think he's like. somewhere right now shooting a music . video which we might go crash look at . how majestic this place is guys andy is . legitimately getting married right there. and i'm still single. oh there's been a marriage here before . yeah my other . oh my god everyone's getting wiped up. nowadays are you guys next look at my . look at my hat it's benny i think you . guys are actually next to get me oh . we're talking about andy's oh there's so . many chicks bro maybe i can find a girl . i see the one that woke me up this . morning anyway and in the morning i'm . making waffles not only is he sexy he's . an athlete he must be pro hi oh hi are . you a polar hi do you know erica castel . have you had any contact with her . recently. no okay did you know that i'm actually a . turkey - no this place is so much fun - . all things family for pro we're still . out here guys and we have to leave right . now to go somewhere else in seattle . which is gonna be done however we don't . have time to make the logans music video . shoot except i know he's using this here . vehicle in his music video shoot and so . i thought it'd be a good idea to hide . the key and ruin his shoot he'll never . know find the keys . but guys it's ashli still freezing right. now so they said and now we're at . mackenzie's whole house in seattle look . at this guy mckenzie is taking seen . senior pictures of helen and grace i . only took junior pictures because i high. school but you'll hear my junior . pictures like i was such a chance to die . i don't know man thank god his senior . pictures taken yes they're taken senior . pictures like this is great and all but. what i see is a place to send it from . bro well i did it in venice the dirtiest . place yeah and lookout lit that was if . you do it and you're not like freezing . mcgee's in there yeah oh so cool i have . a beanie on right now if there's one . thing i've never been i've never been so . i'm sending it guys this is what life's . about pushing yourself outside of your . comfort zone with mckenzie we're turning . your senior pictures into a situation . right now. no i'm jumping jumping into the water . you know that it's everyday real life's . about everyday pushing yourself and it's . all represented as a march phandroid i . go back /to take fall black friday sale . 35% off the all new blood collection is . lit except i'm taking it off because i . can't get it with no . this is called the polar plunge . 20 minutes later you know sometimes . these things happen man . we lost mr. gopro . he's a part of our vlog family for so . many so many blood and now he's just out . there it's bobby's - still recording . hoping that we we're gonna rescue him . and it's too deep . i'm sorry anyway we got to go so yeah . the adults way baby our uber driver . right now is a vlogger bro my guy is . vlogging look it up oh i've never seen . an uber vlogger how long you been . vlogging. you got a couple here she said okay cool . we fully conquered seattle i'm talking. surprised and logan i'm talking going to . space i'm talking about chasing chickens . fuck you're talking about chasing erica . have you had any contact with her . recently i'm talking about sending it . off of a boathouse into some freezing . cold water that is a quick in-and-out . mission and my boy here does not know . about youtube copyright i can't do that . i got it i can't do that as you can see . here my man has a starbucks frappuccino. with your seattle is home of the first . starbucks ever oh my gosh this beast . around let's get my buddy you one - hey . how you feeling all right buddy we're . heading out i'll see you bring it in i . love you make sure you go black friday. shopping that drew that go back to the . shake well bye seattle bye we're on the . move i found a pam stirrer are you in . the family okay . you have to make an announcement really . fast attention all flyers i'm just here . to let you guys know that it is black . friday happy black friday and my . merchandise personally yeah plug. tomorrow my merchandise personally is . 35% off at fan joy co backslash jake . paul thank you all for flying with us . here at the seattle airport today and i . wish you all a happy holiday jake yo . that's my guy i jump in here buddy . what's your name . ziya nice to meet you bro you got a hit . a dab 12 seconds later guys everyone . loves me you guys see my friends few . moments later i found a book it yeah . there's my friend what's up you wanna . make out you can't say that jack i don't . know if y'all heard my announcement out. earlier but we're having a 35% off sale . that black friday . if anyone's down are you getting . something yeah you're getting something . probably a magazine . he must be a great quality how are you . got stuck with the blonde charged people . in saying hey touchdown our next . location we're still living our lives to . the flag them gone through puberty and . we are still living life to the fullest. guys i got myself a coffee because i'm . gonna be all jacked up on caffeine and . i'm also jacked up on emotions right now . because every time i fly into los . angeles which is where we are guys i . know i was like hyping it up but we're . just in los angeles well every time i . come to los angeles i passed this . building that i first saw when i was 17 . the first time i came to los angeles and . i remember i was like y'all imma conquer . this city i'm gonna take over hollywood . and i'm a dab on them haters and so . every time i pass it reminds me like yo . this is why i thought i came to los . angeles is to grind change the . entertainment industry to basically . start a new life and it reminds me of . where i came from in ohio and it reminds . me to work hard it's crazy girl that . passed every time and we fly into los . angeles you know so i'm just really . emotional about it man you know this one . want to show them how we do you know . it's everyday bro and disney channel . flow every day i feel my life . doubled abuse of any show nickelodeon it . me down and i said oh nice movie sorry . no i'm sorry no no go ahead no but this . is not that high you don't understand . back home and you know it's not to be a. party however i am pissed because . whoever invented daylight savings time. you bro why does it have to get dark so . early man why did you however it does . feel good to be back more fires in the . building you already know the reason why. it's good that it's dark is because it's . black friday and it's literally turning . into a blackout and that means that i . have the perfect attire on because it's . black friday it's getting dark outside . and i'm wearing the black out collection . shameless plug what i'm trying to say is . that the only thing good about it being . dark out right now is that since i'm . wearing the new black out collection you . literally can't see me wow . jk i can see you but actually i don't . real note though i wish it was just more . sunny guys we're here at the jaypee . merch store the black friday shoppers . are lining up we're about to let them . into the store guys . [music]. [laughter]. black friday . [music]. so yesterday guys my brother did a. reaction video to my new song that . everyday bro remix it would be a good . idea if we react to his new music video . i don't have ever reacted like one of . logan's videos this is the first first . time here well this is gonna be our . official reaction logan paul no . handlebars . we literally a cha-cha mustache why does . it all mustache . so sexual oh he's always got the gucci's . on wait. he's got the gucci snake on the mustache . grow this is a lid . no no we did a shot like that in one of . our old videos you're on an escalator . and we were like swimming what do you . think well yeah you said no no cunt . logan bro you can't say that bunny got . that tesla ass i was i was thinking . about it i mean she's got that tesla ass . like she's got an electric ass he looks . like the guy from the bullying good . yo-yo back it up is that shaggy from . scooby-doo. oh yeah thank you for reacting with us . apollo no you good job bro that's al its . own deer there's a listen i still get . the tesla a slight if you could please . explain that to me it's fresh mind . mustache maybe - yeah we're the money . where the mustache go from is that . simply do is that shaggy from scooby-doo . somebody cause a lot of questions thank . you so much for watching smash that . subscribe button just augustin on . youtube don't forget to go to phandroid . callbacks let's check paul right now . guys chris the ceo of android called me . as like yo we're running out of stock. intellij claws to go right now there's . four days left in the sale guys but i. think it's gonna run out of stock before . then so get yourself some hot new black . friday or it's the all-black that is . make sure it's my favorite yo scene are . you an instagram justin disinvite . and we will see you tomorrow because. [music]. what's up jake pollard's listen guys i. want to be able to give you guys . exclusive updates on merchandise news. things i have going on in my life if you . guys want to be able to communicate with . me text me talk to me do with all of . these amazing things then go to next . jake paul me text jake paul calm which . is gonna give you guys exclusive . discounts exclusive march exclusive text. message it's literally that easy so go . to text jake paul calm right now and . we're gonna be chatting deb's everyday . bro make sure you're subscribe to keep . up with my life on the daily basis and . if you want to see more content check . out yesterday's vlog because it is super . lit plus i have a second channel jake. paul to which you guys can subscribe to . right now and if you want to see more. content from everyone in the house our . group channel is called team 10 check it . see you guys tomorrow oops . .
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