Us Opening Their Presents!
Crainer & Thea Reacting To Us Opening Presents!
Thea Opening Her Presents!
Crainer Opening His Presents!
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What's up dudes it's pat and i think i . actually know you've gotta do it again . welcome back to another video so what . are we doing today we are reacting to . tia . opening up her christmas presents that. we sent her so guys there were so many . comments saying that we needed to react . to crater and tear so today we're gonna . do tia next we'll do crater web links . down below to their channels and also . they are gonna be reacting to our . presence as well guys we did see some of . this already but so many people asked . for . we're doing it we're watching it . together 17 minutes of presents okay . let's do it . merry christmas happy holidays happy new . year's ones a new year is a new year new . year's i say yes it's wrong i think it's . cuz i say years every time and there's . only one year yeah . so i have no idea but also guys . definitely subscribe yes you do and that . would be epic if you love fun subscribe . if you don't love fun don't you think . about it doing here shoe showing people . away my strategy . okay so basically we're gonna watch . their video and we can find out all this . stuff that i picked out for them in the . stuff the jammers down exactly you can . answer any questions that they might. have had alright sorry wait for this . intro very very special day because it . is christmas in denmark that is right we . celebrated on the 24th and tia has the . most special present of all time this . christmas what is it from none other . then - patented popular bowls they said . to us every compress and i also got one . so i'll be opening mine up as well . starting off with - yes i can't wait to . see what they got you what do you think . it's really good you made it all the way . in denmark open it up to you . i'll see you look very terrifying with. that not you oh my goodness i thought it . was gonna be in chambord says that's . such a beautiful cob crater i'm just . trying to be nice you know what does it . say oh you're really excited about but . you seem happy ton of fun picking them . out mary smith so i'm guessing that yeah . that probably jen's handwriting and . probably pets drawing yes it's signed . guys signed by me she was so proud of . this drawing that he had to sign under . she told me to sign it told him to you . because i didn't want them to get audrey . that's mean that's rude no it's a good . good i'm afraid it went out of hand down . below please and be honest maybe that's . the only person you've got just a . beautiful ribbon you just rip it off . really violently thank you . [music]. i can't wait to see what they got yeah i . didn't do it i'll get a full wrap . everything oh oh it's unicorn wrapping . paper and they shine anything you need . that well you got it now i probably . can't reuse it don't hook i would . totally know what they got you though . because right you got a verse i know . what you like that works perfectly for . me so you know what you know what idea i . know she just buy stuff herself and she . hopes people like it know if they don't . like it i'm like oh you don't like okay . just give back oh that's why she gets . her sighs - what lips neon light is it. pucker up it says where do you put that . on your lips wait no maybe just right . now put this on my lips and lipstick . ever has been that big don't cut. yourself on video please oh jim pick . this out by the way no no she's a bad . example but it is a thing probably the . lights off right it looks like a little . cake. where is it it's really complicated . gypsy oh guys i'm really quickly i . wanted to thank them once again for the . amazing gifts they saved us we love you . oh look how surprised she is . that is so cool so cool you can put that . in your office or something that is . really cool yeah i've no idea which is . opening right now please put it on the . table . oh what is that. so cooter. do you give her presents or no because . she was way too happy. [music]. [applause]. you know i was worried about with this . i'm worried that we gave them the . present with too good now forever let me . get surprised her that is so sick . thank you so much petted you talked . about that yesterday was do you think . that's fine with us. do they have like cameras in our sky no . that could be better. please don't spy on us if you're doing . that i mean i'm okay with them spying on . us if we get faces like that remove the . camera i put in their bathroom i don't . trust your presence with the dive to yet . you're too excited so it could go wrong . right there pink bubble wrap . what is it. a cop oh it looks like a mark no face i . think it's a base please don't cut the . base yet oh my goodness about tonight . it's alive . oh my gosh i'm pretty sure jenna exactly . there no that's a base that is so cute . his little face to me meant that would . be so is it for flowers you think oh . yeah you could yeah but there's like . one-way nose and stuff come to life i . think you are so welcome to the video . it's really cool what is bobby doing is . he. bobby are you playing with the table id . i'm sorry for distracting you open your . next present. i can't believe they actually bought. that for us you're going kind of crazy - . yeah . tracie meter is all the way up over 9000 . but it's okay . okay now you're kind of weird again . oh sorry for scaring you when i yelled . by the way but i just realize how . freaking cool it was like that's so . clever do you want me to open it yeah . that's so cute . that is really cool and it even says . savage on it like a chain . no i think that's how you wear fuel i . love these presses - they are really. good at picking presses you know i - . sometimes some time looking at you you . know all sometimes in christmas you have . to like pretend that you like something . you have to pretend you like when i give . you stuff i mean really like you guys . count us dad and we were taught as a . savage and . [music]. heart beating so like happy yeah she's . not only the happier present okay here's . the thing we didn't know they would send . us this much a lot less than this so . don't judge us when you see them open we . didn't know also came from very large . just likes buying a crapload of presents . so don't fill them but i know kind of . bad sow i mean we meant it's the thought . that counts right again no stocking no . wait oh what does it say on it she's . crying okay don't have that read where . they lived pink all the way through i've . never seen you wear one of those and she. really cool hat i kind of wanted myself . - jen is spying on us where's the camera . jen . imagine if you just heard it go and . everything they all know it no i hate . when you use that knife - yeah cuz it . looks like it's gonna go very on no okay . if you have a stick stuck in her foot oh . my gosh i'm afraid to the knife edges of . the bag . oh yeah well she was watching at that . point so weird that i find this color . extremely pretty . no it's gorgeous yeah you just okay i . think this was for me though are you . ready. wait a second look pretty sure that i . came up with the idea of getting the . care bra for the one thing that i picked . over to you wait wait i think you're . right okay he did he came up with that i . came up with a cam ride yeah he did i . came up with that gorgeous like really . like feminine camera some gorgeous . feminine she really did finish if she . knows you're soos is you sighs i'm axiom . axis service he's buying looks really . good jim both of you you have really hit . the nail on the head what's the saying . you have actually out like this is ma . night you didn't have to give we didn't . know you were gonna go this we like this . is actually these presents ix is so cool . well that's a good start to christmas . also be very careful of the knife to . pick your hand across it like 17 times . now that's a good way to start off. christmas present to anyone that was no . one's ever been that bag for universal . thanks thanks i don't even get it thanks . usually it's family members or just like . they'd look at you instead of saying . thanks they go . and then they open the next day yeah . thank you paddington and thank you guys . cause for watching my channel i'm gonna . open up pet against people if you just . say that they're really nice people . basically right now open our prison i . mean it's not bad it's just it's not bad . it's not bad but yeah guys thank you so . much i love the picture in the hope that . you enjoyed the reaction video i was so . happy that she so happy planning. we're gonna be ready ahead of time this . time ahead of time where's the ordered . presents now blow your mind okay we all . prepared and then literally pain what a . moving truck sinner come december be . sure to leave a big thumbs up or forget . to subscribe especially if you want to . see our reaction to craner's opening of . his christmas that's right and we'll see . you guys don't forget subscribe to me . and twitter's bill and you have to tell . them to look at the reaction videos oh . craner's reaction to us anteus reaction . to us knows will be down below there's a . lot to see you guys. boobie videos plastered all over the . description we love you dudes and we'll. see you next time . .
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