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[music]. today we have no idea but it's amazing . [music]. yourself right now there's mario and the . princess and luigi wait where's lou . where's luigi oh there is right there oh . just happen to have a water bottle right . here good because i wouldn't use it . otherwise i don't know what you do with . that . oh is it a mushroom that's pretty cool . all right so guys here we we shut up but . we didn't. yeah super gift for you do you think i . know it looks really quite water saw my . face from before what do you do with it . it's a memento so it's like a little . trinket you won't say collectible that's . pretty awesome. check it out guys it is it epic mario . star it looks cool it actually is made . out of bell like a pretty strong . material so you can like very it's very . like this thing is durable so we should . put that right over there and then i . passed the box really cool so far . [music]. [music]. [music]. look how cute this is . oh my gosh love these like gamer that's . what we are and it's a boy . oh why is it so dirty because it's . supposed to be like you used it it looks . so realistic so this is something . perfect trust me jen they're judging my . stocking. there's kind of a hole but ignore that . it looks really but no one wears socks . like this you're supposed to fold them . down a little bit like that . [music]. now i can store my money in it . this is my look it actually like it . moves you didn't even show the coin . holder and the top of it you put the . coins in there and then it opens like. this all right so really cool we'll put . that right here so you guys have a . perfect view i think let me see how many . things are left okay so there's one what . is that you got your own little treasure . oh it's made of rubber . can you open it no it's so cute i'm . shoving my hand in guys . put that right there a pretty good deal. on this now okay i'm picking up . something that isn't very big but i'm . going for i'm feeling it's gonna be . awesome . look it's towed oh my god this is the . best thing that we got strawberries oh . my god this is actually really good . ain't got by the way guys when i fix jen . sucks . i got scissors so i can now open this . you mean money you made them even work . oh my god this is so cool the car is now . gonna smell like strawberries good show . okay yes i did okay james really we need . to find more easy i know i like this do . you guys want to find more stuff to do . more mystery box things i could sway no . idea but he says it's like a super coin . oh oh it's a real coin . oh my god it's like something looks like. like it feels heavy. feel that this build legit it's a star . coin from mario we have a sunny morning . all right thing franz is having the. final ding dong here we go. gyan around a mixture i'm gonna grab it . oh no . there actually is something else left in . there oh it is with this no guys is that . from ghostbusters it looks like the . thing that gets the go kinda looks like . a vacuum i was thinking that that's the . first thing that came up it's a vacuum . plug back down and we're going on - it's . a strong it's probably the worst straw. ever you give us this horrible straw . [music]. they probably should have put it in . something ok so right now you tell me . why is your favorite thing could you . look of course it's your favorite . alright my favorite thing i'm really the . phone nintendo known as piggy bank . oh i think it's the comic is the . comeback sure looks really cool i can . use this cool things we make this a . series when we just find weird boxes . like i walk down the street . i'll find a box boy . and then we'll pull something out and. it'll be like holding this guy's finger . sweeter it'll be linked down below my . movie. [music]. .
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