Today it's my unfortunate responsibility to tell you that we have lost Grandpa. But he'll never be forgotten.
What's going on you guys keep me on the . camera here bridge os here and today . i've got to make a very unfortunate . video the video we've always feared i've . never wanted to make this video today we . lost angry grandpa and maybe i shouldn't . be filming this right now cuz it just . happened. but i respected too much died how do i . feel from the internet people are gonna . make fun of me for cryin and that's okay . i'll take it. cuz if he's out there somewhere . oh you hear me earlier in this year . grandpa was diagnosed with cancer and . they beat it and we were so happy we . were like man 2016 is gonna be great . and in july he was diagnosed with . cirrhosis of the liver which we thought. was early stage and it turns out it was . not early stage it was in stage and i . think he knew and didn't want to tell us . because i don't know i think he knew . though he was diagnosed with cirrhosis. and it has been a decline ever since . ever since july at the end of october he . went to the hospital and we went to say . goodbye they told me i was his power of . attorney his power of attorney and i . needed to go to the hospital so i could . say goodbye and make the final decision . and i made the final decisions but. somehow he helped he held on and he got . out of the hospital and he went to rehab . and we were able to have thanksgiving . with him and everything looked like it . was going great and he got to come home . and that's i that's where he died and i . never wanted to make this video but i . want to make it right now so i could say . thank to you so much to all of you . youtube it is a very fickle game some . people start a channel and they rise up . and then the next year they're gone and . for some reason you guys watched us for . ten years and you never went away . and dad lived his entire life seeing . this channel grow to be something that . none of us ever believed that it could . be through this channel i was able to . buy in this house i was able to buy him . the dream car and i'm so grateful to you . guys for watching all the time and . liking all the time and telling him how . much you love him and appreciate him it . gave him a liesl life that none of us . believed that he could have and for that . i thank you guys he's god my dad is gone . my best friend is gone and i don't know . where he is and he made me promise that . i would never stop this channel and . that's what we're going to talk about in . the future but today we're honoring my . father so dad i love you so much . i hope you prec would i hope i don't . disappoint you you'll never meet my son . or my daughter but i'll have this . youtube channel to show goodbye dad . would be so fucking much i'm so . fortunate we were able to spend so much . time together. i love you and he loved all of you he . did he loved them so much so i'm gonna . close out one a little video we shot at . thanksgiving and i didn't use it because . he looked so sick oh god but you said it . for you i miss you so much thanks for . spending thanksgiving with us i . appreciate it thank you oh - i'm glad . you're working on feeling better i . appreciate you know having another. thanksgiving with you pound it . young is here yeah man we love youngest . - and we we wouldn't be here without you . grandpa wouldn't be here without you . happy thanksgiving you guys we're gonna . continue it dad's getting out here . you won't cover this lens yeah well you . got to cover it then. you. .

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