Rising Above Addiction – Why We Started Our Non-Profit

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Addiction has turned our life upside down. Two best friends; One dead, one in Recovery. Here is the story of how drugs, death, recovery, rehab, survival, hope, rising above has changed our lives forever and inspired us to start our non-profit organization.
My name is tammy low think i'm the mother of robert lowe think who passed away on september 14 2014 from heroin and oxy overdose tracy coons and i am the mother of ryan's who was rob's best friend and is a addict that is trying to recover but struggling i'm leon rob's sister i'm meghan i'm rob's girlfriend very well-liked very funny very active rob was the funny guy most people loved him adults teachers because everyone loved him i think maybe he got away with a little bit more he wasn't bad he didn't do he wasn't a bully he would always stick up for abused just the funny guy rob definitely was very protective of leo i've picked up some of that now that he's gone he would ya he was very good with atvs bicycles he could take anything apart and put it back together he had a very natural talent to fix anything and we became really good friends and for about six or eight months we were just best friends and then you know we went to promise friends and that night rob asked me to be his girlfriend i think he was probably drinking and i didn't know what i guess it was more in the summer of sixth grade is when he started sneaking out of the house so if he snuck out a lot when i was like in fifth grade uslike sneak out my bedroom window and big enos we started doing like when he first went to rehab and music success out of nowhere else he's doing but like i could tell us what you would drive me like to play something you can i just tell he was on something awfully look promising he was just smoking weed but i just know something's off robert would stick up for anybody he always took care of people and he just was such a good person he just got in his own way so a drug test my son because i thought if i scare him enough if he knows i'm going to be on top of it he'll stop but he just didn't he would come into school every day either drunk or high and you could just tell he would sit at the desk face down all the time so we got to the hospital and it's about an hour or so later the doctor came out and he put his head on this his hands on his head and said there are so many drugs and in your son system and rob agreed to go so we took him home and we took him to rehab the next day and that was really hard dropping your child off at a place reason you don't know anyone my freshman year or going into my freshman year that like august for one freshman year he went to rehab versa tim and i always said that we want those moms that said not my kid not my kids well you know we really caught it early put him in rehab i i was naive i really didn't know my child was an addict i really didn't know what i've learned that ryan has told me after rob dying is that they were doing everything that there isn't a drug out there that they didn't try to experiment with my graduate actually graduated early he thrived on the the homeschool computer thing got a job and seemed to be doing well and at the same time we were taking care of my dad at my house and like i said he was really close to my dad and then the last two weeks of my dad's life he was in in our living room and hospice been robbed was there and the family was surrounding him and so he died to summer fifth and i guess rob didn't really talk much about it but i knew it it really hit him hard still seem to be doing good and nine months after my dad died as when he died so i went downstairs and i started making lunch and rob's girlfriend came over and her mom we're standing in the kitchen by that time my daughter was downstairs to we were all in the kitchen just kind of talking and i talked to them for a minute and then i went upstairs and wake up bra and megan said i'm gonna go wake him up so i go to the bad to wake him up i walked closer to the bed to his face to wake him up just not responding to my calls from the door just ice cream and so she went upstairs and then that's when i heard the scream scream like i've never heard before i mean i-i can't even remember the screen but i know i screamed and she came running it oh i just remember like trying to get her out of there like she couldn't see it i didn't want anybody to see that then there was just vomit everywhere you know curtains everywhere and he was laying on his arm kinda like this and there was just dried blood like all over his arm from his mouth and he was just blew and ice-cold i ran upstairs to his room and by that point my daughter was in there and they were screaming their moms standing at the half-way coming up the stairs and she knew what i was screaming about and he was at the opposite end of his bed with his face towards the window so i didn't see his face but i just intuitively know i went back in to try to find a pulse as an actor was just so cold so we tried to check his rest was even colder and i couldn't find a pulse and i do but this wasn't gonna be just about there go to the hospital and get mad at him and everything you knew what was it was all over . he was gone though i am grab the wall found and fell to the ground and called 911 and i was screaming saying my son's dead you got it you got to come and i just had to get away from the house i never want to go back in the house ever again rob's dad when in knew he was going to see was an emt earlier pulled him off the bed gave him cpr so ice melt to see gone and he said yeah i said to me i can't understand you what are you doing what's going on and all i caught was rob's dad and that's it going like that we had him cremated so we have the option to see him one more time and that was a struggle for me but i song i'm glad i did do it and i'll of him who always have a special place in my heart and i'll never understand why he chose to do the things that he did he probably i'd love you even if you're a rooster he used to have this little joke with me and you go mom i was a rooster with you still love me and i get now you got come on mike that would be if you come on so it was a little thing we had and i don't know i hope i did the battery night that was a good mom i hope you love me yeah probably told me you was that's big brother any girl could ever have i'm really lucky i got to know one always look i'd say it's not worth it you have your whole life how do you an ugly disease that you can prevent and it destroys so much more than just yourself family and everybody that loves you it's not the type person anybody wants to be you never want to get into a situation where you can't control the person you are they know what their friends are doing robbing ryan knew that they both were in deep but you don't want up you don't want to violate the code of the friendship that but you need to tell someone if you think that your friend is in deep you've got to find a way to get them help without feeling like you're betraying that friendship i think they're just needs to be a way for people to feel in a safe way that they can either ask for help or they can get their friend help well i know he used to tell me a lot of times when you would do drugs or part-time types of like crazy things i guess i really wish i would have told my parents because i he told me so many things but i never told my parents yeah like i regret not saying something because i feel like maybe affect my parents earlier they could have caught it earlier before he wanted to the hardcore drugs by sep tember 14 a year after rob died we announced our rising above addiction fund we joined the community foundation of carroll county and started a fund and we're raising money rob's memorial money started the fund and we're hoping to help people get into acute treatment maybe you know go through the detox and we're hoping to grow our fund enough to actually send people away to treatment and we're really excited about that where we're going to jump out of a plane in november first we're both very scared of flying and afraid of heights we're asking people to donate money to the jump and so we're hoping to make some money i think we're up to almost five hundred dollars and we're asking other people to do it for our fund so the run and the run in june fifth we're going to do a run and it's going to be called ryan's run for rob we're going to do an ak with a one-mile kids fun run and we just really want to help other people and we've had the greatest opportunity to meet people we to do this to meet the state's attorney and and tim weber and and team up and try to help people and we've been invited to a lot of events and we've met people and i've had people tell me that i've helped them and i reach any time here about a child dying whether it's a car accident anything suicide drug overdose unfortunately there are so many i've seek them out i find the parents i call them nice try to stay in touch with them and i just wanted i just wanted to turn it into something positive
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