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Slime Making Challenge Hot Potato Game Picks Slime Ingredients. Audrey and her siblings play hot potato with potato chips. Whoever ends up with the potato chips when the timer goes off gets to pick a gross ingredient to add to their slime in this funny family friendly slime video for kids.
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Caption: [music]. i'm here with jordan from justjordan . and today we're playing hot potato . slime challenge oh yeah our slime here . and we have a few items in the middle so . they're all bad items too . we have i don't think you don't wan your . time we have cheese balls are very old . very old cheese doctored bacon bed . butter to make butters look like real . deal better though pigs feet on squishy . and go to milk dry powders so what we're . going to be doing is we're gonna be . saying a random time on my phone and i'm . gonna be pretty - face down so i don't . know what it is and when it's gonna go . off . when it goes off the person who has the . potato which we could have bought a . potato so we are gonna pass the potato . chips potato chips and their hands lose . it and has to pick from the pile of . gross things title mmm that's true the . person with the least amount of gross . things and their slime with let's get . started alright man so a brand of time . here we go ready set go . [music]. okay adding in the buzzer this can make . your it's gonna be real deals letters no . butters fog this wants to eat right show . it up close. yeah me yeah will mention well i just . want my son to stay normal that's nice . right now but like once you start adding . another so it's gonna i will do anything . except for a few i pick c is the word . take c would be so no powder butter is . more rich why me. alright guys gone around to you ready . i'm not your lucky ready set go . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. [applause]. yeah why should i i don't even know . which p use the cheese ball i think i'm . gonna add in the bacon bacon bit so . you're gonna crunchy fine but like no . bacon it just made jordan it don't have . any okay let's go . logan's really wants this you all right . guys this is my new spine it's all from . lee and delicious edible . not really oh my slime smells so gross. okay so tighter than all of us floral . slimes left i think . wish just like keep it that way right . yeah yeah okay let's keep going okay . ready go go down all right i like is . right in the middle of it all . you must apply to . [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. okay here we go . [music]. [laughter]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. we just show show how much you staff . thanks with the butter and slowly . expands not a good combo part it all . right . [music]. [music]. [laughter]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. right audrey was like this when it went . off into it i feel like at the position . place okay next hour have switch over . absolutely nothing i ran okay i don't . even know what to add oh this is nasty . i'm gonna have the cheese balls you . can't eat that sorry . that is tight that's like that's like a . fart that's really old. i added my cheekbones and now it's time . to mix them are you mixing jake and i . are gonna be the middle you guys are the . outside ready set go. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. before the time i think it's your turn . jordan are you kidding me okay i had to . choose i'm gonna go with condensed milk . because i really don't want pixie in . mind that's go milk and powdered form oh . all's like coins are just under my nails . well i'm gonna keep mixing that in hey . oh my gosh is melting my slime duck . that's not hot water . oh it's melting my slide i'm going to . cuz i am not pretty pigs me in my . science i'm sorry sorry logan i just had . take a little bit of your food . [music]. ultimate determiner up yeah fix me if . the automatic loser hey ready full set . go. [music]. wow. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. what do i do. [music]. well time to bury that . oh the binnacle melton yes let's show my . slides hi you first the perfect sign . alright my slime i just caught my the . cheese ball bacon squishy that's what it . is this is called the butter brain i . just pull up its brain oh mine is called . i'm your slime nightmare so fun there . [music]. yeah that's just one nightmare count how . are you guys so that's it for today's . crazy video i hope you enjoyed it and if . you did remember to leave a big thumbs . up also comment down below what other . games you want to play this was super . fun and remember subscribe to from . reggie gray and hit about ipods we know . by to every post any video i'll see you . guys next time . [applause]. [music]. .

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