Sneakerheads Try To Spot The Fake Jordans

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I'm probably walking around with fake Jordans right now.
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Michael Jordan #23 of the Chicago Bulls defends against Hersey Hawkins #33 of the Seattle Supersonics during game three of the 1996 NBA finals at the Key Arena in Seattle
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If i were to go to a meet-up and someone . handed me this shoe there's no way my . mind would go this is fake i'm a jerome . i'm a sneaker authenticator i go and go . to the largest marketplace for sneakers . tonight he is the most kind of fitted . brand in the world and sells the 15 go . was established to help solve the . problem . i've been collecting sneaker since 2002 . i've been a sneaker authenticator for. two years sure they're gonna have some . of our friends come by and try to guess . between some of our real and fake shoes . and see how good they do now these are . the joining one off white's designed by . virgil lol people you see what are you . looking at just i'm looking for the . stitching right now the stitching . sometimes is sloppy on fake jordans well . that didn't work because it's pretty . it's pretty clean okay let's feel the . quality of the leather oh i don't know . what the quality of the leather is on . the off light because is it tumble it's . it's straight this moves very little i'm . gonna go this is fake what you do know . the answer right and that your final and . everything on it it's an educated guess . based on just the craftsmanship of the . shoe you're gonna be rockin some fake . shoes yeah okay we have the jordan 11 . bread more playoff 11 these are made . famous when jordan came back and one is . a fourth championship for the chicago . bulls so immediately i am flummoxed by . this because these look identical i have . a guess i studied for a very long time . this is the real one i'll say why even . though i'm probably about to look real . stupid on the stitching of it on the . tongue here this seems like kind of a . looser edge compared to that like this . just seems like a little tighter this is . a little more like frayed and loose this. looks like a little bit more like legit . mm-hmm so i think this is probably real . with mine smells off to you . this one smells off this one smells like . a new shoe this one doesn't have a smell . there will be a putting you in train . these are the georgia one band came out . 2016 these are made famous because . jordan wore these this colorway ellos. van and they may actually covered the . fine every time you warm let's just go . and clear it clear looking color seems . even on both it's a little prey here a . little bit . are these worn brand-new and i'm warm . the stitching on here is a little bit . more worn for sure this is clean clean . lines we got going on here these lines . are a little bit more afraid as you can . see it a little more fluffy if you will . it's not on par with jordan brand . normally isn't always oh you smell a . minty fresh or he's one that could be . wrong probably am wrong i'm gonna go . these are real yeah you're right i leave . someone 1/4 to 50% that's good that's . like ben wallace style free throws . that's why anybody in the nba he's real . [music]. ok these are the jordan love 11 2016 . space jam people call it space jam but . he actually wore these before the movie . is even made okay let's see what we got . here the inside of tiger this one looks . pretty standard the inside tag of this . one shockingly looks pretty standard i. was looking at this little up a little . tag here on the tongue just cuz i think . you know as much as you can like . perfectly copy something there's . something about the jordan symbol they . look real really different and this one . just seems a little bit like it's trying . to copy this is the real . [music]. this one is the real one . because it has the cleaner look on that . little carbon fiber pattern now tell me . why i'm wrong yeah actually right i'm . pretty much an expert at this . [music]. .
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