😱STUNG By Venomous Sea Urchin!

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Welcome to South House TV family vlogs! We are a rewilding, unschooling, nature loving family who wants to share our daily adventures with you!
In this episode, Axel is stuck... stung? by a VENOMOUS Sea Urchin! Whoops! It even makes his finger bleed, but luckily he is okay. He doesn't even have to get his finger cut off, thankfully.
Axel finds all sorts of sea creatures at the beautiful beach in Maui, Hawaii. Sea urchins, hermit crabs, and even a huge crab!
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That's the spirit and it's very very day . moves like that it is that this . yeah i will get of you don't quite get . really well i heard killed and that's . not real adventure maps yeah right guys . stick your finger . oh my god oh wow leading you think . what's got your finger up when you got . it . so what do you want to show me nothing . dozens of my magic there's something . over there yeah that's sweet and . delicious. i'm gonna go check i don't trust actual . i feel like if its fruit he might have . to tell me it's not so he can eat all . that himself. ya know they always be erected yeah your . diet is going to show me . no i don't want that of course not . because you want me to show you it now . hi of my phone is also good case and . right okay yeah i dream just as sure had . ice cream banana but first okay for your . input on a bunch of his left oh my god . like 50 bucks for a bunch of like that . and they're at called ice cream bananas . but it has been there guys have a nice . yeah indians viral eagle shrieks so . beautiful banana trees are being account . account in the wild they're what daddy . wedding before i get you touch me i'll . let the little boy pat me this time i . guess right there behind my ears . oh what about you lady you can that be . too but if i change my mind i'm going to . need you to move immediately sister . lives out by people could cost of my . hair ball . oh carol good flower and fruit water . where oh wow . quad look hack was one of the elements . local djs 1000 years what the ones that . are more when he had the right like . that's orange like you get back into the . best aren't you glad i'm your lover so . no no i love heart medicines that out . let's try against it . oh so good mhm . well we moved here are rather if we . lived here all of our ground to be. covered in edible right world grow grow . your brains right yeah okay we're . probably out what that passed . food food o. o actor you look over the . quacks yeah i wasn't local loquat loco . loco means crazy . yeah local four lots right in your eye . most was that cat reverse a fact . crkt first ssc comes like okay i'm . watching our i don't trust that was like . i'm out of here . successful big terrorized by baby . oh yeah river actually see the cat you . see her to her ears how she pulled him . back . that means get away from me and if you . trap me i'm going to scratch your eyes . out and everything that was here just so . hard her well she has allowed to be . gentle you can't learn if you don't . experiment if you hold it being very . careful and gentle river haha that's the . aggravation o hara hara you are my sweet . girl x like calm down put it down here . put it in here . thank you all right look we're going to. put hermit crabs right here one of these . guys . but they're crawling we broke my driver . and open my hair on him . that will not go cared for high and . buddy that i want to be part of the . action. oh yeah here's some extra gentle soft . alive . don't forget you're at life you'll get . really well i heard killed that boy out. there exploring and alamat . oh my goodness let's see it as something . right yeah for fighting for you that . plant. oh the theater was doing on it oh my . gosh look at yourself yourself . this dude is totally moving training . actual peeled off all the weekend of the . series and oh wow it looks like a . hedgehog doesn't it. we're going to move that look at all . this well looking thing we're going . around i would get so many treasure to . find the ocean now we now rotting on new . with the door was allowed to look like a. friend back on your life . alright cover up things for backup . oh yeah right guys so goodnight with joe . oh so you stick your fingers . oh my god. oh wow leading oh really hard . our to their policy of economic yet . fucking get it was a big one you have . options like i don't know but it looks . like it's in his fingers yeah here's . what i was arrogant part of the . sentiment is it really really hurt you . don't like it hurts a lot . let me see there and out feel better . when you read it you know everybody or . if you can see there's a little black . market there we have looked like- tip of . a low cost reducing uk think yeah phil . so clearly well let's look it up look up . is there to do you think what about your . finger up might be going through the . station convince your finger up and you . clean off if oh man look at that may . night. ok my mic morning maxwell of her looks . but it's definitely got a little black. feeling there will have to find out will . be how we will see later today we'll see . how it goes okay and we'll let you guys . know look at relative i think the word . volcano climber my hangout . actually yeah i irish out that was like . about 54. 4 access and daddy were . recording is a show about this crab and . actual recording it doesn't look real . whoa i've been fined me for like this . hold it right from your list don't know . imagine if you got your tongue oh my . gosh where is identical . right here oh the adventures . wow pretty off my bag my dad . uh-huh get your hair done and no no it . looks like a parental although i know . you are you needed . no . [music]. lucky maybe maybe another glorious maui . sunset . oh my gosh and so amazing getting to . explore this island with my family says . you guys are cute wondershare yeah i got . my hat that's this year and it was . pretty bringing date it moves like that . it is that about this . yeah and it can be like really dangerous . maybe he got away got a lucky if it's . because you can step on them and then . you can have like severe pain you have . to go home but he just kind of touched . it when it doesn't as little as enemies . little bart is what the end of their . needles basically they break off inside . you and they disintegrate like your body. breaks it down but it does have venom in . it and it just it you can count out that . is based on how much it hurt right and . the pain is pretty much gone away now . for him so it's ok just a little bit . could have been more time . what about it did you push hard when you . push on it no you don't have to manually . no i just barely tell ya what i'm trying . to pull it out okay you want to do it . it's stuck him like you saw like that up . we can go over there because the steps . we had to buy a gate which we've had to . do a few everybody is that have there's . we're gonna know anyways thank you guys . so much for watching larry hall yes . let's work through the ball . alright bounce the ball down mr. bali . bouncer you . .
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