Today I surprise my boyfriend Daniel before Valentine’s Day! Thanks to Google for sponsoring this video! #Ad #GoogleHome Mini.
I surprise Daniel early for Valentine’s Day with a HUGE FLOWER PALACE! Watch me transform our house with the help of the Google Home Mini.
Leave a comment down below letting me know who you think made the better floral arrangement (me, right?)! ❀️
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Surprise my guy what did you do ah good . day everyone and welcome to today's . video where i'm going to be surprising . my boyfriend daniel a huge thank you to . google home for this pea partnership as . you guys know i've worked with them in . the past so i'm super glad to be working . with them again i'm going to be . transforming in this room into a crazy . flower wilderness place and then we will . be battling against each other once he . gets home to see who can make the best . floral arrangement because i love him so . very much hey google who do you love i . used to have a crush on a white noise. machine but i don't think it ever heard . me so let me show you kind of what my . vision is for this transformation we're . clearly working with a big space i . really want to fill this area up with a . bunch of like flower garland and i don't . know the terms daniel's the decorator if . only he could surprise himself he could . come home see some petals and be like . hmm well could that be and then he'll be . shook when he walks in the door hey . google call cj and the flower guy . calling cj the flower guy hello it's . joey i was calling to see if the flowers . were on their way oh okay perfect . awesome whoa that is a lot of freaking . flowers it's like a flower scarf they . smell delicious here we go . all righty so we're back inside and i . have a lot of flowers hey google put on . my decorating playlist all right here's . your decorating playlist on google play . music . [music]. [music]. [music]. hello welcome to joey's flower shop i . put a bunch of roses leading up to the . door you should be here at any moment . i'm just recording just in case he pops . around that corner i want to surprise . you since you're gonna be away for . valentine's day so i turn this into a . flower place to level ours you're so i . don't know what is happening here did . you do this yeah what kind of flowers . are these yellow ones red ones purple. ones what is this called . those are bees okay maybe you did this i . thought be cool since valentine's day is . coming up that we could each make each . other a floral arrangement kind of like . a challenge type thing are you down well . i'm down but i'm gonna win yeah you're . probably okay let's do this alrighty so . we have set up the challenge station and . we have five minutes to make the best . floral arrangement however there is a . twist we are each going to have a . blindfold on then we're gonna mix each . other's flowers ups wacha luciano . alright are you done that's a napkin bob . jesus you all right oh my god you did it . so nasty ha ha . five minutes all right five minutes . starting now i'm so annoyed i had this . trick okay this is a florist trick a . florist trick oh i'm a floor so you know . that rafa's with tape wait for me it's . gonna keeps them in place where's the . damn weeds . i'm cutting this around the you know . what the best part is marvin you make . goes to me all right so what colors are . you choosing for me i'm just trying to . get them in the base i'm so sorry did. you drown oh this is looking i know mine . works at all you know what flowers look . pretty on there's no more room in my . baby oh yeah give me yours . three two oh my god what happened there . you had a moment i'll take mine you a . diner designs we even have your . blindfold i didn't fit on nobody and i . can feel the roses i think i won because . i get this and you get back why do i . always lose okay and i win you are well . i can turn this boat alrighty so these . are the final products i think we know. who won i just noticed you had a . freaking leap in there i told you that . while i was getting my stems that's . remote cheating i didn't know that was a . possibility cheating so therefore i . automatically win by default . you guys can decide in the comments who . you think won if it was me or daniel . okay i hope you've enjoyed this little . bit of history rise for you happy . valentine's day. anyways huge thank you to google whole . for this paid partnership we couldn't. have done it without love i hope you . guys enjoyed today's video if you did . please give it a big ol thumbs up and. happy valentine's day to you guys fine . [music]. you. [music]. .

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