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So it's a beautiful day in miami at the . team moose 100 crib or whatever want to. call your everyone's up that moves for . horn emerge look at this ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh . moose one honey baby . oh boy sir where's your muscle hara . mirch bro was your merch yo i got a make . we got to make tank tops with a musel . honda logo that'd be super sick but . anyway so today we're gonna be teaching . my little puppy on how to swim i mean . she sort of knows a little bit because . they you know they get doggy instincts . but we're gonna do is we're gonna like. try to put of the pool we're gonna hold . her up and see she can swim across . because we want today like actually . learn how to swim back and forth instead . of like just kind of coming towards us . so we can pick her up so anyways let's . go ahead and do this bro let's have some . fun and everyone hit the subscribe . button slap the belt to represent that. moose hustle bro are you guys good for . this you ready man yeah lucy she's . already wet so she's prepared come on . come on she's known that's a million . times she's like i don't know this give . me good or this could be bad that's the . thing with her like she doesn't . understand what to do even when we're . all in the pool she's still like . skeptical about it she could swim she's . very very skeptical. [music]. you got it that's one thing with her she . tries to get out from the side and we . want to teach you the stairs so i get . out oh crazy animal wow he's smiling . [music]. chill in the hot tub good lucy you know . she's family for some reason she's like . how is it possible. what is what what is going on my paddle . watch watch this chase what in the world . another good way to train her with fog . do with treats so i give her chick she's . the hot tub well the only thing we don't . want to do is get it to get used to . going the pool every time i let her out . because then we gotta wash it every time . i should be super garrett belly-flopping . and then she'll get a moose army wants a. flip i'm gonna go jump in that massive. massive water phone right there hey guys . here's an idea we get a huge rat alright . that fits the whole squad we get a . flamingo wrapped a massive flamingo. bingo ran and then all we do is we all . go inside all eight of us and get all . people over win your paddles in a . pattern every battle yes see it's time . for a bath you ready baby is your first . bath in the actual house you except for . this girl i'm gonna give you a bath here . over here we'll see she's like i just . went swimming we'll see it's gonna be . alright then we're gonna clean up your . ears we're gonna use the towels over . here give you a nice little comb with . stuff you don't get treat slow fight . over here we'll see look look your . treats richard oh she's gonna okay this . is more promising all right all right . don't worry let's see we also have this . thing right over here you got ashley . i'll give you one treat . come on baby come on are you going . getting a cold . cool girl she's like okay you know what . i like this a little bit more now don't . you worry. she it's . do you think one right yeah it's one go . watch your every gonna build luxury come . on let's see is this kid up watching . from you which is that one boulder to . business he no no no i mean i tried it . hang up gosh they judge she's pretty . just getting one when i go to the ground . listen come on stay on there stay on the . blanket we we just do it it huh we are . three we have three dudes over here . trying to figure out how to build a . basketball court basketball go get right . that's why pom not just gay all right so . we got here guys need help with iii this . is this is a one-person job i got you . the stuff okay this has everything you . need yeah it's in there i mean this is . like the i'm gonna go walk lucy by let's . get lucy's leash real quick there we go . all there it is hopefully hopefully this . still fits her she is a very big dog now. should be a size large . oh maybe flash their gold all right at . mooses garage boy yo we got the friends . you already know wlwt's biscuit calm to . get your moose 100 merch baby look at . this because soft and clean these shirts . are where is lucy wait lucy well baby . you ready for a walk . you ready for a walk okay we're gonna go . outside we're gonna see the whole whole . world okay see the go-cart nope okay see . it. yeah . look i got a tree okay . you hopeless you are a hopeless all . right let's go come on let's go let's go . mama girl no don't eat the things you . got decided to say anything at all . come on there we go we're going on . adventure lucy nothing go you want to . see what the people were doing look at . these nubs. look at these dudes three dudes trying . to figure out what's going on right now . so no luck right that's a first right . lucy what's up. you wanna go explore come on lucy let's. go there you go . do not go on the road what are you gonna . do run the mud alright so we walked lucy . it was a crazy time let me see what's . going on here what is this . what what happened here bro what is this . here's a still shot maybe trying to . build this basketball hoop before i say . five hours at but not the man what any . worse now i'm gonna go grab some food . real quick so the whole squads gonna go . get some food a thousand degree pizza . you already know pizza life i love . pieces of you leave it like you feel . like pizza man i was taking the m400 . snap i don't think you've heard it . before the pops but you're gonna hear it . now it's gonna be crazy . look what i got i already are a parking . all the way who flashed the r8 looks . beautiful. we're getting countless harris was gonna . shoot massive flames we're doing the . moose 100 branding right on the side . here putting back the v10 logo there and . the audi logo it's gonna look stunning . it may be carbon fiber sideskirts . you know what this we found carbon-fiber . side skirts the cars gonna be in the . shop the entire summer you know what . that's good yeah that's let's not do . that trick so here are some good shots . from the bmw m4 it is very very solid . gun shot okay . oh those crazy what do you think like it . you want to rub it here. through this we'll get this welcome to . an smart krauser's are very good yeah i . was ears david yeah . i'm gonna try mine. oh the cow this is . yes sir oh you're gonna sign up for them . anna shelby bro that car is it is a . beautiful piece of work so this one . right here i love the extra once a week . okay sound like that spurs kidding guys . it's my car it's my grandma's car i it's . just as long waited for so clearly have . two portable lights . what now we're gonna put o to rice it up . alright . [applause]. no crash has headlights wait maybe if i . want on the front i want him back some . cars can see you. nah nah nah dangerous first i say it's a . safety first safety first there you go. alright so how far does it go down . actually . i don't want i'm falling on the knee . running over them like a g take a look . down with that extra grip never get . tickets actually in the neighborhood. right now walls nighttime we got some . fun help is done yo feel this grip . though it's kind of funny out of it this . is sketchy . this really is sketchy it's kind of home . but it's pretty bumpy outside oh true . didn't think about that how should we go . back we could put it right here what are . here look it's still you can still run . it over boy it's double-sided tape we . should have fall we are good to go . all right there we go as i was done boys . all right testing phase . well let's just yeah . so a'carly the garage with the gold it's . super hot real sound zibolski board yeah . you my friend there we go the glasses . for safety but we're going to take this . on the street they follow yes that's . true . [music]. [music]. this email roll . ha ha spun out so i was a house drift . master. it was amazing broth wonderful . experience would not try again i'm just . kidding . sir sir you know you're you're on the . wrong side of the road . so fast that was full so we are finally . done with a go-kart bro those wheels are . so hot they're pretty much gone so we're . just drifting on this specific thing . right there that one wheel i was . actually to toll right yeah i know this . for so it's two in the front but the . main wheel that controls everything is . that one right there salim cool to show . you in my life there we go yes so pretty . much the way to go call works is when . you move this back it actually pops up . the wheels okay so pops the wheels up . which makes your notes rather that thing . that thing is a sure look there's no . more there's no more grip left on it . there's absolutely no more grip what in . the world. look at that so that's the actual root . wheel and what's left of it right now . it's pretty much gone nasa but these . formulas are fine so you can see these . are the front wheels right here . billy anything done to them and then the . back wheels though oh my god these . things are nearly flat look at this . that's bad you look how fresh it looks . wait oh wait we got more medium sized . right over here oh man yo before the . ladies and the guys - no no this is my . favorite one er oh right here the pink i . think alike so though yours is actually . outside they're going so we do a little . bit of a photo shoot and here's a little . sneak here so so here is the shop moose . merch instagram page once this actually . has 10,000 followers we're gonna do a . new sale and we'll also get some . giveaways for merchandise well this . actually the official shop moose mort . that's right baby this the movement . moose is therefore always capable hard . at putting a hard purse and everything. you do and we're does this look like . crazy yeah . oh it's like some pretty cool photo . shoots with the merchandise so we have a . video of jeremy jumping into the pool . doing a flip back flip on flip like . multiple flips i'll do a couple of flips . a couple flips wearing this merchandise . something pretty cool and then we're. gonna have some model sticks . the more says they look pretty dope . supermodel yo moose 100 let me tell you . we're walking on a top-secret project . it's super top secret but moose 400 and . the movement is gonna be sponsoring some. big companies big companies and some . gamers so they're pretty they'll get . excited for that but let me show you the. other merchants we actually have left . over here so we had the pink one right . here boom ignore them a giant mattress . here and the massive whatever we have . you can ride it in here bro cue the . donuts it's so clean . a lot of it bro i love it like with the . original one we had the musel honda logo . all over the front but this is actually . more clean too and boom the white one . it's low-key you know it's super low-key . and it's clean and it looks professional . what i really want to do these . merchandise in the future i want to . start putting on the back whatever here . always keep a 100 or like a motivational . quote and then when we do long sleeves . we can actually put the moose fahan logo . on the long stays on the sides can be . super dope yeah you go and we have the. hoodies we have different clothes for . the hoodies we have white black pink you . give it a pink hoodie you want it i'll . get you one dude look how dope this . looks a lot of a man and it fits . perfectly look at the quality you know . the qualities of the same ooh . so nice so that right that concludes the . life of moose flies i hope you all did. enjoy atop the puppy on a swim we check . out some office we had a ton of fun and . we're fully fully moving into the moose. 100 house or the squad house whatever . you want to call t moose house all . totally up to your preference but i'm . excited for the new things coming and a . lot of you been wondering what is where . is nathan where is where is sharks oh . goodness oh no shark and mo live in . canada so they don't really live here . nathan and kayla live in texas so they . all live far away so what are we able to . collaborate every single day cuz think . about this way how would that be . possible you're gonna be like so we're . gonna be doing on this summer we're . gonna do a lot of collaborations i'm . gonna begin the squad back together and . recording some life vlogs minecraft . videos on the mic up shelves of stuff . and having a ton of fun i also do more . content on the squad mc service so get . excited for that . i gotta spoil it they will be coming out . very very soon we're gonna do some . insane stuff i don't want to spoil yeah . you just got a suit tomorrow we're gonna . be releasing and the upcoming videos we . try to do daily vlogs as well and daily . content challenges all that creative. stuff get excited cuz tomorrow's vlog is . gonna be insane let me tell you know . take the take the word of a moose bro . it's gonna be crazy . alright thank you so much for watching i . love you all there's gentlemen most . sorry i'll see you tomorrow bye lucy how . do you look you look really fluffy . [music]. [applause]. [music]. .

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