๐ŸŒŠTeleported to the Beach in Snow Suits! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ

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Welcome to South House TV family vlogs!
In this episode, the sneaky toy construction trucks return, and this time, with teleportation magic! ๐Ÿ˜ฑ The toy excavator and dump truck share a special note with us, and when we say the magic words... the unthinkable happens! We teleport to the beach in California! WHOA!
Axel and Patrick collect mussels on the beach, and River and Sarah get to see a real live WHALE! It was CRAZY!
Thanks for watching! :)
The mysterious truck and not okay . yeah x2 70 through this can't be good . hey mac party you wanna drive yeah you . think it or it's pretty chilly out here . the weather driving significant that . love pinky trust the guys in a while . not yet oh my gosh that it's so . beautiful. it's like flipping candyland here you . guys can be when you put maple terrace . with no yes we are outside in the snow . and the cold and the 15 degree weather . and we are getting some good fresh snow . but maple syrup in it . we're gonna go check out the english . thats sarah and actually i haven't . actually really seen it do this thing is . so cool what you know what if it the . mysterious drug what the mysterious . trucks are in the igloo . how did this happen oh okay right now . okay today you did alright must have . driven over here oh that's bigger or oh . ok i wonder what that notice excuse got . a note through this can't be good old is . ever gonna believe this anguish is . patrick i didn't do it you're inside . waiting the river. what is this a well-designed what can go . to the beach magical luck nikki truck . beach time you want to try it yeah you . think it or it's chilly out here without . you . thanks kelly once you go to the beach . getting mad record magical luck sneaky . truck being yeah okay all right you . ready all right you ready. mac magical love pinky truck . [applause]. what what . quacks haha oh my god so hot rich quote . what all my dead serious talks here to . accept that friday i had to regroup . oh men in mid teleportation they must . have recruited a dozer and a front . loader logic about having a really odd . to accept that really so she's often to . run on the beach . wow are you . [music]. dude i i not exactly we are not a . different beach where pirates cove yeah . uh-huh . and i think that it actually going to . some playing with the monster tracks and . organized around your beautiful theory . what are you there yet this . don't worry guys i'm not going to try to. make any more rock music you love being . at the beach you have the beach trip she . loves the ocean. she's never liked it more than the snow . that's for sure the boy for us to find a . secret pirates code that away . my camera where the ocean . look there's the our shares . wow wow wow wow wow wow wow. well specifically . [music]. grab . hi angel careful you can get it in your . eyes don't feel very good if you just . have someone drive . everybody . oceanview so grateful that we get to . take her to the ocean. the guys are saying that there's a while . but i don't like x-men so that's right . over there and if it would've been set . up there had that . never understand how about you guys like . oh wow guys that a well-earned . why have water little tiny parts water . never seen a way off pretty cool river . can you really get here we're so off . their ads here the car . we're collecting muscles just got . through recording about shark episode . and act wanted click muscles right graph . yeah dude how many do you have so far a . lot actually putting his pocket up with . him in life he craves there's very very . dangerous we keep crashing in with the . most muscle so far that on that rock but . later it's got to tag her years . oh they're not what is mad . how do i have like 12 my pocket like our . teens we have to start behind the g7 . after the sweet because any little bit . of weird with cameras $17 camera so you . can be well well we got out of money she . so this is just another phone so the . milk to make sure nothing dropping this . sand doesn't seem to affect it was bad . things every working part specifically . what he failed you don't know right . there was alive yeah and i'm going to . sue people don't know keep it leave it . here we don't want to die . 54 shirt left we're going to eat it hit . us all sharing so well there . look at all these girly 21 years growing . up fast . you need a massive going to come back . later off . you guys here we see . chuckles well fuck laughing they're . going to be looking back mommy okay . class you can kind of muscles you want . to see my muscles you want to see my . whale because i do i do i just so . exciting ladies like the wheel wells . like oh i told the school where there . was a while it was a way of dale stuff . that i thought maybe here's my mother . what yes we've got a bunch of huge so . often trying to like my vocals for me . out . hey baby girl did you cry the whole time . or just 99 percenters a 50-percent be . prepared that's good . hey guys we are back at the airbnb i . just want to clue you guys in on how we . roll this for instance is our clothes . pile that we draw closer to the day from. because this airbnb though it has a . beautiful beach view right here it does. not have any dressers and if i'm being . honest we have never used the dressers . to bed . you ever notice there's normally dinner . gave you know we couldn't because the . baby took it out and it actually took it . out. we are doing good we could get off of . the floor and put it onto the cow . get unit that actually actual and i did . it right love us so show us what this . can do. oh isn't going but when you can't patent . here it's going shopping . so you is always . else is there ok so this go right you're . teaching him about how year's work and . fan communities mommy but mommy can't . really grasp what i'm having a hard time . to move it all my life i've how many . times does a piston rotate you . 3456789 can now change and the box . allows switch to the other year it's . always now it's time to look . 1234 only for time so i can sell out so . the engine fisting is only having to . turn the crank four times to get the . same distance so that palin has worked . at this year is higher speeds are able . to maintain the speed anything goes . ironman by shifting into a higher gear . and learning that was only so what is . higher gear and lower gear mean they. decided yet size of the year the rocket . is larger than the chain or belt ships . 20 know everybody there's five years and . nothing has five different size of those . right 5570 do five different years . yes five different like round things . yeah definitely smaller get here bigger . baby. ah . if you wasn't it was easier if you just . try to present it as a completely . abstract concept like out of a book not . interested remember friends then it . would be completely this interesting . incident radiation . yes and that's probably why i have . gotten to be over 30 years old i don't . know how gears work so we haven't . actually been recording a whole lot. we've been here because there's so much . wind outside and actual actually the . very first night we got here he had food. poisoning so he been vomiting most . tonight and you know thanks for coming . out the other end it's been a few days . but you know throughout the day will be . like my tummy hurts and then you'll have . issues again no more vomiting but other. issues and activated charcoal or coconut. charcoal has been amazing the few times. we've given it to him like i'm i totally . just really hurts and it's been away . from his meals because you want to get . charcoal with meals or other supplements. and he's taking it and it's like a lot . of sleep without you being super . nauseous and sick so i have been eating . some sugar and sweet maple syrup and you . know nuts with honey and palm sugar and. stuff like that. not anything super crazy but like paleo . ice cream sandwiches and always to say . that that's what my skin is doing all of . this terrible craziness because you guys. i cannot eat anything outside of my . extremely strict diet without all this. happening but one really positive thing . that has happened all the sudden i have . a lot more milk river here sit quietly . and steadily rising but now that we have . been eating sugar not night crazy so not . like ever before and therefore you know . the amount of sugar that the average. american would eat i'm just a lot more . sure that we have been eating and . river is now only meetings and nerve . every few hours so he actually all look . out 35 times last night nurse with like . i'm send it out . yeah oh yeah well for this week's you . slept like a solid two hours about . waking up normally it's like 45 minutes. fortunately nurse again oh my gosh i . cannot let me tell you last night i . slept for like four hours straight at . one point i was like whoa. it was intense so yeah i believe that . i'm gonna tell me what you want to blog . drag oh yeah you guys so it rain and . what happened to the parking area where . required so crazy so will be one of the . best the padres blow away really special . container filled action . you cannot don't windy because i did you . like pulling all your baby and your wait . for what . well two thumbs up prevent first over . with no don't come down from that for . trying guys . [music]. .
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