The Demonic Bellaire House

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Is this cursed property truly home to a demon?
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Caption: [music]. there she is another demon house another . team in house i gotta say it does look . as imposing in person as it does online . you're gonna make it well we'll see i . have a pocket bible with me this time . well that's good i didn't bring any holy . water are you concerned maybe you've got. a little soft once you hear what this . place is you're gonna you're gonna see . why i'm so scared of this joint but i'm . gonna keep this with me i'm gonna keep . this bible here back pocket at all times . if i need it i'll use it you since you . don't believe you probably don't even . need this but if you want to use it . later you can do so i don't i don't need . there you go this week on buzzfeed . in salt we investigate the bel air house . in bel air ohio as part of our ongoing . investigation into the question are . ghosts real as many viewers of this show . know i will only do one demonic . investigation per season so here's my . sacrifice for this particular season you . sound brave but your wide eyes betray . you it's the beginning of the night i'm . doing a good job of concealing how i . truly feel right now also for the first . time since the sally house we will . attempt to sleep in a demonic location . well demon slumber party i think this is . a shot at redemption for me and i'm not . gonna wimp out i'm gonna stay here all . night i'm gonna sleep where i have to . sleep and i'm gonna come out a big boy . you're gonna grow yeah it's gonna be a . big boy i'm gonna be a big boy now even . if something horrifying happens yeah my . hands are sweating built in the early . 1900s supposedly by a coal miner named . jacob hetherington the bel air house . from the outside looks like any ordinary . home hetherington opened several mines . over the years and some claim that one . of his coal mines sits under this house . hetherington would pass away in 1904 and . eventually the house was said to have . been passed to . his granddaughter lied in 1947 lied . would die of a heart attack reportedly . in the living room of the bel air house . her brother edwin was apparently so . distraught that he contacted mediums to . try and reconnect with his dead sister. it said that edwin's attempts to connect . may have open portals within the home . right now we're in the seance room i . mean this was the room we were telling . the story in so this is said to be the . place where edmund would reach out to . his dead sister lyde and speaking of . lied she is said to have died right here . of a heart attack unfortunate yes so i . think we could sit down here and do a . classic seance we'll light a candle and . we'll reach out like edwin would have . done back in the day is there anybody . here with us right now we're calling out . to edwin or edwin specifically or any of. the hetherington family got us all we do . first hand just light a candle that's it . i'm not sure how i've never done i . conducted an official saying oh it's i'm . just doing essentially an evp session . with a candle yeah i was gonna say . there's probably some sort of decorum . right you want me to look it up the . decorum decide on who you will be . summoning let's go for edwin right now. we are trying to sum in edwin and/or . lied lied a happy place for her as she . okay you don't work directly over wares . i know but you don't need to bring that . memory back up odds are maybe she . doesn't know she's dead set the table . place three candles or a number and . never divisible by three in the center . and place an offering of food in the . center as well. one is divisible by 30 you get a . fraction . that we don't have any food but i got . some gum. oh yeah put a put a we're gonna gum go . get it everyone around the table and . hold hands to create a circle . well wagon i got to put this down . alright does it have to be around it . doesn't have to be around the candle i'm . just mean oh like this is he okay . spirits up oh sorry spirits of the past . move among us be guided by the light of . this world and visit upon us if you are . win another for the quotes that's out of . the quota stupid cool yeah we had a way . for response now. your hands are clammy yours are climbing . i think we could drop hands now i'm just . gonna i'm gonna make that very sweaty. the yours were sweaty edwin lied we're . here in the house we're friends. we're not here to hurt you we just want . to talk to you so if you're here right . now feel free to say anything make your . presence known you could move something . am i am i off-putting to you guys i . don't often respect a lot of you do you . not like his vibe i wouldn't blame you . does anybody here with us right now can . you blow this candle out . okay i think we're okay i mean i'm fine . we're downstairs the more we move up the . more that's true i'll get uneasy . edwin would pass away himself in 1962 . and after that ownership of the house . passed from owner to owner families that . lived there only did so momentarily . after strange activity in the house . prompted them to leave eventually the . home sat abandoned during this time . neighbors would claim to see activity . within the seemingly vacant home such as . people moving about peering out of the . homes windows there than the desks in . the house nobody knows why this . seemingly normal home is ripe with . activity some point to the notion that. the house allegedly sits on a ley line . which are unseen lines connecting . important physical spiritual markers for. ancient cultures other people point to . the fact that the land beneath the house . sits adjacent to what the current owner . claims are native american burial caves. and finally there's the possibility that . past coal mine accidents contribute to . the unrest. either way something is not right at the . bel air house perhaps that's why it's at . abandoned until kristen lee after her . previous home had been destroyed by . flash floods christianly understandably . thought her luck had changed when she. managed to buy the beautiful bel-air . home at a foreclosure sale for. reportedly only forty six thousand . dollars in 2005 kristen lee and her . family moved into the bel air house . marveling and what was seemingly a steal . soon after moving in it became apparent . why the house was abandoned we would. hear voices. would disappear mysteriously and she . would hear footsteps in the attic one . night while napping on the living-room . couch kristyn claims she woke to a man . standing in her living room terrified . kristen watched as the man walked away . and vanished boat i was not sure if i . was dreaming or had actually seen a . ghost. i looked around the room and everything . was in its place . however the room was freezing cold i saw . my breath and what was odd about him as . i could see straight through him and i . could see through the foyer a - and he . had a flat effect there was no emotion . or there was no nothing on his face it . was just very flat and to that point had . weird things been happening leading up . to that or was that the first encounter . for me it was the first encounter . because we were homeless we were . affected by two flash floods so in my . mind i thought this this this is . probably because we're working too hard . or adjusting to the house so i kind of . just let it go off to the side in the . back of my mind and that's where we left . it but it was very unexplainable at that . point in time and then later on down the . line you know years later i finally . understood that i wasn't just hired we . weren't just adjusting to the house that . it was a ghost it was a full apparition . of a man so this is the living room this . is where kristen was asleep on the couch . where she encountered the gray man . the apparition in here that disappeared . as he walked that did you hear that it . sounded like a little baby doll . disappeared as he walked that as he . walked that. you heard that right yeah i got . chills what the was that like a . little all right is that you who was . that could you do that again i hate this . house already shut up kind of like that . hetherington family i'm ryan that's . shane we're here in your house we hear. you're all very nice people and we also . hear that you have somebody in this . house or something that may not be as . nice and maybe we could help you with . that so if you want to talk to us about . it right now if you want to say anything . just let us know you could say something . you could move something i heard to get . that you who is that i heard nothing . did you hear something footsteps up . there let's visit . what steps up better yeah go ahead and . explain it away at first . kristen blamed stress and says of that . time quote i thought it was just tired . and questioned my sanity i never . believed in the paranormal because i'm a . trained forensic mental health. professional as well as a master level . psychologist i blamed psychology until . there was no more psychological . reasoning end quote what do you think . about because she is she was skeptical . at first as most people would be or some . people would be you would probably be . skeptical at first she blamed it on . stress of the move she didn't really . believe what she was seeing i mean that . i feel like that checks your box of like . the first thing you would do that's . admirable it does yeah that's good you . know i trust her but the thing is like . once that happens and in another . experience happens that you can't . explain away then you could see when you. starting to stack up and and that's when . it becomes like frustrating because and. it's like you know it's tough with these . things because i don't necessarily . believe in it but you know listening to . her story. she tells it with such conviction i . don't i don't not believe her i don't . not believe that she experienced these . things yeah you know yeah i just don't . believe the ghosts yeah there's a p

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