The Most Underrated Disney Movie EVER!

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Today Ben dives into the magical world of Disney History to uncover the reason The Emperors New Groove is not a Disney classic and how it ended up as the most underrated Disney movie of all time!
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Caption: Hey brother hey i am so excited we have . made nearly 800 videos on this channel . and somehow we have never talked about. my favorite disney movie oh my just . little italy threw off my groove . [music]. the emperor's new groove holy yes you . may be excused if you were just. magically turned into one cow do i love . this movie just in case you didn't get . that joke . hey i've been turned into a cow can i go . home you're excused . what's completely vexing to me though is . that i just got back from a full week at . disney world and not anywhere did i see . a single trace of the emperor's new . groove and believe me i was looking i . have some thoughts about exactly what . the ride would be please remain seated . you keep your arms and legs in at all . times or at the very least like a table . service diner workers wearing pants . played a hot-air basket of grandmas . breakfast and change the ball to a gilt . guy i would totally order a basket of . grandmas breakfasts how could this be . how could disney's like best movie not . have a presence at disney world . okay so i have a feeling some of you . back home are probably like shaking your . fist angrily at me about liking the lion . king probably but like arguably the . funniest disney movie ever if you are . somehow unaware of this gem then just . like stop what you're doing pause this. video and go and watch it find a way to . watch it i guarantee you will not be . disappointed or just listen to this . brief summary members new group tells . the story of a spoiled teenager incan . emperor kuzco who gets turned into a . llama and learns humility as he is . escorted back to the palace by a peasant . in his kingdom as he tries to become . human again . i mean it's a tale as old as time i . almost don't actually know how to . describe it like the humor is just so . well executed and so well layered that . like even after having watched it 50 . times and that's like a low estimate i'm . still finding jokes i haven't heard . before. it makes excellent use of the fourth . wall and like plays around with the . camera as part of the humor which is . particularly notable because it's an . animated movie and there is no camera . also have i mentioned the shoulder . angels raise another tail like what i . can do but what does that have to do . with hey no no he does have a valid. point it has actually baffled me for . years that this is not considered more . of a disney classic so i've actually . done a little bit of digging and i think . we can point the finger of blame at the . hunchback of notre dom and hercules sort . of the weird thing about it is that the . fact that the emperor's new . isn't a more prevalent film in the. disney archives is not actually its own . fault as you may know after the death of . walt disney himself in 1966 the . animation department at disney kind of . went through a dark age that they . wouldn't get pulled out of until a . certain mouse detective and mermaid it . came to the rescue full video by. clicking the card the little mermaid . launched what is known as the disney. renaissance where in the 90s we had ten . movies in a row from disney that were . all back to back to back classics this . period of time no doubt redefined disney . style and the peak of which absolutely . came with the lion king which brought in . nearly a billion dollars in revenue so . we're right in the middle of the disney . renaissance by far financially the most . successful period of time for the. company especially in the animation . department the lion king has just come . out is their most successful movie of . all time directed by roger allers and . who is directing the emperor's new. groove roger allers . this movie had every reason in the world . to believe it was going to be the next . big thing. howler's would actually start work on . the project the year that the lion king . came out in 1994 but so much what. happened before it's finally released in . 2000 see while post lion king . renaissance movies did pretty well . nothing else ever really compared mulan . and pocahontas were both kind of . salvaged by being added to the disney . princess line and here's when we circle . back to the hunchback of notre dame and . hercules the hunchback came out and was . supposed to be a little bit more of a . serious movie with more of a message . that came with it and it really didn't . perform so well and immediately after . that we have hercules which also falls . short of its mark . combine that with somewhat lackluster . test screenings and the execs over at . disney we're starting to feel like the. more serious vibe that they were going . in it wasn't working and they were going . to need to pivot so they changed gears . and decided that their new incan movie . at the time called the kingdom of the . sun should be more comedy based the . original plot and cast looked a lot. different david spade was still supposed . to play the emperor but his peasant . companion was supposed to be played by . owen wilson and instead of being an . older kind of humble character he was . just supposed to look exactly like the . emperor. the story was very similar to the prints . and the popper where the emperor and the . peasant we're going to switch places so . the emperor could just have more fun and . less responsibility all fun and games . until a significantly more ambitious . version of yzma was going to try to . summon soup a part of this plan did . still involve turning the emperor into a . llama and blackmailing the peasant . emperor into doing her bidding but get . this know kronk i know how could you not . have kronk i mean the guy does his own . theme song music but anyway after four . years of production in various rewrites . it was 1998 and very clear that the . movie was not going to be on time for . its 2000 scheduled release at this point . roger allers the lion king guy wanted. more time and producers weren't able to . give it to him so he left and from there . the movie went through a a massive . overhaul owen wilson was dropped from. the cast john goodman and patrick . warburton were added to it pacho was . made older and the movie was transformed . into a buddy comedy way different from . the original goal of the film meanwhile . in the greater world of animation it . just so happened to be the case and . somehow it seems like it always is that . there was another production company . making another buddy comedy about an . incan empire the movies called the road . to el dorado and a fun fact the blond . guy miguel has actually played by . lockhart it's actually also a very good . movie and i highly recommend you check . it out but that movie was being produced . by jeffrey katzenberg the same guy who . was behind the whole ants bug's life . debacle full video by clicking the card . the katzenberg was determined to be . the--it newly named emperor's new groove . to market and totally did and speaking . of a bug's life since the emperor's new . groove had been in production there was . just this small little company that was . kind of starting to emerge called pixar . had started production and they were . already three films deep so if you're . the emperor's new groove here's how . things were going . don't tell me we're about to go over a . huge waterfall yep toy story a bug's . life toy story 2 and aunts all came out . with better technology yep another incan . empire buddy comedy be just the feeders . yep sharp rocks at the bottom looks . likely bring it on disney had started . production on this movie thinking it . would be another lion king if they had . the same director sting was doing all of . the music forgot to mention that. they were still riding high on the. success of the disney renaissance then . during the time of productions the . animation department started see a . decline in returns pixar had entered the . market another competing studio had beat . them to market with a similar idea and . their grand incan adventure had been . transformed into a buddy comedy so when . it finally became time to market this . movie disney instead diverted its funds. to bark it 102 dalmatians you know the . other most quotable disney movie ever . and as a result pampers new groove only . ended up bringing a hundred and sixty . nine million dollars in at the box . office which would have made it 10 out . of 11 during the disney renaissance and . only beating the rescuers down under so . yeah i can kind of see why disney . doesn't necessarily consider this movie . a classic but remember this video is not . about what ruined the emperor's new . groove because despite all of these . things and it seems like a list of very . bad things the final product was still . amazing i love this movie this video is . about how it's the most underrated . disney movie of all time no maybe it's . not the lion king but like i said . earlier it is easily the funniest . visiting movie it's not laugh a minute . it's like laughs a second ton of that . measly 169 million dollars worth of . revenue i personally was six dollars . worth of it and i still quote this movie . to this day oh she knits crochets . crochets nice see when i was 10 i didn't . think that was that funny but give it 18 . years and let it marinate for a little . while and that was the number one quoted . thing at last year's family christmas . true story. fortunately even though it's not . prominent at disney world it does go on . to have a pretty decent legacy in 2001 . it was number one in home video sales . both across a dvd and apparently vhs was . still a playing at the time he got a . sequel kronk's new groove because kronk . rock here and a show on the disney . channel called the emperor's new a . school for my question of the day where . zippers new gru frank amongst your . favorite disney movies is it first or . first lieber thoughts of the town . section down below and speaking of first . we're going to be doing our first ever . super carl and friends meetup this . summer in washington dc on saturday june . 16th we will be renting out an entire. movie theater so that j'ni . go and watch the incredibles - with you . guys after the movie we will be hosting . a meet-and-greet so you can come and . hang out and take pictures and have . exclusive mercs lag type stuff signed by . us and it's gonna be so much fun . and more importantly than us is meeting . just all of the other super karlin . friends this community has proven to be . just incredibly cool and fun and . accepting and just open to meeting . friends and friends see point i'm trying . to get across here is that it's going to . be a fantastic time if you would like to . get early bird pricing on tickets you. can click the link in the description . down below guys as always thanks for . watching be sure to like this video and . subscribe to the channel if you haven't . already if you'd like to see some more. disney drama action you can click right . here to see a bug's life versus ants and. that whole crazy story or right here to . see the mouse that saved disney but jay . that's all i've got for you today man i . will see you on tuesday. .

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