The Mystical Villa Montezuma Mansion

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Season finale. Is this musical mansion a gateway to the spirit world?
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Victorian Portrait on Card - a man with bowler hat
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Antique illustration of seance session
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Hand writing with old quill pen on the old paper. Historical atmosphere. Empty place for a text.
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Close-Up Of Antique Piano
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Sleeping patron
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Bloodstain Set
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Window in a narrow room
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hand print
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The dead man's body. Focus on hand
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Victorian carpenters at work
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Victorian man practicing Carpentry
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Plant dying in its white pot on the counter
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Abandoned Piano In Room
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Victorian Gentleman
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Territory of United States of America with contour
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Old Books
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Dark creepy corridor
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Ghost girl in white dress in ruined house
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Antique photo of paintings: Painter
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Portrait of the painter in his atelier _ 1895
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Sir Peter Paul Rubens
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Victorian style mansion living room
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Treeline Header
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USA - Ohio - : Ohio State Reformatory, prison located in Mansfield, Ohio garden front - Published by: 'Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung' 7/1911Vintage property of ullstein bild
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Alien creature in fog
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Old Bisbee AZ-Historic 1905 Building
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Caption: All the way down to sunny san diego for . a vo montezuma architectural ii speaking . this looks like it was built in the . classic haunted house style it does it . does look like a spooky funhouse i think . we'll have fun in there . no i think we'll have fun well you think . we're gonna have fun everywhere you can . go into a building that's on fire and . you be like this is a blast i would not . think that after you sir all right this . week on buzzfeed unsolved we. investigated via montezuma in san diego . california as part of our ongoing . investigation into the question are . ghosts real this house has had many . owners and residents two of which were . known to perform seances in this house . so there's no telling how many spirits . reside here today it was a party house . it was a party house at one point i like . that and you know what some say the . party's still going so cowabunga baby i . think the party's about to get taken up . a notch you know i think we used to . bring it down okay is different then i . got my party boots on you know the same . boots you always alright well let's get . into okay . built in 1887 by spiritualist william. and john hi via montezuma is two stories . high with dark wood walls silvery . ceilings and bright stained glass . windows by artist john melon the house . sits mostly undisturbed except for the . occasional quarterly tour in fact we are . the first paranormal investigators to . ever shoot a paranormal investigation. inside the building weird occurrences . are said to happen in the home such as a . corner where plants refuse to grow and a . stained glass window of peter paul . rubens whose beard is supposedly graying . slowly this is the guy whose beard says . is said to gray more and more each year . looking at it now it definitely looks . like it doesn't look like it's wearing . away a very old picture . that's like saying well the. photograph gets more and more yellow . over time yes via montezuma was . constructed for a man named jesse . shepherd shepherd was a famous musician . with spiritualist ties prominent . musicians can be found depicted in. beautiful stained-glass windows around . the home . jesse incorporated spiritualism into his . performances claiming he could connect. with spirits and that he could channel . these spirits through his music his . vocal range allowed him to sing quote in . two voices and that's ventriloquism 101 . i think i didn't realize you were so . into ventriloquism i did have a dummy . for a while that kind of explains a lot . i could just picture your mom like . walking down the hallway in high school . like shake hey it's time to get up for . school and then she starts to hear . voices she's coming don't talk to her . [laughter]. jesse would give performances and . allegedly hold sΓ©ances within the home . but eventually would steer away from . spiritualism and leave for europe to . pursue a writing career ultimately like . many future owners of the home jesse . would fall into financial ruin and would . actually die while playing the piano in . los angeles oh so he gave his last . performance he was performing at a . benefit yeah he would get really into . his music and then he did this one note . like this and everyone was like oh he's . really living it sizzle oh he's okay . he's really letting it sizzle okay this . is maybe too much sizzle wait a second . is he dead and the answer was yes i . don't know how i'd react to that like . was everyone just like they start to . look at each other concerns like this . okay another round starts jesus christ . man performance is very avant-garde. this is embarrassing i think that's . funny it's very disrespectful . but it's human it's gonna happen to all . of us depending what you ate oh boy look . we know it's disrespectful you don't . have you don't have to say it in the . comments we're sticking with this one it . said that jesse's spirit haunts this . home one room where we might find him is . the ballroom or the music room where . jesse would put on elaborate . performances where he would channel the . spirits of the great musicians on . display in the house one night it looks . like he's got like a big-ass axe we're . gonna does that's actually pretty cool . and yet he's he's got a big ass but he's . doing the chill pose yeah that's kind of . like that i got an axe but not that big . of a deal though . if he had ten deer they'd probably like . the third picture you know you know this . is where jesse shepard would actually . put on the performances for the guests . he would have at his house and as you . could see there's a bunch of different . musicians and in stained glass alright . who's around here you like beethoven and . the classics the classics anyways he . thought he could channel them channel . mozart all these people in this house . while he performed because that's what . he believed was he actually was he good . he was very good he was all world . renowned he was famous okay should we . try and reach out to some people here . absolutely me put in my little . headphones your ghost stethoscope . are you here right now jesse . it's a good house it's very quiet yes i . heard you were pretty damn good at the . piano i wish i could have heard it how . many performances did you have here . i'm just imagining that piano in this. room. the wasteth man that sound bouncing off . the the hardwood this is a very intimate . room yeah for that kind of performance i . was in this room listen who just someone . just if you said he was very passionate . yeah really pounded away on those thing . and he said he could sing in two voices . i bet losing my mind yeah it's like . beyonce at coachella. you know just losing them i don't know . if it would be that good . a cello is supposed to be pretty damn . good i know would you like to sing for . us jesse i know that you're not a . jukebox and i'm sure you probably got . that most of your life but we do hear . you had the voice of an angel voice of . two angels apparently we're gonna give . you the floor now so if there is . anything here that actually has . something to say the floor is now yours . we're gonna be silent . anybody could speak to us right here . anybody and you better hurry because i'm . about to bring out something cool i beg . of you sing sing with your two voices . jessie please play the piano you're . gonna regret this you leave me no choice . jessie all right this is gonna help you . maybe communicate you could use this . energy to speak to us because i know . it's a little tough and also more . importantly shane hates this so i also . love doing this here we go all right . let's try this again . my name's ryan that's shane . my name is ryan that's a lot of chatter . here today all right we're off to a fine . start here grilled cheese what . my name's ryan that shit mine's ryan . that shakes you see before name fat . where it's 2018 . what's uh what color shoes am i wearing . but it was like those sneaks are weak . dog a little girl on a tour of the house . claimed to hear a chorus and old organ . music while in jesse's bathroom his . bathroom is located in jesse's bedroom . so right now we're entering jesse's . bedroom and there's the bathroom and . someone apparently heard music coming . out of there once granted it was a child . who heard that but you know you know . children can be more receptive can they . i think they can't we're we're doing in . here we're reaching out to jesse no . spirit box though no spirit box cool . jesse if you're here we are in your . bedroom now . in your private space i'm sorry but we . only just want to talk you could say . anything to us right now and if you . don't want to talk you could swing this . chandelier into the side of shane's head . and concuss him you could be sharp was . definitely sharp sharp enough to get the . job done or you could just talk to us . we turn the lights out oh yeah we've . done that yet whoo that always does make . it so much worse does it . all right jesse i don't know if this is . gonna make it easier for you to talk to . us but it definitely makes me more . scared we are understanding and friendly . just two nice guys we're gonna go into . your bathroom now jesse are we yeah okay . well i mean that's where they heard the . music come true . could you imagine getting up at night . taking a whiz right here and having that . staring at you close the door . what are you an animal well me if you. live alone you close the door when you . pee alone i think yeah i do generally oh . it's just like habit you be taking a . dump go looking down the hallway that's . actually kind of fun it's unless some. kind of specter starts walking towards . you be cool to put like a little . skee-ball thing at the end of the . hallway well off to a good start in here . we're going to be quiet now so we can . listen to the things that a childhood . is there anybody in here with us right . now anybody down that hallway that wants . to come walk towards us what if you . stand in the bathroom alone . sure well maybe yeah yeah why not . good luck cowabunga i don't know . cowabunga oh i hate this is there . anybody in here with me . can any of you if there's anybody here. can you show me a sign can you say . something could you move something make . some noise bang on the wall whose thing . that's funny to make ryan lock himself . in the bathroom in the dark and go okay . sure okay all right i'm leaving you had . your chance. oh shit fucking just opening it up for . so loud. some believe that the house is cursed . possibly explaining why several of the . houses many owners ended up in financial . ruin eventually the house set. uninhabited and in disrepair until it . was saved by the san diego history . center in 1970 one of the houses . inhabitants a woman named mrs. montgomery was also a medium who would . host seances in the home which makes two . former residents of a house b

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