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Today was the start of our crazy new Backyard!! I am so excited about this. The Vlogs are going to be super fun and full of new ideas as this is being created. On the other side is a big surprise! I think it's better if I don't tell you :) Thanks for watching. Smile More
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!
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Caption: Alright guys welcome to the vlog welcome . to our channel welcome to the house we . you know over the last few weeks i've . been saying like it's about to get crazy . here and things are about to get nuts . well today is actually good proof that . this is about to happen things are about . to get crazy and i mean when i say these . are about to get really crazy around . here and like i want to show you it's . really windy and i think the best way to . show you is with a drone before i do . that let me try to give me an example . what i'm talking about . step number one crazy flash covered in . mud donkey just chillin hanging out come . in why didn't you wear your wedding you . wear your boots i told you if you're . gonna be in the mud you gotta put boots . on look you gotta change em he's crazy . you know you're covered in mud - i don't . even know where to start today flesh got . a little cool little outdoor dog house . because he i mean he refuses come in. thank goodness because he's muddy it's . heck he loves it outside he said i said . i mean he really has turned him and . donkey i just roam the property i'm . supposed to be showing you guys all this . stuff and i'm getting distracted we got . the pool the to pull boys are here . what's up dude i'm hired may or may not . have misplaced some pieces so you're . building it like i would build it we can . just fill it with foam this would be a . great phone telling you it's easier to . just fill it with foam well if you . missed yesterday's vlog we put up this . giant pop-up pool you got going on here . what is this . putting in the filter the oh i don't . even know if i need to prove that this . place is kind of crazy like i mean it . kind of speech yourself around here but . let me show you what's going on finally . over here i really need you guys to . remember what my backyard used to look . like because it's about to evolve into . this crazy play zone and this let me . just i think ariel with the drones going . to be best but let me try to get to this . so here's what we got going guys . tons and tons and tons of dirt equipment . construction see if i can get up here . for you it is like crazy oh my gosh this . my friends is what i'm talking about . complete chaos it's really hard . to put into perspective what this is . going to be and what it's going to look . like . even to me i'm like how is this going to . turn in so it's just mayhem however i . can guarantee the vlogs will never be . the same like this is going to be these . own 2vn like this is going to be the . spot so now let me show you what's going . on over here or and more semi trucks uh . what is going on this just looks shady . if i get too shady going on over here . and here comes more semis you know it's . starting to look like an army base out . here dude it's like military looking. this is the other yard this is that what . we're going to call the side yard and . it's looking cool look at this spot this . is my favorite look at that i guess i . guess you would call this base camp this . is like base camp lee this boo boo - . yeah guys obviously there's like so much . going on my property looks like a . compound right now there's there's semi . after semi there's construction. equipment there's there's digging . there's building and then over here i . haven't even showed you yet this is. about like you're only at a couple days . to wait but i think i'm gonna fly a . drone over at least show you guys what's . going on so let's get that drone up show . you the property a little better yeah i . feel like we need a name for this place . now guys like it looks like it's a . compound it is not even my house anymore . it almost looks like a paintball arena . there's so many containers that's not . what it is. yosi no he know what he's doing this guy . know what he's doing first day here we . go i must show you guys the best i can . on the drone i think it'd be so much . better here we go . alright this is going on in the front of . the property they like basically . building let me get a better shot . they're basically rebuilding this . whatever that means . alright guys here is a pretty good look . at what's going on ariel . it is just crazy like hard like i want . you guys to remember this then this this . backyard is is going to be different big . time. give you an idea of the size that we're . talking about leave this . huh that is gonna be so sick i cannot . wait has a picture of my yard right . there that's what it looked like we got . a little that dozer is wow so there you . have by the way everything looks cooler . huh madrone like i i missed that drone i . don't think i've flown that particular. drone since i was on tour when we would . take it up over you guys and it was so . much fun i just missed having it out so . i got that one out today plus it's windy . and the maddox like post the update boys . she's ready she's written dude that's . like some flux capacitor back to the. future so just pull take you back in . time this really is a time machine it's . ready but it doesn't have the sand we . need to wait for the other girls . bringing that in the salt well they're . gonna know they're gonna get it tomorrow . what whoa. brittany brittany and veronica are they . getting their toes down and yeah they . can't get us water till sunday . i've guards on duty this is the ankle . pool right here this is the ankle kitty . pool still fun house is it cold no . that's awesome it's over his head okay . so my brother just got here and he . brought would you bring boxing gloves . today this new toy i haven't even opened . i've been waiting all right perfect time . i want to box me knock me out you've. been waiting to give me a black what's . been called is it called black eye . here's the deal in real life i would . never want to box you you're too fast . you're too scrappy you just have went . street rat better hand-eye coordination . than me i wouldn't want to but this is . like i don't know you'll see what it is . if you got to wear a helmet sir these . are serious like look these are hand . i'm not kidding these are handmade and . hand-painted nice crazy high speed right . sir that you could probably run right. off my deck into that pool you know by . the way water can't come till sunday and . dales - just put the hose in it like you . don't think i'll run mine went well out . now and if you do just dig a new one no . more digging do my whole property's dug. up yeah that's going to take a very very . very long days not me colin it's like . the cinder punch . what the heck oh the one you guys got to . go for it . get them came ghetto chains hazy . oh tko st. no mayweather fight get them . oh ho oh my god how does it quite work . it needs to be first the land and x . amount of countries interface it's all . they represent a store go ahead here oh . get in that ring i get in that ring i . get in there to kill i get in there to . kill my opponent that's me that's me we . need about 2 1 . staggering celebrate oh she got it she . got it oh my god bobby's delaying it i . lose justine hill dale farm alive huh . wait you killed dale he jumped me . summers like this dude just land to be . slammys hey look for that dead yeah i . get more kills than him and he takes me . out i wanted your loot and i hit even . looch in my bag you just take me out . oh hi guys i'm back oh my little girls . day we had our toes done. this money dude so mad right now you . wait i'm going to zone we're gonna won . this easily we could have what is our . game if you lose it's all on your . automotive resistance . were you out in the sun good ame uh yes . it will some camel sunbathing your three . alive you're cutting me out of this i do . we would want your sneaking me out just . like that one guy left i literally only . had like 15 miles of ammo left i use . this - ders i killed on loop i grabbed a . gun grab some ammo shot two more guys . and i laid down for protection beside . him and he shoots me in the face . not only that all i got to thinking oh . yeah it looked like a guy so i thought . i'm in the heart of it oh right there . judy's right there just shoot a little . left ah . and i could have had you back you . definitely had mine dude was an accident . you're gonna leave your all your stuff . yeah leave it alright kill you later bro . alright guys i hate to end it abruptly . as i always say we're going to eat some . dinner we've worked into the night a. little bit i got so i just spent . probably what three to three hours . cleaning my office to three hours bow . for me tell him tell him you know i woke. up in your office was clean yeah she . took a nap i just been hostile what are . you eating broccoli me cheese broccoli . broccoli i love you guys so much thanks . for hanging out today and i got to show . you pretty much today's just updating . you on this property that's going in it . is so crazy so exciting so much to take . in like our house looks like a compound . right now is construction and it's just . nuts it's crazy . like you go outside it's just babe babe . then it's like trucks and pounding and . shaking and it's awesome i love it we've . see tomorrow thank you for the support . thank you for coming along on this . journey it's about to get really fun and . the streaks still going we're rocking it . thank you guys so much for being here . we'll see you tomorrow. you beautiful you . one of a kind smile more seriously guys . thank you so much for watching today if . you want to see yesterday's vlog click . one of these boxes on this end card and . if you want to jump into our playlist . from this year click the other box can't . thank you enough for being a part of . this family we love you guys so much we . couldn't do what we do without you so . enjoy your day . smile more. .

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