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Another of noxious lee out-of-control . shit piece of human trash another story . time for you. welcome back this is the first time i'm . actually filming a video in months. because i was on tour i had so much . stuff pre-recorded so this is the first . time then so long and i've actually . turned on my camera i'm standing here . talking to it feels so good but because . it's been so long i haven't had the . chance to say thank you so much for . three million subscribers i think not at . 3. 3 or something this past month you. guys have shown me more love than i know. what to do with and i'm so so grateful . so thank you to all my new subscribers. if you haven't subscribed yet please . subscribe got a lot of really cool stuff . coming up this year but let's get right. back into this story because this is my. roots on youtube this is where i came . from this is how i started i want to . give you guys a story alright so we've. all doubt with shit customer service in . our lives but this this takes the cake . for probably the most shit customer. service experience that i've ever. ok after tour i went straight home to . new castle pennsylvania and when i go . home i rent a car because whoever . doesn't exist in newcastle as you guys . may or may not remember i don't always . have the best luck with car rentals. alright so i booked and paid for my car . online it was 321 dollars and thirty six . cents . now to be fair i should've seen a lot of . this coming because the place that i. rented from is called thrifty rentals . which doesn't exactly scream high . quality in the first place but here's my . mindset i tend to be a cheap bitch . sometimes i don't care if i'm a . millionaire a billionaire a. gazillionaire if i'm looking at cars and . say like enterprise or hertz has a car. for 65 dollars a day and someone else . has the exact same car for twenty-four . dollars a day. why would i intentionally pay an extra. $41 friends over so you know what i mean . so i give this car from 50 and . everything was fine he gives me my . little pamphlet where is it. okay here it is he rings me up and it . says 783 dollars and one cent so . immediately i say hey something's wrong . here i . he paid for this car online and it said . it was like 380 some dollars why am i . getting charged close to eight hundred. dollars and he was like oh no that's . normal must be mistaken this is what . supposed to be charged . this is where i made the big mistake i . walked away from the counter figuring ok . i'll deal with this later because this. is actually the same rental company that . i rented from last time where i have . this full fledge and bearing a panic . attack i'm crying in the middle of the . fucking airport and it was the same guy. and when i walked up to the counter he . looked me in the face he was like you . look really familiar ebony said i . remember you uk without a life and last . time you got real upset and i was like . fuck this guy remembered me i'm already . super super embarrassed about that. situation so the last thing i want to do . now is sit here and like argue about . this price because i'm already like. tired and upset and like the lot i don't . want to be that guy like i'm already . embarrassed okay but that is my fault i . should have in the moment been like no. this is close to eight hundred dollars. for a nissan versa that's not happening . but i figured i'll go in the car all . figured out drive home to newcastle and . i show my sister ec and we're trying to . figure out where all these extra charges. came from and we finally figured out. this guy charged me for three insurances . i didn't need any insurance is because i . already have full comprehensive car . insurance on my car i pay a hundred and . sixty eight dollars a month or so i . don't need insurance i'm already an . insured driver so i call them and i . explained to them hey i was charged for . these insurances that i did not need an . amazing explained that the only way to . get my money back was to go back to the. counter where i rented the car and have. the manager lift the charge that . honestly it's not really plausible i . drove a really far away from the counter . and i'm prepping myself for her to say . you know too bad but she was really. logical and reasonable and she said we. get that sometimes when you rent a car. you can't go back what i'm going to do . is make a note in your record so that . when you go back you'll see that i dated . it shows that you know you just got home . you call right away there was a mistake . i'm like--okay so you're a hundred . percent sure that this charge is going. to be lifted she's like yes i can't lift . it right now myself because that's not. within my realm of capability but i'm . making a note right now that you called . there was a mistake and. it will lift it for you when you get . charged and i'm like 100-percent you . made a note and this charge will be. lifted and she said you have nothing to. worry about just make sure that when you. drop off your car you talk to a manager . just to make sure he lifts the charge . before they close your account great . merry fucking christmas fast forward . eight days i'm coming back to la to drop . off my car at 4am on new year's eve i . walk into the airport and it is a . fucking wasteland nobody's there . no one's collecting keys nobody's . expecting cars nobody's checking the gas . gauges there's definitely nobody at the . counter so i've literally nobody to talk . to so i fly back and a day later i get a . receipt for 796 dollars and fifty cents. which was actually more on my total. estimated charge received the first . place at this point i'm not angry i'm . definitely mildly annoyed definitely . feeling very inconvenience to call in . the next two days they're closed for the. holidays. finally on january third i call and i . get a response this woman answers the . call and she has a really thick indian. accent which is actually important to. the story i'm not just being only graces . so explain the whole situation that i . called right away and they made a note . and she said there's no note in your. files immediately i was like okay this . woman i spoke to her name was adele . because i like actually asked for this . woman thing because that i feel like . there's gonna be problems that there's. not gonna be a problem with that case . there's a problem can i just have your. name she was yes my name is belle so . this woman adele i say i called her she . promised me that there was an old maid . i called around 6pm on december twenty . third and she assured me multiple times . that there was a note and that this . would be an issue and i would not be . charged for all these extra insurances . that i didn't need and she just keeps . saying well you know there's no note so. i can't do anything about it i'm like. this is definitely a mistake on the. company's part i know that this isn't . your fault personally obviously but i'm . not just gonna give up on an extra. charge of how much is that even let's do . some math three 2136 with the original . and i was charged 7650 so i was charged . an extra 475 dollars and fourteen cents . honestly i don't feel like i'm being . petty and wanting 475 dollars back so . yeah i tell her i'm not just going to . give up on 475 dollars that you guys. wrongfully charged me because of a. customer service error while i . practicing weather today . see i'm calm i'm patient i'm keeping my . voice and a very safe and comfortable . decibel and what she says is what i can . do as a customer service carnot seed is . i can remove one insurance she was . removing the wine that i was charged . twenty dollars and forty-nine cents a . day for that total 227 dollars in 92 . sense i can return half of the second . insurance which was 13 i today that was . charged $111 92 sense for and then we'll . keep the charge at 69 a day which was . $55 in 92 son so she was going to return . to me. 283 dollars and thirty-three cents i'm . still paying a hundred and eleven . dollars and eighty eight cents and . insurance that i didn't need so i . responded with you know i really. appreciate the courtesy. thank you for trying to help but that's. still a huge charge that shouldn't be on . my bill in the first place and she just . kept repeating to be there is no no so . that's the best i can do i'm in the . middle of a sentence and this bitch. without warning without a word. hangs up on me hey what kind of services . that i was polite i was collected i was . called side that i don't care about the . rooted loudest person in the world i . don't care if i have no logic viewing . out of my face hole as a customer . service representative you do not just . hang up on a customer that is going to . hold for god knows how long has been . waiting to get this issue resolved for . days and has been charged 475 dollars to . at this point it's not about the money . it's about my daddy took a few deep . breaths and i call back this time. another woman answers she asked for my . original record number i gave it to her . and this time she paused a moment she . says please hold it disappears for like . five minutes in my head i already know . what's happening this bitch who has hung. up on me already made a note in my. rental record saying basically not to. deal with me or don't try to give me any. type of refund or something and this . other woman read the little note went . over to talk to this other woman to hear. the story that that's not just what's. going on in my head and i was confirmed . when she / superly annoyingly sweet said . to me seems to be the problem sweetie . so i started to explain the issue again . and she cuts me off before i even really . tell her the problem she's always . telling me that there's nothing that . they can do so i start explaining once . again i call right away i spoke to this . woman named el sheikh osman matches i . have no idea that
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