Toned Body Workout | Cooking with my Boyfriend & Healthy Life Updates!!

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[music]. [music]. good morning guys an official welcome. back to my channel today i'm gonna come . back to my roots the last couple of logs . have been crazy obviously i did my line . and we've been doing photo shoots and . going to byron and today i just want to . bring it back to original desi oh thank . you a usual day in my life is pretty . much like cooking healthy food working . out banter with curtin mercer's we're . gonna try and have a nice like work-life . balance again because lately we've just . been working so much we need to bring it . back a little bit and then i also have . so many things to update you guys with . like not only with my activewear but . with my health. so it's gonna be a bit of an update for . walk hard multitask i can't vlog and . cross the road see okamoto okay so this . morning we woke up we cleaned our . apartment a little bit because we had . some stuff to do and now we're gonna go . for an ocean swim to start the day it's . really good for the soul good for the . mental stress when i wasn't sleeping . very well people were saying how i . should use magnesium spray and one thing . i research is the ocean is actually the . world's strongest source of magnesium so . once you drive in the ocean it can be . absorbed straight into your body so for . a while there i would go for an ocean . swim before i go to bed and it really . really helped me but lately i've been so . busy. consider this my magnesium hit o you . smartly i'll see you soon bye don't die . okay eaten by shaw kurt it's gonna go . first up so while i'm just chilling here . by myself like a loser on the beach i'm . talking to a camera whatever you can't . actually i got confident normal brush i . don't have a hat and it's really bad i . forgot it no way i'm really good no way . i'm really sun safe you know we were . running out the door and i forgot it . first update of the vlog will be that my . cervix so just to bring you up to speed . if you are not familiar with what's . going on with my life . a couple of months ago i got my pass . through your results back and so i have . sinned 3 which is high grade cervical . dysplasia we went and got a biopsy your . colposcopy all this stuff and you wanted . to operate so obviously i wanted to see . my body could heal itself on its own . because. if you have seen one if you have the . lowest grade of what i have your body . can actually overcome it by itself and . heal itself i was hoping that maybe if i . ate in a way and supplemented in a way . that supported healing that maybe my . cervix would heal herself i talked to my . gynecologist about it and he gave me two. months to try to heal it on my own and . that two months is almost up for the . last couple of months i've just tried to . be like super healthy and so my next . appointment with the gynecologist is the . 20th of april and so i'll let you guys . know them but i'm pretty sure he's gonna . go in and do a colonoscopy where he like . looks at my cervix and also a biopsy . which is when he takes a little bit out . and then he will let me know if i need . to get surgery or not so fingers crossed . but whatever will be will be . [music]. [music]. [applause]. honestly i was just craving a sandwich . more specifically a tuna sandwich two . pieces of paleo bread a large tuna tuna . i know it doesn't look too beautiful but . i just like bigger portion sizes . leftover vegetables that we have in the . fridge because we literally have no . ingredients right now and then to judge . it up a little bit i put some tahini . hummus and apple cider vinegar in there . as well as pepper chili and salt just to . make it a little more flavor something . this is like reward time not that the . beach wasn't for a long time because. after our breakfast we did some emails i . had my fritter nut mix that i make it . home and then i had some butcher as well . so now we're gonna go for a little . coffee date another update activewear . update so i had a meeting with wife fox . last week with a first collection you . never know how much to order right like . you don't know how well it's gonna go so . we ordered x amount and all left so i . was like oh it's fine like we'll just. get it again and it'll be available for . you guys doesn't work my challenge so . what i'd like to design my own i ended . up making custom fabrics and custom . colors which means that you can't just . like go and grab a fabric roll and then . make the tights everything is made from . scratch it is the best quality of ours . it is such good quality and because . everything is custom made it takes a . long time to be produced the restock of . my collection will most likely be . dropping in mid-may and i know that is . so far away and i'm really sorry it's . sort of unfair for me to sit down and do . this haul of all of my activewear and be . like oh my gosh it's like all the . amazing products that you guys can't get . available so we sort of came to the . decision that i will do the whole closer . to the race dog just so it's fresh in . your mind and you know what items you . want to grab believe me there's so much . more stuff i need to tell you guys but . i'll tell you closer to the race dog . that's not a parking spot isn't it no . it's got red lines on it what is no . parking it's my coffee you get a fun . let me just say another huge thank you . to everyone who did grab my activewear . and support me because it means so so . much to me and it was just like so . exciting thanks all pam you know like . you don't watch movies do you where is . mike i don't know need to watch this . movie too i miss hanging out with girls . why i invited kate for dinner to get . this boyfriend ready . you're dumped by e and originally i . wanted to wear this set because i . haven't even got to wear it yet this is . the vinyasa flow set but i gifted her . these tights and i have a really strong . feeling that she's going to wear them . and then i really feel like hashtag . winning at the gym so i thought i would . wear the white jasmine set when you bend . in these they do become a little bit . white but not sheer so the reason they. become white is because we had to print . this pattern on white fabric and that's . just something that had to happen if . we're going to do like custom fabrics if . that makes sense . of course as soon as i'm gonna go to the . gym my sisters like i'm coming over . [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. oh. apron as you know we've been so busy . lately with filming and a secret . projects and things like that which i . really is no secret anymore . as you guys know on the . behind-the-scenes vlogs one thing i love . is grocery shopping. hashtag domestic princess what we've. been so busy that i haven't even had . time to like fill my soul and go grocery . shopping so we ended up ordering from . hello fresh food literally sitting in . the land room came this morning yeah and . the box came while we were here we're . just sort of happy . they pretty much just like to deliver . you a box with all these different . ingredients in the box and different . meals that you can make i pick the . vegetarian box just because i'm liking . my plant-based foods right now i'm. hoping that one day they'll make like a . gluten-free box because these ones do . have gluten and dairy in them but we . have done this before and all i had to . do was like obviously take out the . cheese and the gluten from my section of . the dish we're gonna meet kurt's brother . and his girlfriend for dinner tonight . hopefully over at the beach if it's not . too windy it's are thinking we cook two . of them yeah i mean aqua net - how many . serving size is one of these um i think . we got the two-person one but okay if . you don't like a lot of stuff so maybe i . think you did a poll on instagram and we . need to know we need to find out who the . main chef is gonna be into the sous chef . feeling about this dog is gonna be . taking a lead on this money if you know. what i mean you got that betrayed me and . heat to make the main chef obviously . because kurt has no time now i'm an . excellent cook shut up sarah oh my gosh . if i'm the sous chef i'm gonna be grumpy . on your stories okay ready moment of . truth . yeah i miss hot sand whoo . well you can be arranged. but at least let me pick the ones . because i'm just gonna pick the ones . with the laced cheese and the lace dairy . what is this conspiracy fruit i'm . sweating much i always complain our . apartment doesn't have air conditioning . we've got my oven on so it's hot oh and . before i forget i do have a 40% off code . of the boxes i'll put the link in the. description bar below but it's pretty . much just thursday at 40 you're welcome . yours my i'm master you are grasshopper . yes that's me chopping up onions cooking . with kurt . oh when i do the way i do it one more . time just one more time like roast . pumpkin patreon spiced nut bowl and then . secondly not that one mmm that one looks . really good but not alone oh . crispy mexican cauliflower and chickpea . tacos and i'll just have it in like a . big salad let's just do two big salads . and then we'll bring those separately to . the beach gonna get the ingredients sous . chef okay well you need to tell me . i'm so happy on the boss i hate this . already coming bags like these but i've . already taken some uh pots make . exceeding a french say we have to get . ingredients separately yeah coriander . yeah . red cabbage yep she pulled the spice . blends in whole plate chipotle yes . chickpeas yes garlic aioli yes be true . love what not to freak us oh you got it . well done is such a good sous-chef . thanks congratulations i love cooking . apprec-- you missed a year no hat yeah i . know. exactly please get the nons out you have . a little these are my knives i got some . everything they have my engravings on . they and say sara on it . not anymore i love you but you're really . slow reader so this is going to be slow . all right of the sound boy you're nobody . you look pleb downstairs like the rope . around yeah can we act like there's a . time limit like market your world don't . you read the instructions yeah oh no . i'll tell you what to do next cook the . quinoa well then they do the roasting . sounds like a good idea okay you're . still cooking the cauliflower and i'll . go my whole thing no cooking it i'm not . cutting it i am the lead chef stop . trying to take my role you know my. kitchen or there's always one thing that . goes wrong in the kitchen that stress . we'll fix that problem and then they do . the bit when they see an inch and you . know in the kitchen i was stressing i . did it you know what . [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. you. .
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