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You ever tried chick-fil-a no racist but . yeah it's on the way i want to see your . thoughts well you know i know my chicken . you trying to say what cause i'm black . [laughter]. sam ready they drop of eagle some shit a . lady yes . spit some but no i mean now makes pit . boss right you're half black right you . must have sorry what does that mean. right and what is my skin tone have to . do with my rap ability i'm tired you . come to our place . and yeah i do love chicken and . watermelon alright would you rather no . no way is this a good one would you . rather lose a finger or someone's always . watching you everything you do even if . you can't see them they're always we're . going to rodeo for those who don't know . it's like a big long street it's very . expensive and we're getting desi a new . jacket because this naruto long eyes . jacket needs to go so deji i'm . challenging you you need to buy one . thing one thing it has to be a jacket to . replace this cuz this this is jesse bill . he's looks like the black meme that runs. down the hallways with his hands up so . to do jack about to buy a bunch of shit . and clothes and back i'll say well you . guys gonna show me the good shit right . oh the oh the you're here . boochi boochi uh you can find it weird . mercer in the gucci store right fags are . nuts on like this alright so this how . much do you think it is that's the price . tag no man's time to take off this i . don't know what he's wearing time to put . on the heat and you feel the special . powers come on beau jeez kill oh jeez . whoa let me see you need pants you need . a hat and then you need i mean you can . keep the tank give the tank bro wrap the . tape i chose with us for two days and he. breaks the bank i don't know four bad . influences maybe we are but fucking . mines in the gym obviously pumping iron . yeah alright so i just got off the phone . with j pool so i might need to fight him . right so you know what just pump some . iron. rice god you have a gym nobody freaking . pops amaya . oh geez yours this jackpot if this see . this blood it's not my blood you should . see the other guy he's in hospital right . now you chipped your tooth for that . [music]. [music]. .
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