😜 New iOS 11 Emojis!

Checking out some of the new iOS 11 Emoji's coming out!!! I CAN'T WAIT! What's your fav emoji?
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Caption: Hey guys how's it going it's justine and . today i saw that apple announced some . new emojis now these will be out in a . future release of ios 11 they did give . us a very small preview of some new ones . on world emoji day but today they gave . us even more so i kind of looked at them . very quickly especially the animals but . i wanted to do sort of a reaction to . them make sure you guys leave me some . comments below and let me know what your . favorite old emoji is and also what your . favorite new emoji is and the best part. about this is you can comment with an . emoji if you guys don't have an ios . device that's okay we can still see your . emojis and you can still see ours so . make sure you guys comment and let me . know what your favorite is the first law. we have is a sign language for i love . you which is awesome i was also reading . this has been a very highly requested . emoji and guess what here it is next . this is legendary and to go with the . giraffe and the zebra i recently went to . nap oh we did this really cool safari . where we saw giraffes and zebras and i . was trying to tweet about it and i . realized what there's no giraffe or . zebra emoji but guess what else there is . a porcupine a dinosaur cricket animal i . think this is a dumpling or like a we . call them pierogies does anybody know . what a pierogi is bronies are pretty . famous in pittsburgh they even have at. the pirates games which is our baseball . team they have pierogi races or they . have these people dressed up in costumes . and they chase each other around the . field it's kind of silly i'm not sure if. they still do that it's been a very long . time since i've been to a pirates game . oh we've got some delicious takeout food . this is interesting this is a piece of . broccoli a little broccoli floret . preview oh a future video . i wonder what type of pie this is . supposed to be because this could really . be any type of pie it could be an apple . pie it could be a chicken pot pie but . let me tell you what it probably isn't . it's probably not a pumpkin pie and you . know how i know this because i made a . really big mistake and you guys will see . this in a thanksgiving ish video i tried . to make a pumpkin pie did you guys know . the pumpkin pies don't normally have . crust on top of them you think that's . something that is very common knowledge . it's something that i didn't realize . next up we have this beautiful very very . luxurious blue hat i wonder if they're . gonna have the option to press down on . it and choose different colored hats . probably not but if they did that's a . pretty cool idea oh and look at this . wonderful red scarf i wonder if they'll . do that same thing for this i don't . think they will i feel like this is . probably a standard-issue color but that . would be really cool if they did that . oops i lost more i was some winter . gloves a beautiful jacket i actually . like that jacket it's very chic very . detective like these next ones are . pretty awesome and a huge props to apple . for taking a stand and saying guess what . we're gonna do this . they have non-gender emojis so these are . amazing so here's one here's the next . and here's the third i think it's pretty . cool let me know what you guys think i . next in addition to all the other heart . emojis they have a new orange heart i'd . say probably my favorite part out of all . of them is the black one and the purple . next we've got this a wonderful wizard . we have a not really sure what they're . calling us but it kind of looks like a . little tinkerbell a vampire which is . perfect timing for halloween and a . mermaid i feel like this is definitely . long overdue here's a few of the new . face emojis we've got that somewhat i'm . not really sure what's going on this . little guy he's just kind of like this i . definitely use all the time . it's the shh emoji i feel like there's . so many times when well probably my . sister will mostly use it on me i'll . just be yappin about something . it's gonna be the perfect time from one . of the shh emojis this is also very . interesting because it's one two three . four five five character swear word and . i'm going through the list of swear . words that could possibly be and i feel . like most of the really bad ones or four . letters so it's kind of a good thing . that it's five letters because more or . less like you know we're not saying a . bad bad word we're just saying they're . not sure i would say comment below but . the smart word that you think it is but . i do not want you to do that and i have . swear words block just so you can't say . them anyway my company this one i like a. lot i love the little eyeglass guy this . is one of those things that i feel like . me and my sister will use when we're not . that we would ever do this but if we . were to say you know stopping somebody . on the internet creeping on their . instagram or on their twitter this is . one of the perfect emojis for that and . we never ever do that and you guys . probably don't do that ever like come on . this is a little sled this is in kind of . like the health and fitness wellness. section i guess i'm not really sure i . mean i feel like this is one of those . things like i don't mmm i'm not really . under percent sure i'm just rambling now . we can try to figure out what the sled . is for i mean is this like a dog sled is . this like a fitness sled where you like. put things on and then you push it and . pull it and get will fit i'm something . really sure with the saddest thing is . that something else for fitness go like . this . when you're doing lick push-ups or . something i will say i probably will use . this one more than once or twice this is . a beautiful spa emoji and the last one . here on my list is a rock climber well . thank you guys so much for watching i . hope you enjoyed this quick little ios . preview i was so excited when i saw that . they had new emojis coming out obviously . we've been waiting for this for a really . long time apple has been teasing this . for months i mean maybe even it's almost . been a year at this point i mean there's . so many emojis that it takes me longer . to scroll through and find the one that . i want but what it's made it so much . easier is in ios you can just type the . emoji that you're looking for so for . example giraffe i can type that what . this is actually out the little giraffe . mode you will pop-up below in the little . predictive text you can click it and . then you don't have to scroll through . all of them anyway i will see you guys . soon i have a gopro hero comparison . video coming out very soon and i think i . mention it on twitter the image . stabilization is amazing i'll also have . a week or i guess at this point it's two . weeks with iphone 8 video i've got some . fun cooking videos for halloween coming . out and let's see i think there's . something else too but i don't remember . at this point i'll see you in the next . one don't forget to subscribe if you're . not already and that's all i'm gonna go . out of this video . [music]. .

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