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Oh my goodness like swamp monster attack . butter you haven't bought in for . actually successfully going to business . and then you own fighter one i get it - . what's going on is this the caboose to . the train bring me something page then . all she has been talking about there's . spring valley beach swimming it up to 20 . on the clock there let's see how long it. takes me to fold this parador bucks or . whatever it is basket full of laundry . watch the ground . [music]. right in front of me as i'm holding this . aida proceeds to jump up here and just . lay on top of all the clean clothes hey . bill what are you doing i'm going to go . put some dish towels up and came back . and this one's laying on top of a mill . oh my gosh i'm out running some errands . this morning i have a few things to do . before we have something exciting going . on tomorrow it's kind of a little guess . i'd call it spontaneous but just a . little something we are doing a little . bit out of the ordinary this weekend . we're actually supposed to be going to . vidcon and we've been planning on that . for a while and then a long story i'm . not going to explain the whole thing but . some dates got changed up as far as like . the day that we were supposed to be . involved in some different things at . vidcon and it was going to be a little . bit earlier then we were going to be . able to go because we had decided if we . did go to vidcon we were not taking at . least both kids we were planning on . leaving games back because it's just she . just gets overwhelmed with all of it . it's not super fun flying with two kids . and it's just it's hard for her and . especially going all the way to . california it's a long flight she didn't . really mind too much when she was a baby . but now she's old enough to understand . like what is going on and this is. screwing with my schedule and there's . all these people trying to talk to me . and all that i don't know so anyways um . we were planning on leaving her back . anyway and then long story short we . ended up not going to vidcon but we had . something planned to do after vidcon . that we're still going to do a little . fog here because of the humidity but . what are y'all going to make lg's yellow . i mean pudding pudding or yay i know you . did for naming i use that one we moved . it inside this is gonna be fun . although be yummy in there the yummy . yummy okay pretty so pretty made me . defrag roll that's right you're gonna . eat them and play with it i need to get . some paper i hear something so you can . make some finger paint or how do i want . to give it a kiss a little and we're off . oh yeah yeah . okay was the purple one tastes like was . the red one tastes like car pink oh my . goodness y'all made so many more . different colors look how cool this is . and we have brooks joining the party you. ready to do some finger-painting buddy . whoa dude you get purple finger be . running around on your finger so you can . eat it. hang your mouth buddy oh yeah . kita buddy we always tell these metals . mixed up they eaten any of you i think . it's out of love oh man . see it get it buddy. i came to steal you away oh we're going . we're going to what's he going on . letting bradley whatever you oh he likes . playing the toilet so he's probably just . used to that color i guess ha ha ha oh . my goodness like swamp monster attack . but here you haven't find what in the . world is going on. [music]. mana was a man help them there today and . i ended up with more than i'll it for . which always happens so i just talk . about the sample people because well . they have some good samples today some . mistake to go at lunch but i ended up . buying couple of things that the table . people were giving out and just good . stuff so you know can't complain i think . it you know lost all and it's a mess . you're having fun though oh my goodness . this is yucky oh yeah you shouldn't . number one that is totally stained for . good. oh my goodness that is some yummy . looking stuff everybody that's so much . fun putting art for the win alright now . there's only one way to get cleaning ups . with the hose right oh my goodness. cleanup is half the battle isn't it whoo . buddy a young one or one they're all now . getting best and getting cleaned up that . was a fun little rainy day experiment or . craft i got all that kind of washed up . they even have some extra stuff over . here they saved they can eat later and . i'm going to get all this mopped up and . what's sticky the floor is lava you have . to go around the body and get to the . other side without this we're good . alright yeah you got to call it up . doesn't look good on the sun wears them . i'm cheap that's good oh come on this . your bag don't touch a heart emoji don't . you touch the floor just his work look i . should throw you off . oh your hands are still good you get a . exciting stuff is happening this this . little girl has been here all day long . what's your instagram maddie did . something like that leave a link below . akbar go check it out . she hasn't had her phone all day long . and it freaked me out when i heard that . so we just had to drop 30 minutes home . to get it for her and get everything . taken care of and did this girl right . here is here - it's like a tag-team . becky and what's your instagram 61 yeah . it's a great 61 sir it is matty - y'all . be sure to go follow maddie did and . granberry 61 because they have been the. the what is it called the glue to hold . things together you got something right . in the middle of your teeth i'm not . going to show the camera right now oh my . god sound like a hot love . yeah madeline's been true for helping us. all day today with the pudding and all . that stuff and now cranberry is over . here pillow she's not you'll see changes . tonight is the 3 a. m. this may be like 3 . a. m. overnight challenge i the grandma . did marilyn all right their moms like . our skits or fish or she oh wait . look either what's the deal that you . finger is normal oh boy . oh my god i thought you just take the . shoes off and all things like a she's on . oh that'll be fun . let's do that the game tomorrow morning. [laughter]. but now we really appreciate all the . help thank you so much for sticking . around go say hey we got some fun stuff . coming up and we will see you the time i . [music]. like some something better happen . games want to read you a book okay the . horses are about to escape it would like . .
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