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Caption: Good morning guys we have drove far far. away to a land unknown and these kids . these kids are very bad goodness you . guys yeah that's on his back maybe later. you can get on it we can ask if you can . get on the horse you glad you like that . oh say hi sissy hi they want to touch . him so bad but i think they're a little . nervous girl doesn't know in which . direction to go because there's so many . directions animals her favorite so far . daddy first turn then you got to be very . careful don't put your fingers out you . got to keep your hand flat . they passed each other right this was oh . [music]. my gosh look at cute oh hey that's so . mean a watcher should go right up to it . it's like papa he just goes right for . animal she's so comfortable with them oh . there's another sissy was nervous he's . scared but the horses and pigs are like . some of my favorite animals i don't know . why but the noises pigs make is so cute . and the horses i just think they're like . really beautiful animals hoof is really . nervous about no she said if the doors . are open we can go inside of it did . anybody else notice that these two are . matching today they're got their orange . shirts their blue shorts and it was not . intentional it looks so cute what's . calling you at such a time our agent oh . look guys the be careful says you get . over here i don't know if these ones are . is nice how many peas they're cute huh . [music]. he doesn't want to be fed maybe try yeah . there you go open your hand oh no he's. not hungry . guess who's gonna ride a horse see oh my . goodness ey are you excited to ride the . horse he's so cute but i guess i'm a . little buggy vamos look a nice oak . better themselves watch your fingers . here you go he's very cautious and she's . so used to just like falling whatever he . does so if she sees him do it then . she'll just do it piggy that's a sheep . for snow girls having so much fun just . like roaming around freely she just goes . to whatever animal and it's cute because . a lot of them are like like that . whenever their similar size to her they . aren't like giant animals oh here comes . look at these these are eager they're. like we don't mess around give us some . oh look at them all they're all coming . over oh good job good job you got to put . them off got to keep it even huh look . who's making friends over there so cute . hey move your big butt out of the way . but look at her she just went up to him . and they came up there and she's been . talking for a little bit now well oh you . want to go back to them up i'm gonna . zoom in you would i know oh she's giving . the kids oh she's one of them oh that's . take it out you see . look at them they're all sad alright . guys we just got done with the zoo thing . it's not really suits marva petting zoo . but it was so freakin beautiful there . was a lot of animals we didn't get a . show there was like a funny well there's . a lot of buddies they were like little . tiny baby bunnies and then there's was . this giant pig who was about to give . birth to like well she said the last one . had 13 pigs can you guys have 13 pigs in . you but fun fact oscar and i were . actually going to move up here this is . if you're familiar with area it's like . eden huntsville area and we decided not . to because it was a little too rural for . us plus i was scared to make the drive . but it is so beautiful up here like are . you kidding me can you imagine waking up . to this view and it's actually cheaper . than where we live now which is crazy to . think that we could live with this kind . of view with more land for a cheaper . price but it just wasn't right for our . family so we decided not to do it but i . loved i've been waiting to come up here . for so long but now that it's summer and . the wind is starting to calm down we are . here as you can tell and i love it . look at these two they already made they . were into the water of course they're . like little fish kids just gravitate . towards the water it's so cute and she's . finally starting . alright guys we are now home what we're . changed into our pjs well i am it's time . to get this little man ready for bed la . is actually already in bed she fell . asleep in the car so now she's over . there but it is time for you to go to . sleep ha no you don't think so . are you sure yeah i don't think so i . absolutely think so but first we need . pjs so let's see here what do you want . to wear today sir do you want to wear . this cars one this is cool and now we . got our pjs on so now it is time to . brush our teeth ready . [music]. drink some water before bed all done . brushing your teeth and now it is time . to read it but that's not my dinosaur . peppa wow next i put this roller ball . like lavender oil on his feet when he's . running these kind of pjs i just pretend . to put on those feet did you did you did . you never mind your ears well that's . pretty much it for his a nighttime . routine actually recorded this whole . video with sissy oh i'm gonna have a go . and forgot to put it in the vlog it's . okay and i just realized this so now . here i am reacquainting it to you guys . definitely not as good as the last time . cos sissy wasn't in i did a lot more . angle changes but i'll say i'm really . tired . tell them what you did look we went to . the water park i don't think so what did . we really do know he wanted to gather . water park when i asked him today what . he wanted to do before he went to the . zoo i said what you want to do it he . said i'm gonna go to the water park . so apparently that's what he did today . even though we didn't was the water. parks so fun good morning . [laughter]. [laughter]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. .

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