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Today was truly a day I am so thankful I recorded. To capture these moments with my kids and family are amazing to me :) Thanks so much for watching and sharing with friends.
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!
[applause]. what's up bud guys we have some fun . today it is cold but it is beautiful to . do you welcome to the vlog guys we are . hanging out eating that like i said it's . very cold it's brisk but it's beautiful . cornbread getting some rest inside so i . brought the kids out we're gonna have . some fun charged in our c's playing with . toy guns playing with toy sticks i don't . even know what that is you kill him he's . dead one-shot kill oh you're on a team . better medic yo he looks like he's he's . down for the count you're back he's back . oh god didn't work didn't work he's . really down aw jeez it's so cold already . hope you guys are having an awesome day . we are like i said i'm gonna charge up . some batteries we woke up this morning . in the pond it's been it hasn't been . frozen it it froze and then it all . melted and then it has not been frozen. so today we woke up and it's frozen i . don't know how solid it is we're gonna. try some rc trucks and i don't know . let's go check it out we need more snow . this is all we have this is our snow . right there that's it i don't know this . is pretty solid holy cow . yeah pitchforks pitchforks oh my gosh . harder hard are you gonna want it you . gotta want to break it the gutters . leaking check that out that's cool if . you were i'd say this is the most snow . we have on the property right in the car . we make use out of it we get what we get . don't throw a fit we love snow and we . live right on the edge of never getting . snow or getting some snow so when we do . get it it is like it is so fun for us we . really enjoy it and i know a lot of you . i see you guys on social posts and the . crazy amount of snow you have and we're . just like drooling envious of your snow . we want to play in it . bad what he needs another medic what's . going on with this kid . you only had first aid medical supplies . alright to the plan let's go check this . pawn what do you think you can walk on i . don't know i don't know if it was frozen . yesterday or just today there's like no. snow right this dirt did it almost has . ripples in it as if it froze while the . water was like moving i don't know maybe . i'm crazy i am try it see how hard it is . boom. it doesn't look like it's old geez . you go straight through that there you . go. broke it that is cool see the air . bubbles underneath yeah boy get it get . it here comes them he's like you guys . are playing out here i even know you're . out here the slide yeah that's perfect . dude you're gonna do it cane i'll do it . with you . alright yep you're crazy just try it . you're just gonna go higher and higher . and so you do it do it gain whoo are you . waiting on snow too huh boy you ready to . be a sled dog you want pull you know . pull cord on a little slid he'd be like . show straight through the woods do a . cannonball into it you're almost at the . very top do it will be a little sissy . boy get up there and jump run and slide . down on your belly see ya . told you yo let's get a bucket of water . and dump it off the top and in like a . couple hours it'll be right and you can . just slide down it cuz right now you're . just turning in the water he'll move oh . he'll move well jeff lush what's y'all . come all right boys . [applause]. [laughter]. [music]. you're gonna go like that i'll send you . down you are asking for it dude . yeah oh geez you were standing on i saw . you wow you were like totally gonna go . in okay oh that's awesome you hold on to . that ladder boy you're so light but . gains on it he's on the ice he's asking . for it it's all fun and games till you . go in that ice man like even up to your . knees your legs. i remember noah falling in up to your . i've fallen in ice maybe up to my waist . and it is shocking but you're fine at . the end of the day you sitting all the . way on it . oh man you getting brave little brisket. you're so light dude you can handle it . go check on our trucks you wanna check . on oh my gosh dude you get your . christmas rope that's awesome stuck . mayday mayday what's up dude i was just . coming to say hi what's going on schizo . oh get me oh my god he thinks is my . fault all the grass is frozen and hard . and dirty and neighs nothing to eat . crazy in the summer he just grazes on . the property every day but in the winter . we have to actually feed him every day . so different so we are gonna our seat up . and you guys wanna get some bodies . thanks that's fine . batteries grab some bodies up there that . just grab that whole stat yeah and you . can pick your body there's a lot of . trucks there take whatever one you want. for your truck guys remember korres . korres truck we painted her back way . before she remember that let's do it . it's ice first one to go around the. fountain and back to this spot wins okay . so it's not about speed it's about . control i'm gonna let you guys go so i . can film it three two one go good job . kane oh he's going around you better . move it now you better move it there's . the drift oh gosh the camera there you . go great job doing really good both of . you it's the final stretch who's gonna . be able to do it there's good that you . guys go the wrong way . takes it great job pulling the ice right . see big dog breaks it see if i can go . through this ice you gotta go really . slow and now you did it how did you both . do that that is impossible. all right the rescue trucks out there . you gotta fill it i'm up to try to knock . you guys over i'm like no attraction i'm . just gonna ram you do it . oh my god. oh that's hilarious well it's one way to . get the land with you try there you go . oh nice lashes like i want it so bad . give me the truck okay so probably a . really bad idea but i'm gonna attempt to . ramp the truck you see the hole come on . ready yeah ready do it okay . oh way to do it okay go for ya . was amazing i love that all right go . ahead ready when you are . [laughter]. okay we are running in kids are frozen . out we're gonna jump in hot so relax for . my baby korres a wink to the camera . fogged up so fast walking in here you . reagan hotel hi mommy . oh maybe warm up a little bit yes hi . phoebe girl what's up you just living it . up in baby land that's better see them . bob look at you pillow queen really you . got it girl yeah next week she won't . need pillows first baby bumpers well . missy blushes taken to the no carpet . rule he's like i'm still off the carpet . it's fine when the ground is frozen and . he's he's clean but as soon as the . ground out he gets so money you could . only keep him so clean this brand-new . carpets we try to we try our best i'm . too much spoiled cora i'm proud of you . baby good job . what is this dang okay so for christmas . i got the kids some freeze-dried like . snacks basically this is an ice cream . sandwich looks good you almost done with . your pb&j yeah it's even wrapped like . one dry yeah i mean this is great it's . just like dust huh whoa it feels like . nothing like it weighs nothing . yeah gonna take the whole thing it's two . pieces it's two pieces there's open up . i'm gonna open up you're dropping all . your crumb bots in the sandwich it's a . good way i . really good once you get the mouth . moisture does it come alive i'm a very . good try i'm gonna try your drool . sandwich here ice cream drool sandwich . oh yeah oh yeah piece of truck but it . gets good. wow that's nutrition right there so guys . i really can't lie it's pretty laid back . day here at the atwood house we are . recovering from christmas kids are . playing with new toys hanging out having . fun brittany and cora catching up on . some much-needed sleep i'm coming out . here to get empire food which we give . them like 1 or 2 of these stacks right . here he loves this stuff right i'll see . him though like anywhere i don't know . where he is see you are dude come on . come on i got the good good good stuff i . feel like she said give you one but i'm. hooking you up with two today here you . go oh yeah so we really got to get a . heated bucket because his water freezes . and he has nothing to drink so i might . have been a heated bucket i think . [music]. [music]. anywhere with this ladies backwards . diddy's haybales look at this data and . unlike ease . wow. haha dude it is limitless what i want my . behavior under me see what you think . dude you want to hop in the tank huh . come on flash come on come on let's go . come on come on let's take a ride . come on come on buddy come on yeah he's . ready . you wanna take a little ride sit up sit . down you gotta sit you got . [music]. what's up flash go ahead before long . i'll be riding with us . that was fun now we gotta get empire in . there everyone take a ride oh guys i . cannot wait to show you all the stuff we . have planned for this thing it is first . of all our wrap should be completely . done this week the swab or x3 is almost . done like it's going to be completely. wrapped and beautiful and i just can't . wait to show you i wasn't gonna reveal . any of this until it's done but it was . taking too long i was like i want to. play on this thing now so this is how . she looks now i know it's also told you . guys i got the winch installed right . here boom thing's sweet it's not gonna . have a plow on it i mean we could put a . plow on it but we have a plow on the . quad this thing would be the plow . machine what i really really want to do . it and we're considering this it's just . packing it in a trailer and headed north . like three four hours there's so much . snow just so close to us but we don't . have it i don't i'm gonna get in that . snow we're about to make a ramp here . boys this is how you do it water you're . gonna open it and just kind of pour it . down a little hole freeze like ice hold . it okay you go yes dude that's gonna be . so slick like shoot straight down wait. look i think it might have been already . there it is already ice that's crazy . it's ice dude . it froze instantly it's a little wet. okay so it took less than just a couple . minutes to completely freeze i'm gonna . go and test this out for my boys i still . always the bottom still wet i'm gonna . get soaked the bottom still wet oh i'll . just go get ready oh it's so slick yeah . here we go . kien that's amazing do go for the top . it's so fun gain going for distance this . time you reto you're gonna push me here . we go okay come on where are you no you . won't i'm ready it's so pretty out right . now it's like amazing go ahead okay i'm . going for the far jump you got a film . down here you gotta go under my legs . it's a stunt it's a stunt jump ready set . keep your arms together guys noah let's . see it dude. i hope he's getting pushed hmm go ahead. gainers lay on your poop we got that . stopper it works so good i bet if i tied . that down if i just tied it to this pole . i just tied it at this point wouldn't . move and then you have a stopper keep . you from the water lay on your back you . really get moving . [applause]. [music]. [applause]. well this is our day right here playing . outside hanging out with the kids happy . faces me and my boys math so been such a . great outdoor day man been inside a . bunch - not really feeling the whole . bunch in there what brittany acorah have . a fun watching movies and just hanging . out that's what they want to do they . want to rest the kids want a place i'm . one of them . now here i love playing i wish we had . more snow but we're making the absolute . bat out of what we have hmm . you froze out my man come on let's go . everybody but the end i love pilot watch . my camera watch my camera it's gonna . slowly fog up here it comes. look at the light oh wow snowman in . house my ladies . there's my smiley girl oh my gosh this . boy's been going crazy out there today . having so much fun if she was asleep i . was gonna bring the monitor i'm good ah . that's okay . yeah okay . what you doing yeah she's to sleep he's . like what you trying to do what is she . doing to you what we doing i go to sleep . so guys uh what a great honestly what a . great day i got so much fun with the . boys and i hope that you guys got some . rest. i don't know right . [laughter]. little bit anyways giving you sympathy . laughs that's what those are huh . so that'll be it said that all being . said we we're gonna call it a day we're . just gonna call it a night cain and the . kids are taking showers and baths and i . think that's gonna be our day we're . gonna just have for the rest of the . night maybe a little off-camera time i . don't know we love you guys so much . thanks for being a part of our day . thanks for sporting the christmas vlog . that's always a blog that you guys seem . to love and but obviously it's amazing . for us to have that memory like i can't . imagine being to watch myself as a kid . during christmas be so cool i have very . many christmas videos well we saw your . first birthday yesterday yesterday's . vlog had britney's first birthday like . clips in it that was cool i don't have . that at all so anyway i got i gotta quit . rambling we love you guys hope you had a . wonderful christmas again and thanks for . being here with us we'll see you . tomorrow. you're beautiful one of a kind . you. .
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