WE Had To Escape the KIDNAPPERS, OR DIE!!

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Yo what's going on dude . so apparently no rj is it a prank no no . no then you have to be pretty hot yo . okay so if you're pranking you not break . you know what's going on let me tell you . what's going on it's like all right dude . like jake and erica are apparently . kidnapped and they're gone like they . literally were taken literally footage . of clowns bringing them out of the house . broke from like we're like i was like . here like all day so like i don't yeah . what the hell like we were here the. other time it has to be a prank right . i'm not in on it oh my god no way it . changed to a photo of a clown as his. main photo yeah yeah bro you have to be . pranking us bro this jake never takes . rain bro ever . no sleepeth re what were you doing bro i . was in the kitchen maybe if you think's . is real right now we did find out where . the hell they're at what you do to get . them back and like what's wrong but i . mean they're like you call the cops no . call we can color remember last time the . cops are here shut up you can't call the . cops right what do you think the cops . came. we have video surveillance of killer . clowns kidnapping drinking their because . they're never gonna believe you in a . second later believe anything last time . do you think this is the same house like . they took justin when they can have. justin yeah i think so i mean that only . makes the most sense yeah let's just . watch it to the end and actually see . what millions that is definitely the . house dude you said it wasn't far bro he . broke out and he got here he ran here it . has to be close behind . no what is it i'm literally just bro how . did i not wake up he's literally like . over top of me like they're literally . right like here and i'll see what i'm . saying they could have took you too bro . this is what i'm talking about this now . what if i woke up what would happen. give us a million dollars no way . wouldn't it the end they want a million . dollars or come and get them let's just . go get them really kidding me how we . gonna get we what have we been there . before i don't we know if jake was here . we could get the million dollars good . dude jake's kidnapped yeah chad not the . time right with what a million clothes . mean you were gonna go up to a house . with a million clowns it for what yeah . chad i'm right here bro he's gonna be . filming like an idiot that doesn't count . we need some what do you actually know. oh oh we got this dude i have to go save . our best friends 100% but we need to be . smart about this how the hell do we know . where the house is i mean we move away . this was uploaded on jc youtube channel . right so that means that there there's . got to be some something from youtube . that will tell us where the video was . uploaded for like the ip address . really smart hacker i don't know anybody . like them yeah we do . stephanie you know stephanie oh . stephanie guys you know stephanie all . right i'm just gonna i'm gonna get right . back you have stephanie's number know so . you know stephanie what's up it's. anthony we got a problem ari and chad . are here too but basically we're at the. house here you're really good at like . computers and like you can like get into. ip addresses and all that yeah yeah. there's a video i put it on jake's . youtube channel and it's uh there's . these clowns that that kidnapped jake . and erica and we're trying to find where . they are we don't get ya like this is . like really serious yeah we need you . need your help to like track the ip. address and like so if you can find out . where the video was uploaded at we can . figure out where to go from there but . what we really need is an address of . where it was uploaded if you can get . that information to us you can do that . right all right it's like really urgent . so like her x hat please thank you like . they're kidnap okay i think i hurt jake . and erica if they see us coming to try . to come to the house these are like . legit things we need to worry about it . well we can break them . how these these are these are clouds . that disappear when when when you see . them . these are clowns that came and i've . already took an air cut twice already. they took justin are able we've gotten . them back every time yeah but they've . never taken jake and erica together this . is like this is real cochrane yo there . were you texting somebody random floyd . what is it bro the video it's a video . loop remove video it's a video . [music]. [music]. chill chill . john get him from hill no really have to . go that's all the profundity huh come on . no stop this is serious i know this . isn't you just jump into he has our . numbers now okay . on top of they took jake and erica stop. think about what we're doing right now . yeah we're gonna go get stephanie figure . out where these are stopping me to show . up call her get me how . now we need to finish on so what are we . gonna do we're just gonna run to the . house i gideon's bro they're obviously . smart bro they how do they know we're . like your actors do they know they have . your number i'm freaking out right how . do they know we're looking for jj they . have to . [applause]. whoa what what are we gonna do he's out . there anymore oh why is it here . i don't know i don't know nothing clowns . are here right now bro come on play . without a play on crow are you mean bro . he's not you they left right but now . stephanie has to help us 30 more seconds . think it's gonna work what is this . are you encrypting right now yeah this . nude soccer program is 1613 southwold . you shoot fish that's the address for . sure that you this is the closest . address. so it could be the house next to it but . this is the closest residence bro this . 15 minutes away so what's the game plan . right now we have the address what are . we doing you need to come with the game . phone we're not walking there with a . shitload top we're never gonna walk out . there and if they see us we're done what . what if i walk up to a clown . we need mold you're you're over on the . side you see me walking up you see him . then you run behind me like knock them . out i mean you gotta get weapons for a . sign of darkness on let's go. [music]. [music]. - no light off . no we gotta be careful because probably . me why we sketchy how did this might not . even be the freaking house dude no dude . how would she be able to do your what . dog bro that's rainbow rainbows in the . driveway tip off right here bro pull . over pull over pull over. what are you doing dad you have to be . careful bro that's rain bro dude there's . clowns out there decline you're stupid . you guys need to stay here brad you need . a look at checking you know mario we . have to get that school call get them we . have to get them you guys she's gonna . get yourself rip this nico we have to . sneak up on them . yeah bro i mean you'll take one of them . out let's go we're getting ready to . leave. discard inside . alright i'm gonna take the jar up . [music]. brothers - right there i see them okay . right there - stuart . there's three right there through that . one side of it there's three there's . three all right they're brothers two . more right there . rohan seven said there's seven of them . just outside imagine how many are inside . we knew we were coming alright we got to . go we have to go now if we're gonna do . this we have to go down others do the . half of it now we know they're in there . groaning all to all the signs lead to . this all the clues like . we should get behind that much . tiny crack of late to . it's gonna walk out . [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. crap oh my god row row row . [music]. we knew you guys were here. [music]. we got you. [music]. you know. [music]. did you find stephanie stephanie helped . us fight locate the ip i just from the . video we tracked the ip address from the . youtube video we've been trying to find . you guys all day . [music]. listen you're safe now bro here we go k . let's go home do the skull . you guys smell water yeah we should . definitely call the cops we're good bro . we're good we're good . listen we got him back that's always . don't worry about right now okay . .
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