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Guys so we were talking about how . generous should start streaming because . he plays video games and what did you. say you wish what. please just one time ok i won't put in . the blog it's just for me . they're already going in just for you so . i could watch over it's funny right . i was all the girls scream looking to . show off my big tits and a bunch of . donations . haha j marquis going in the video with . the gym jeff hornacek continues to be . the coach of the sun towards inghad guys . i tweeted before the game started i was . like porcelain gods gonna drop a . career-high on us to good youngsters . devin booker and chris thompson sucker . hello-o for the gifts god you guys know . dennis right right you guys know dennis . so in case you don't my past couple of . logs this dude named dennis really . really nice guy came all the way from. phoenix to san diego and he's a huge fan . of my videos are really really big. supporter of my videos. he's just a really great guy he's a . really nice guy so when he came down. here he's staying at a hotel down the . street but since he was such a huge . supporter of my videos we let him come . to the house we took a man you know we . watch the suns game together . he hung out with my family we ate dinner . together and he spent a few days at the. house so what he did brian what did he . do this . dennis and johnny homie generals we love . you could now brian loves you because a . big hole . dennis went back home to phoenix . yesterday and in one day he sent us this . fruit basket to our home dennis i texted . you saying not to get me anything. dennis thank you out shout-out shout-out . dennis schroder shout-out dennis rodman . shout-out dennis thank you thank you . thank you dennis we appreciate it . you'd have to get us anything we didn't . take you into our house expecting. anything written in return you're very . very nice got a lot of manners very. respectful and thank you for not only . supporting my videos but being a really . chill dude in person as well and when i . go down to phoenix are definitely going . to be the first person i hit up one more . month on all three more weeks . oh i need to book my flight tonight guys . i need to book my flight to phoenix . tonight so thank you dennis you did not. have to honestly was a really nice . gesture and not only the fruit but also. the balloons like we're putting them up. right here yeah bosley mrs. it guys this . is what happens when you give water . fruit basket and he gets too excited . look it up model that my mom said i'm an . idiot. mi jr. jr. why are you eating what did . you have for any way everyone on the . count of 3123 say write me a jacket . we're going to need to stream video . games i'm engineer said yeah only have . to go to shop my big tits and just going . to use like jackie come on down dennis . were all enjoying guys to wear a we're . waiting we're waiting on buzzy and . jackie bosley's here surprisingly . jackie's the last one down for food . brian's eating patrick stars dick . we're all feasting thank you dennis and . you know whenever you come back down. here you don't have to get a hotel you. have a home to stay at what will leave . them in the garage . no but really don't waste your money on. a hotel you can stay at the house if you. want guys is probably the healthiest . thing juniors ever a and his whole life . most unhealthy kid on earth . chocolate-covered fruits the only time . fruit will ever enter his body . god i don't i don't know in which world . or which country that santa claus looks . like this but who the hell imagine santa . claus to look like this skinny literally . my santa claus growing up did it look . like this i don't know where this one . was shipped from or where he came from . but i know juniors childhood his mom . right away right when he was born said . junior santa's not real was damn curly . blonde pubic hair beard is that what you . like santa guys juniors so funny he said . he was in the spelling bee. he would spell the words right but since. he has a list like a list they would. think he spelled it wrong and you would . get kicked out. someone said brian a bunch of tampons . and pads and in the mail . haha didn't know it's for it said for . brian rug a bunch of tampons and pads . they know brian always on his period . bosley do you see porzingis god holy . porzingis is going to be so good . does that count huh what what fantasy . basketball takes over your life private . sighs and chandler no idea yeah it does . feel like i bosley you like sitting here . and watching the suns games with us . no yes you guys body is literally mr . steal your girl look at this. bosley father is taking care of jackie . well she's sick is that what you want . bottle you want to take care of jackie . guys look this isn't fair on the . boyfriend this is what i have to see . bosley pulls more girls and me even my . own girlfriend what alive . ok you guys so a lot of people have . noticed that jackie has not been in my. vlogs recently i kind of touched upon in . yesterday's video but i didn't want to . go into full detail because we didn't . know exactly what's going on you . remember that one blog a couple days ago . when we said like we were joking around. here like she didn't feel good but it . wasn't anything serious but then she. kept getting worse and worse and worse. that's the reason she hasn't really been . in the blog that you don't want to be on . camera she got really sick here you . could just tell them what they said i'll . let you take it over i'm so basically i . was super super sick for the past couple . days and i always like headaches but . they weren't as bad as yesterday and . like i cannot take it anymore so i went . literally to the emergency room i was . there until like 530 and they just have . to do a bunch of tests work a lot of . blood took like eight or nine my little . game i don't know . yeah basically they think that i have . viral men and . titus which is you have too much fluid . around your big brain and it can be very. dangerous which is super scary but they . have to actually stick it's kind of like . an epidural shot so it's like a huge . needle would i it hurts so bad tell you . guys help painful it was the crazy part . about all this is like we noticed you're . getting sick and we were like laughing. about it she's like i'm dying you know . we went to the mall that day we were . just listen and what yeah wasn't bad and . then he just kept getting worse and . worse and worse . finally the doctor's visit yesterday and . it turns out it's actually worse than we . thought. tell them how much it meant for them to. like us on twitter so sweet as soon as i . said on twitter because of poor some . tweeting about it while i'm dying so . sweet i actually was like crying i'm. like oh my god i cannot believe that . you're being so nice supportive and like. asking what i was ok so she hasn't . really been on camera in the vlogs for . the past couple of days because of this. and so many people were sending out . support through twitter or they were . commenting on your instagram and she. told me that she didn't really want to . be on camera so sick which even today . she don't want to be on camera but she . feels bad she just wanted to update you. guys yeah she's doing this for you guys . she hasn't been on camera all day or for . for a couple of days actually . you got money not even recognize her . because of her dark here she don't want . to be in the blogs but to make sure they . tell you guys that your support just . like major super happy so thank you for . that on behalf of me and thank you so . much. i i wanted you guys to know because i . didn't feel like it was fear for me to . just you know computer and then . disappears but we still don't know . exactly what it is. so we're hoping it's not too bad anyways. i apologize for the lack of log footage . today like i said i was with my . girlfriend in bed she don't want to be . on camera i don't want to put on camera. you guys are lucky that we're getting . this footage right now she don't want to . be on camera enforcer but she just felt . the right thing to do was rather than. just disappear from the blog's randomly . to ali's tell you guys why in these next . couple of days in case she's not too. involved in the vlogs on case i'm not . getting too much footage you guys know . why i'm taking forever and she doesn't . really want to be on camera so i hope . you guys understand one last time thank . you so much for your support on behalf. of me and her i wasn't enough logout all . today because i'm spending time with my . girlfriend but i decided to get some . footage so i hope you guys don't get too . upset or don't get too mad or i hope you . guys understand why i can't blog too . much today on top of editing the video. earlier today i was with my girlfriend . one last night thank you for your . support thank you so much and i just . want to say if you have to see me for a . couple of days. i'm just really really sick rana like . i'm just in a lot of pain . it was really really painful and i don't . mean to be like the party pooper of it. so i just want you to know i see your. support and i'm so thankful guys look . jackie bought me this painting she . really thought i was just gonna leave a . hung up. don't you know look my new favorite . thing to do every morning when bobby . sleeping since i can't talk to all their . talk to the painting bosley you want to . go in the car you wanna go for a walk . bother you want to treat i know that's . why it was tilted babe i don't think . this is a painting to me this is more of. a toy guys how amazing is my girlfriend . even though she's sick and we're laying . in bed she still watches that followed . me and she still gets mad with me and by . the way shout-out phoenix suns way . yeah shout out eric bledsoe three . straight 30-point games the first. phoenix
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