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You've never had. i can tell that you never had loving . until you had . [music]. what is up to the eighties for what . hey y'all so right now i'm in walmart. well i came to walmart because josh with . getting some clippers or whatever . because he's trusting jazz to cut his . hair i can't believe that i really can't . they're looking at clippers or whatever . i don't know why your left wrist and . jazz to cut your hair . that's right here man get in the og . clippers now no y'all see vettes a pro . so since there's a pro at me oh g jazz . is a pro no anyways guys i'm so mad i'm . so mad that i left my wallet in the car . cuz i really wanted to buy some . volleyball excuse me i'm sorry . so y all by myself and so i'm like . literally just standing outside . i'm literally bored out of my mind. literally josh and josh went somewhere . where i don't know how they didn't tell . me they just say i will be back yeah . yeah i'm just bored so you know what i'm . gonna do i'm just gonna sit here it's . beautiful day why not be outside no what . does love gang it's the next day man . it's the first night that we ever slept. with the puppy in house and guys take . loads of being a shower right now . shiki being distracted but we barely got . sleep guys taylor lee woke up at 2 a. m. and started caring to the dog and she . didn't go to sleep to about webb a 9:00 . a. m. about 9:00 a. m. i got up at 5:30 i . had to go to walmart guys when i went to . walmart i didn't know whether to get him . milk or like puppy food and stuff but . google told me that he could drink his . milk so i grabbed me but he didn't like . it i think he's off milk he ate the . puppy pouches and uh he ate the puppy . food just fine like he told it up so you . know i'm saying i think it's what he . like right now he's just being spoiled . on the point of time looking cute and . cuddly and stuff he is adorable but uh . you know saying he liked the oh no but . he would like to look puppy off with a . tissue commercial so he adorable and . charming yeah got the beers baby they . got the beers not that commercial it's . some commercial he look like the dog on . if y'all know the commercial leave a. comment down below angel i think it's . angel song baby oh no whose commercial . it is but if y'all know let me know down . in the comments but today guys we are . finna go shopping for the puppies have . someone stuff that she want to get him . and so much stuff that he needs and he . like training pee pads he need a cage . need like a nice little blanket he needs. a nice little pillow he just need a lot . of things so we have to here to petsmart . but right now we have to get ready guys . and it's like 12 p. m. we just woke up i . went to bed at 8:00 i literally woke up . at 5:30 in the morning to go to walmart . to get him some food because he was . early like sucking on teh arm and my arm . and i know he won't give me 5:30 he was . super whiny and i was like tay i think . he hungry now he didn't eat since i got . him and i got him. like 7:30 ish so it was like father did . morning i'm like oh no the whole five . plus hours and went by i know this puppy. is hungry so you know i'm saying right . now we got some meaty ground dinner with . her teach ikan her tea her tea it hard . ebay. a hearty chicken party oh hardy we . hearty chicken so i'm anthony eat that. meat ground you he will take it back . though y'all you know i'm santa in . familiy and then the play with man . shouts all the parents could whoa hey . over here chopping up and food right now . i smell like i got chicken in it there's . no like spam he said i'll show my stuff . you can have a mouthpiece on them . ain't that right buddy mm-hmm hey . looking good man . for real that was you saying to the . people but would you guys like that they . teach quiet okay . he's a lover oh he liked his food now . you ready to eat we ready eat that's eve . you like that kind of a he like that . beef you bacon last night you really . diggin a chicken bro this is first time . trying this kind yeah he had some bacon . con last night but did some chicken kind . oh i'll be putting that chicken bae well . he may not be hungry . take treats him like a baby y'all i . swear baby you know yeah he not hungry . right now what's up baby what's up yeah . i don't want say didn't take it in the . shower girl you know once they begin the . shower hey baby hey i think he teething . y'all hang i don't seem to be our gums . but he liked the bike look . sade me oh yeah we gonna get you some . toys a day you need some toys you want. buy you need so they thought turning on . the movie buddy y'all we would do . something for him but a he's just sleep . wishes you ready buddy . you ready baby what am i waiting. we y'all see what i got on my feet today . man got the black sir man 3 so nice boy . it's good these toenails oh yeah they . are too wild man he been scratching me . all day so i didn't got to get clipped . that pass tomorrow but other than that . y'all we gonna setup him a veterinarian . appointment where sometime early next. week before we go out of town because we . do go out of town next week but he needs . like a little checkup just to make sure . he don't got anything and he'd been . dewormed and all that good stuff so we . have to set that up as soon as possible . but let go ahead and hit a pest smart . just arrived at paestum ariana grande . okay because the dog was like sleeping . super wild it was crazy . you good baby we're here this ah he . slept the whole car i oh alright y'all . so we being like dog shopping for like . 10 minutes now the lady been helping us . she's been a great help big she's been . helping us in here i know it's a whole . horse of this pest mart and i'm gonna . get it on the vlog yard but so far we . got him this and it says king of the . castle we got this to keep his water and . food on hayden got him some clean teeth . oral care jail for his mouth so now is . toy time bae i'm ready . look at the little uh clothes he has a . whole horse in here this is so dope . easy for some peanut butter and this and . put it in the freezer and you know chew . on it's gonna help us guns and stuff . okay i think there's no plus grabbed a . can i i want to grab some he could bite . onto this too hard . mmm-hmm what about this way this is like . we need something for puppies see these . big dogs . uh-huh i'm pointing the wrong stuff . right well babe you gonna have to just . settle for the girl colors oh wear your . bae you're going oh i think you're . saying well we're not set up for the . pink one ain't no oil with little pink . for my butt yeah . no you're fine be fine i want to get . wendy's baked cookie soft they not they. get him some soft bang a puppy to tv . teething i look teething parties but . puppies suea . oh yeah teeth in an act of chilling you. want to get this one yeah the toy . alright yeah yeah he's got like a lot of . the baby got two keys and whole bunch of . puppy chew and stuff yeah these are . awful big dogs bay what is this right . here these the gates and kimmel's yeah . he loved that bad but he gonna outgrow . it in a few months or a month or two you . know yeah . we're not worried about ali's heart i . want to get into me . we get bigger you know our base so we . need to round us out these are the . collars and leashes and stuff y'all. bigger yeah you don't right i don't . think he need that right now exactly and . then after he gets shots he have to stay . in house for four weeks and he have to . be isolated all right we get a look at . this little bandana y'all i think this . is so dope i gotta throw that in there . dan i got this little tag works but he's . like a little customized keychain don't . grab the two on one right there y'all . got the dog balls and stuff over here . and i know is he . hey y'all so i just got done building . his little area got his food and water . his little peepee and his little big i . thought this is so cool. look guys baby is king of the castle . yeah how cute okay guys so right now i . just put the puppy to sleep he see me he . shout you i'm so cute he's sleeping . right now so yeah i'm just sitting in . his little i'm doing this little pain . because if you don't want me to leave . and like i was like i'm just kidding . so yeah i'm just sitting here why he . sleep i might just get up and i cuz i . actually really like hurt my finger let . me show y'all let it focus well look i . accidentally hurt my finger like it . hurts i couldn't open look ya'll see . it's horrible just know it's horrible . well right now i'm just i left the cage . because he's like knocked out he's not . moving he's and so i'm not the taking . out myself and netflix netflix and . chilling by myself yeah look who got up. hey baby you up . [music]. even be actually y'all he is literally . always to leave but what you say back he . gonna sleep 20 hours a day right 18 18 . or 20 hours a day . guess how puppies sleep oh yes now you . be up for like five hours yes he's . asleep. [music]. all purpose bro take googly you know . take it up tell you that's really what . the car play you a master at google . she's always on google put up the gang . enjoy hey i know that this is right cuz . i'm not a tomato and i know pork that . this is nothing but anyway man you guys . enjoyed the blog enjoyed that video . period hit that thumbs up down below. don't forget to show love and subscribe . all of our social media is on the screen . and the description down below start . running up and go over to twitter if you . don't got a twitter create an account . it's easy and follow the girl cuz i . always tweet back tweet my baby tasty . always someone love to the gang she . always swinging back but tomorrow or a . day at that act baby tell me a favor she . drink it straight with no chaser we get . face time a little later . .
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