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[music]. all right mom it's been a few minutes . now and i recommend that you wait a few . days and kind of like see it off of his . personality you know what i mean. you kind of you can tell what kind of . name he should be but what names did you. have in mind leading up to this bow okay . okay i will say that nathan crockett the . owner of crockett doodles he said that . you should try to go with a two civil . name if you can because one syllable is. easy to like fit into normal everyday. sentences you don't even notice it but . two it's like enough to let them know . hey she's actually talking about me yeah . do you have a nickname yeah so keep . thinking about it he was named buster to . start i think i we were the entire car . right you'll see it in the video . tomorrow but the entire car ride he was . obsessed with our starbucks that we had . so i was thinking of call him . mocha because it's kind of like the . color he is. you had said like coffee bean or. something like that but ultimately it's . your decision so you can call them. whatever you want anyway guys a little a . little kind of like behind the scenes . type thing here i know it was kind of . short but we want to make sure we gave . you guys a little bit extra for those of . you guys that wanted it so you guys will . definitely see more of buster or. whatever his name ends up being in the . future and thank you guys so much we'll . see you guys next week peace out . you. [music]. .
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