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What you've been waiting for...Tickets will go on sale April 7th !!! We will keep you updated on where to purchase them!!!
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Someone told me never saw. they don't exist in my life these days . but you showed me if i . just find the fit i need to believe . anything is possible if you wanna pass . hi tess your limit . in there i can see i'm sorry hey what's . going on everybody today is such a good . day today is a great day if you are new . to our channel makes you hit that . subscribe button join the family and for . those who are watching i'm gonna need . you to start this video out by giving it . a thumbs up because it's about to go oh . [music]. shit. down the hill it goes guys i'm a first . start off by saying make sure you watch . the video all the way through i don't . want you to miss any details i'm going . to announce my opponents i'm also gonna . tell you where the events gonna take . place and lastly i'm gonna tell you . where and when to purchase your tickets . so who's ready alright guys so i first . want to start off by saying that this . event is not only for charity but we the . ace family has never had a . meet-and-greet and we're not going on . tour anytime soon because obviously . katherine is pregnant so this is a great . opportunity to be able to meet a lot of . you ace family members if you are new to . our channel or don't really know what's . going on let me explain we are hosting a . basketball charity event coming up very. soon and i was supposed to pick one of . my opponents tomorrow which is april 1st . but things have changed and they've . changed because of the incident that . happened yesterday roll clip really . pulled up i had to to tell you that i'm. ready . is that my ball it was right there you . pulled up on my house how are you . shooting my court are you serious . are you dead serious play me right now . you try to play right now play me right . now nice you played it right now boy i'm . ready doesn't waste of my time bro i'm . ready dog play me right now bro you're . not ready play me right now bro all . right now come on put your fucking some . i didn't know he was actually down yeah . okay okay wait wait wait wait yeah . forgot you need ankle braces first let's . get a buddy toward that i was waiting to . play he's not ready so ever since we . announced our basketball charity event . you guys have been requesting the same . people over and over again which kind of . makes my job easy . so before i pick my opponents let me. break the event down for you guys there . will be a live performance which will . open it up maybe buy one of your . favorite artists there will be a . three-point contest which i'll be . picking my opponent in a few and then . obviously the main event which is the . one-on-one competition and lastly to . spice it up a little bit the person i . picked for the one-on-one competition . after he's done taking a nail we're . gonna play five on five he will pick his . four other guys and i will pick my four . other guys and the winner of that game . will receive $100,000 check to donate to . charity each player on that team will . get a portion of the money to donate to . their charity of choice and guys that's . the best part about this event is to be . able to give back to us there's nothing . better in the world than to give back so . with that being said so let's first . start out by telling you all who'll be . hosting this event and there's no better . person to host this event other than . keemstar i'm your host killer keebz ah . so now for my first competitor that i . will be going up against in a . three-point competition is faze ruck yo . what is up guys how's everybody doing . today welcome back to a brand new video . whoa now the moment you all have you . waiting for i am about to give him the . biggest sale of his life he ain't ready . the person i will be going up against . for the one-on-one competition is rice . gum. everybody how are you guys doing i'm . back i'm sure you all knew that was . coming oh i'm so right . so rice gum i know you're watching this . video right now after you catch this l . i'm no longer austen to you i'm daddy to . you. so now let's break down details the . event will be held here in los angeles . at usc . on june 30 . listen closely now you'll be able to . purchase your tickets a week from today . which is april 7 ace family i want to . see as many of you there as possible the . event only holds nine thousand people . and it's first-come first-serve . so get your tickets that day april 7 and . ace family not to mention faze rug . support system will be there so will . rice gums support system so we got to . get the tickets before before they do . guys you don't understand how excited i . am this event is gonna be huge . guys who knows there might be your . favorite artist there there's gonna be . more youtubers there there might be your . favorite celebrity there you guys aren't . gonna want to miss this event so are you . guys excited like i am june 30th wow go . damn faze rug rice come you guys have . about three months to train practice to . do whatever you got to do because you . know i'm gonna be ready i'm gonna need . you guys to comment down below right now . hashtag get your ticket april 7 ace . family i love you guys so much i can't . wait to see you guys where my girls that . girl god damn my girls are looking . beautiful so who's gonna win at the . event that's my girl. so girls so that a family that we want . to see them there at the event on june . 30th so get your tickets when you guys . should know i should have to remind you . april 7th and just to remind you guys we . have not done a tour yet we were . supposed to i got pregnant so we're . delaying the whole thing but this is . literally going to be the very very very . first time that we have all of our ace . family members in our area in one place . all right guys we're gonna catch you in . our next video we have some more . exciting news for you guys to make sure . you stay tuned for that and we love you . guys bye . [music]. .
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