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[music]. if you follow me you might know that . just a few days ago . i decided to leave a clean shop working . for my boy logan paul i'm here to answer . a few questions and talk about what my . life is going to look like moving . forward no nothing happened between . logan and i . i are still tight it was just time for . me to move forward for myself so you'll . notice in the title of this video it . says a dream why i left a dream job and . it is it absolutely is but it's not my . dream job if that makes sense and while . it felt like a dream job at some points . like when we travel to dubai . i met brendan's got his new gucci cakes . oh wait hold on i'm not the camera my . god right oh yeah low gang that's right . brendan is the new roommate i feel like . i feel like you guys should have known . that probably guess yeah there was . always that underlying burning desire to . be trading on my own so i'm gonna . photographer at heart . while creating videos and vlogging sort . of falls under that blogging everyday . for somebody else didn't allow me to . expand my horizons in photography and . follow those passions the way i've . wanted to look logan is one of my best . friends and during my time working for . him i got to take photos that i never . thought i'd be able to take in places . that i never thought i'd be able to . travel but in order for me to work with . new places work with new styles and . create new content i need the time to . make that happen and vlogging every day . just doesn't melt it allowed me the time . to execute those you guys i want to . share what i create with you i have so . many new goals i'm setting for myself i . want to share my love and knowledge of . capturing moments with the camera with. all of those that want to learn that . means you guys. so that means vlogs that means photos . tutorials and that means in-person. workshops coming up in the future i feel . so inspired by all . and support that i received from you . guys on a day-to-day basis . i'm going to work so hard to make you . guys proud and say that's our boy we . knew him before all of this we knew him . when he was just starting out you guys . are honestly what keeps me going you . guys are literally what keeps me from . becoming a grungy photographer that . lives in a basement and i start . developing photos all day i want to . share my life with you guys i want to . show you what i'm doing i want to share . my experiences with you and you can grow . together on this journey so you know the . drill guys hit the subscribe button for . me follow me on instagram at brendon . north to keep up with my latest photo . shoots and news and i bet you guys want . to see my new place because i'm not . living in logans anymore . you're gonna have to wait for that and i . will see you guys next time . [music]. .
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