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Today we return with our biggest and longest vlog of all time. I could have come back with a typical 10-20min vlog but i decided to make this a special! A full family night event. haha. Thank you so much for sticking by us. We are so thankful for you. Smile More and see you soon :)
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my girlfriend Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on YouTube since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!
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Caption: [music]. roman roamin i would have bet you oh . yeah what's up guys hey yeah we heard . you quit youtube wait that is that for . real you quit yes crazy saying you quit . why would i quit no no i'm not done all . the blogs are over right no i'm not guys . i like took one little break one break . for three weeks that's not a break man . that's a break all the fans everyone are . you serious dude your team they all got . a new job what do you mean they got new . job who brian country chase everyone. maybe get new jobs . yeah dude they don't even know what . you're talking about check it out who . are those flowers for did you a britney . break up are you in britney okay what . are you guys getting married no i didn't . bring britney and our fault when's the . white everything's fine everything's . good family's good videos are amiss you . we want to see you i'm coming in like i . promised. yeah i took a little break but i'm the . family everyone's good these are for . britt i'm gonna go give them to her . right now could we come with you no you . do dude come on really good oh they have . another job yeah listen good luck good . luck finding that i gotta go roman did . you quit youtube no dude i'd listen i . already told you i didn't quit all right . wait up i will run you i will literally . run you away . baby there's like this like definitely . i'm frustrated i made these two guys run . up on me first one say that i quit . youtube and that everybody got new jobs . where is every no come here go for my . blog hammer . i have no idea just dig i gotta redeem . myself wait dad didn't you quit dude. you're grounded go upstairs . no for tonight for a week i got to show . everybody that i didn't quit by the way. that's well there was kind of a rough . truck contest out right listen i need to . go find you guys like i got to find the . guy they have their phones turn on silly . do you think they're mad at me they . think they feel abandoned i mean i feel . oh my god i'm gonna redeem this family . you watch you all watch i'm bringing . this family back to you too . [music]. we see how much fun hey man hey you . don't report your guy named country . short a stocky guy looks like lex like . the whole mine oh yeah like that easy . back here cuz that's my god oh my god oh . my god that's my country . look at me what are you doing yeah what . are you doing quit on me you got a new . job just like that you do any quit . looking like a little break like one . little well no it's like i took a nap . that's it i'm back up i'm awake you just . get a new job i need my man everybody's . come on me. come with me oh john i'm back i'm back . with the tape is this what is this . what are you doing where you been three . weeks you just disappeared whoa i'm . going on i shouldn't know you two would. be together wrong i need a haircut . i got an interview tomorrow no you know . an interview i got an interview on job . why what i mean you said you were. quitting. no i quit i mean john i didn't quit you . think old i let down my time baby check . the house bro you still work for me no . if i owe you a check bounced . no just dribbled it all the way back. from the bank crazy okay i i need a . haircut is awesome yeah cutting it close . right now let's need your haircut oh you . gotta get your haircut . let's go come on you still work for me . let's go come on dude i don't want to . give this job up are you for sure gonna. come back i never lie okay next i'll pay . you next week i'll be back catch you . later . don't cash a check till friday can we . sell people this sucks man do this what . is this you guys are watching all that . don't mind that where have you guys been . dude where it's been weeks you guys . aren't here you said you quit i didn't . quit you all quit i didn't quit how am i . supposed to vote without a cameraman . dude we're not quitters bruh . i'll give it i'm a cameraman always okay . so if you're not there how do i film my . house tomorrow i'll count on you . tomorrow . be there keep watching the videos dude . abuser dropping heat as many as i can . get so dusty okay scare the dust off . this camera welcome back i know it's. been a long time today right now we will . be uploading this will be our longest . vlog we've ever done on this channel . something just running crazy that i had . to try a super long vlog i hope you guys . enjoy it we're gonna jump right into it . long story short a company itp live . invited me to dubai to do a speech in . front of some viewers and brands and . companies and they gave me the . opportunity to bring everybody along . with me so that'd be it said we're gonna . jump right into it let the travel begin . and i hope you enjoyed this very long . vlog show us some love grab some snacks . put a big smile on your face and enjoy . ready to board headed to new york city . and then we're on another flight which . we have to grab like do we have to get . all our bags when we land in new york . recheck and go through a new security . standard is it how you feeling wrong . now let you bring your squirrel sir do . you work here you work here can you tell. me what time are you getting well you're . already been booked you can get referred . customer you can get that golden . platinum are you ready no like are you . actually ready for this have you ever. been on a flight this long it's not . scotland is my london scotland yeah but . i have no idea i think i'd like seven . hours maybe i don't know this is going . to be quite the trip we are gonna be on . a 30-second flights 13 hours just by . itself it's awesome literally a cruise . ship. [music]. ten dollar and ten bucks to hold your . tongue down on that now a five seconds . five seconds dude all i gots eight eight . bucks but you didn't do five seconds . that's a good deal yeah you're gonna . have a big you have to pop the tip of . its mom but new york city guys we got . our bags we got to actually haul out . come out into this airtrain tram let's . go baby run we're gonna take our bags . because we're going on another airline . we had to actually get our bags recheck . into the new york city airport jfk we . gotta get to that terminal which is . we're gonna take this thing . yeah you better enjoy it it's gonna be . the last cold air we're gonna feel for a . while it's about to get hot no you got . it you got it little extra stuff all . cheese hang on hang on your honor you . got a human bone they don't want you to . come i don't want you in here that's . actually what we're looking for . [music]. yeah. traveling always comes with unique . problems the airline we are on doesn't . open for another three hours so we're . kind of stuck outside the airport we had . to recheck and go through security again . but we can't do that to our airlines . open stopping i'm thinking about food . and like survival right now water . you know they hope you guys you travel . and you just you just put in your mouth . yeah so is it nap would you get a . haircut on the nest last clip in a. matter half an hour you put that tongue . core bra . what's up girl hi baby. thinks he's frozen well monster man came . all the service. [laughter]. [music]. we're just here waiting on our flight . and we're going to get a crazy flight . experience today something that we've . never ever had like wow any like you can . schedule a shower you guys are not . already so bored . nice oh they are um she's taking us to . our flight it's ready which i'm so sad . for you just left your purse bret i . wanna get on that flight everything's in . here if it was a ten dollar purse you . were remembered . it's expensive so i'm so excited to see . this this the seat on a plane 13-hour . flight on some crazy seat i've never . seen before i saw yeah let's go check . this thing out i don't even know planes . like that existed that's that's a cruise . ship with wings . [music]. so roma got the team back roman is say . nothing about me sitting all the way in . the back back back with the luggage once . again are you excited for it it's so . crazy. [music]. whoa this is yours okay first of all . this feels like like there should be . like a group of people in here yeah but . this turns into a bed we got our own . pajamas in place what we're so out of . place you're straight up like it sucks . well i'm obviously too small look you . want to do your makeup right here boom . open this up you got a full a full. what's that called. what's that called a full vanity right . toothbrush we got soft so we've got . dental stuff we got ear plugs ear plugs . that's it that's a good one sleep relax . kid oh but what they do if like every . time they came by we're just putting it . all in your purse oil and miss hello . miss so this bench right here turns into . a chair right here look at this full . touch screen you can adjust the comfort . the massage has everything . no what are you doing any were you hurt . are you you made me hold it . like a minibar like this boom ha let's . just say your beds ready you're sitting . there yet your metal company hit this . that's just brittany's room this isn't . this isn't ours this is hers mine is . right here. [music]. move it out move it out move it bake she . offer knows that nobody wants to be on . camera which is completely fine so . everyone's helping us out around here . but i'm not filming . we're up we're high in the sky we've got . a plane cameras you can watch there's . like a whole bunch of cameras that . rotate you can watch us fly . wow 13 hours together this is so rare . like i don't know how it appears i don't . know how it usually appears but we don't . ever have a world like it's crazy like . you know whether it's our store or . business our kids our home is full of . people like we've never really we just. realized we're landing were like we have . so much time to talk i'm dining so far . [music]. [laughter]. faramir . live . okay guys this is pretty cool thing y

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