World’s Fastest Human Powered Device | Powerball Gyroscope Exerciser!

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EPISODE 16 - Worlds Fastest Human Powered Device!

Hey everyone, welcome back to Gadget Jeff TV where I bring you a cool new toy or gadget every week. And today we will be talking about the Powerball Gyroscope Exerciser. This is a handheld device available online and at many retailers.
It's main use is to strengthen your wrist and forearms. So whether you need it for sports like tennis, recovering from an accident or just looking for some fun, the Powerball Gyroscope Exerciser delivers.
It features a built in balanced rotor weight. Which when accelerated generated force. Up to 35lbs of force actually!
This force is then transferred into your arm causing strain which promotes strength over time if used properly.
The powerball took me a while to learn. It's actually a little tough to get it started but once you learn that, it gets easier quicker.
Certain model powerballs can actually hit speeds as high at 21,000 rpms! That's 350 revolutions per second which sounds almost impossible. But hey certain vehicle motors can actually hit those speeds like Formula 1 cars. This makes the powerball the worlds fastest human powered device!
At $20 for the most basic model I highly recommend it. It is fun, last a long time and is maintenance free.
Well guys, I hope you enjoyed this weeks video on the Powerball Gyroscope Exerciser. I will be back very soon with another cool toy or gadget.
See you soon!!!
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Caption: Hey guys welcome back. what am i doing when you ask as much. hanging out. ah no forearm exercises there are a. couple methods of getting big pop i like. four arms and go to the gym and do. forearm exercises till you're blue in. the face or you can stay home pop in a. movie and let jill take care of things. or you could use one of these this is. called a powerball hand gyro and it. strengthens your wrists and forearms and. it's also really fun and it's coming up. next here on gadget jeff tv show just be. hey everyone welcome back to get jeff tv. where i jeff bring you a cool new toy or. gadget every week and yesterday is about. a cool method of increasing your wrist. and forearm strength. i personally try to stay in shape the. best i can i it low carb high protein a. lot of the times get lots of sleep try. to get to the gym. well i just want to clarify our beer. carbs or separate all right i'll get. this twisted i like beer but getting to. the gym for me is just sometimes a bit. of a hassle. i mean you gotta load up your gym bag. you got to get in your car you gotta. drive there you gotta walk in you got to. get changed in your gym attire it's just. like when you get over to the machine. you want to use and a lot of the times. or someone using it so you gotta wait so. then you gotta exercise patience and. it's just like then you gotta load up. when you're done. drive home eat your post-workout shake. it just takes a lot of time not saying. gyms are bad but they do take dedication. that's why i personally i have always. looked for a quick and effective ways of. doing things right at home. we're talking pull-ups push-ups sit-ups. running. they're all free and you can do them. quickly at home or wherever. which brings me to the powerball hand. gyro i first saw this at big five. sporting goods about six seven years ago. that's a sporting goods store we have. here in washington for those of you that. don't have them on the east coast or. wherever there was this demonstration. video at the checkout line where they. had the them sitting there with a little. video showing what they do and i was. just intrigued from the start we are. talking good product placement here. because i was like yeah i'm getting one. and the guy behind me is like yeah i'm. getting 12 video made it look super easy. to learn and they had all these graphs. and statistics showing that it actually. strengthened your arms and i don't know. i might have been height but i was just. like if it does half of what it's doing. in the video. i'm getting it now this may be set me. back 1999 but that again that was like. five six years ago and that was before i. started ordering everything online. because i realize you're just getting. screwed if you buy retail now by. definition the powerball is a finely. engineered high-precision gyroscope. consisting about rapidly spinning rotor. enclosed in a solid handheld outer. sphere try to say that three times fast. yeah it's basically the spinning wheel. inside this handheld plastic case. now here's a picture of the rotor inside. you can see the led wait around the. perimeter. now this guy took me a couple days to. master getting it started as the hardest. part but once you're up. running it's quite easy to catch on on. how to do it now there are a couple. methods on getting them started you can. use the included string which comes with. it. you place it inside the gyro here in. this little hole wrap it around the. wheel. give it a good yank and you're good to. go or you can purchase the optional. motor assist you place the ball on the. motor turn it on it speeds it up. you pull it off and you're set or if. you're badass you can just use your. thumb like i do place it on the bottom. push hard. give it three good flicks and that's. enough to get it started. now one started you want to put your. hand on top and grip it but you don't. want to touch the window with a little. ball underneath you want to allow that. to spin freely you then twist your wrist. clockwise or counterclockwise slowly. building up speed. you can actually feel it start to pull. harder the faster you go. now a lot of people try to hit top speed. each time they do it which i admit i did. when i first got it because it was. really cool. but then i like killed my wrist for like. three days i could barely even move my. wrist so you really want to pay this. thing some respect. now it's really fun to drive around with. or like when you're stuck in traffic. actually should probably have both hands. on the wheel but i'm just saying you. know no one does that girl's do makeup. guys are fucking change in the ipod you. know how it goes. now this thing is pretty much like a. formula one car inside a tennis ball. it's actually been classified as the. fastest human-powered device on the. planet certain model powerball's can. actually get up to twenty one thousand. rpms that's 350 revolutions per second. that's what i call a halt acid now this. is the classic model i believe this one. only gets up to about 15,000 rpm which. is still respectable but i've had this. one for a long time i dropped it a lot. when i first got it sometimes on. pavement and it's just not quite as. precision as it used to be so i cannot. say for sure what speed i'm actually. getting because it's probably not. running in precision condition anymore. plus it makes this really ugly audio. sound when you let go of the gyro. never do that whatever shot. i we're all looking at the company's. website looks like they've been quite. busy engineering better gyros adding. more options they're looking pretty cool. actually have new models with rpm. counters built into the top so you can. actually see the speed you're actually. getting be fun to compete with your. friends at a party be like yeah man hit. twenty-one thousand rpms what you got. even thrown in models with led lights. built in which looked pretty cool when. it starts haulin ass and looks like a. little mini ufo shout now the company. states is not just for strength training. or fun but action like therapy arm. therapy if you're recovering from an. injury or sports like tennis where your. wrist is taking a lot of stress while. you're playing or even musicians like. drummers and guitarist i personally just. use it for a little bit of strength. training and fun i like bringing it to. parties to let friends try to get it. it's funny to watch them try to get it. started but it's even better when you. actually see them succeed you see that. whoa on their faces are feeling in. poland i highly recommend the powerball. hand gyro for anyone looking for a low. cost alternative to traditional strength. training. it performs and it's a lot of fun well. guys thanks for watching this week's. video i hope you enjoyed the powerball. hand gyro. do any of you have a powerball. especially one with the rpm counter in. the top because i really want to get one. of those i want to see if it actually. works before i buy it if you have any. questions about this gadget or any of my. other gadgets have reviewed please leave. them in the comments section below i. respond to all comments he's like share. and subscribe if you'd like to see more. i'll be back in about a week take care. yeah. .

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