Zelda’s Birthday Party!

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Had to re-upload because of an audio glitch that happened during upload last time! Thanks for letting me know in the comments! UGH SO EMBARRASSING.
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Hey everyone its corinne and you're . watching my personal channel things . aren't going so well over here i've been . stuck in this bed for two days because i . got the freaking flu i hate getting sick . luckily my tiniest best friend has been. here this whole time to keep me company . she's my little protector speaking of . best friends when you're laying in bed . for two days the best thing you could do . is play best beans that's right sick and. sponsored am what you don't know a best . beans is by now what have you been . living under a youtube rocked or . something well today's your lucky day . because i'm gonna tell you what it is . best beans is a kree puzzle game . adventure where you collect cute little. fiends that help you defeat the slugs . because we all know slugs are bad for . the garden my favorite fiend of course . is howie who evolved into a young harry . potter type wizard and then his last. evolution is a gandalf the grey type . wizard. yeah i'm on board plus easter is coming . up so they're doing their special easter . egg hunt right now and if you collect . all 12 eggs you get a huge reward . i like rewards and of course i have a . special clue straight from me to you to. help you on your way the easter egg is . coming via airmail the best part is is . that you can download best fiends for . free plus get five dollars worth of gold . and diamonds by following this link or . clicking on the link in the description . it's that easy. thanks for the sponsorship best fiends. now you know i've been playing this game . for a long time if i'm at level 95 . actually maybe it's time to leave the . room a little bit stretch the legs get . some fresh air i am feeling a little . better than i was a couple days ago and . on top of all of that it's my actual . best fiends birthday so you know what . that means . kissee birthday party because she's . turning 2 today can you believe it they . just grow so quickly she's been with me . through thick and thin . okay even though she is a little . fiendish at times she's also a pisces . and she likes to chase shadow and she . loves long walks on the beach . since i'm sick i can't really have any . of her other little friends over it's . just gonna be me and her i guess there's . nothing new about that all right let's . get this party started here we go . crossing the threshold oh yes i think . this hat will be appropriate for the day . totally not dorky at all luckily i went . shopping before i got sick piggy you . can't get any of this right now it's a . surprise. get out of here supposed to be a . surprise go go go yeah this party's . gonna be lit got some most cat oh the . original cat wine also got some of that . pinot meow don't worry people doesn't . actually have alcohol in it but it is a . beverage made for your cat . yep it's just as ridiculous as it sounds . i also got stuff to wrap our little . gifts with one of them being this cute. little bunny who's probably gonna lose . its ears sorry a little bunny let her . enjoy those ears while you got it they . got some decorative tissue paper . she loves tissue paper okay a little . birthday candle this is more of a toy . than an actual wrapping item and since. i'm sick i can't have any of her actual . puppy friends over so i got her a . remote-control puppy do they make remote . control human friends who needs human . friends when you got your first . they're perfectly precious a very . special little girl is turning 2 today . happy second birthday my darling i love . you forever got a little mini pinata . here gonna fill with some cat treats and . of course we can't forget about our cake . which will be made with roasted chicken . breast covered in sardines not sardine . about it at all what are you doing you . won't in there don't you she's waiting . she's she's excited smells like fish in . there. put your party hat on okay oh christ . that's gross well this is the birthday . cake. i gotta light the candle she's grown so. much. make a wish success . we've got birthday cake eating to my. beautiful daughter kat mom where'd you . get that hat he's for you . [music]. where's the mount for the homies i think . that stuff personally offended her . maybe this bow will help yeah we love . the bows bono's bows they're there rain . and treats parenting done right. hey they even come to your sister's . birthday party . keep those ears out all right little . bunny hey where you going . the party's not over yet maybe she'll . like the most cat oh better no you have . an ugly mug and try it no we have a . taker mmm is that good just regular old . water wins out apparently back to . drinking by myself like usual oh someone . had a little bit too much pee no meow i . think myself back a couple days . ah but it was fun it was worth it i . loved partying with my party animals all . right well as always thanks so much for . watching make sure to subscribe and like . up this video and go back to sleep for a . while. [music]. .
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