3 Months After This “alien Rat” Was Abandoned At A Store, It Had Grown Into Quite A Different Beast

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Being told that your furry new best friend is actually an “alien rat” would give most pet lovers paws for thought. But this caring woman didn’t let it put her off the sleepy ball of fuzz that she’d brought into her home, after he began his life abandoned outside her local grocery store. She was already in love with the rodent-looking creature, in fact. And so she decided that it was her job to care for him, until he grew into the best-looking member of her family.
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Three months after this alien rat was . abandoned at a store it had grown into . quite a different beast being told that . your furry new best friend is actually . an alien rat would give most pet lovers . pause for thought. but this caring woman didn't let it put . her off the sleepy ball of fuzz that she . brought into her home after he began his . life abandoned outside her local grocery . store she was already in love with the . rodent looking creature in fact and so . she decided that it was her job to care . for him until he grew into the . best-looking member of her family the . so-called aliens story began in the . parking lot of a local store a couple . were surprised to discover the tiny. white creature curled up alone and left . to fend for himself and just one day old . they'd subsequently scooped the baby up . and taken him to safety . next the pair began a hunt for someone . who may want to take the creature in . whatever it was thankfully it didn't . take long for someone to come forward . and offer the little guys shelter for . the foreseeable future. he was well hydrated and had no health . issues but was in dire need of regular . milk warmth and attention after all he'd . been separated from his mother and . turfed out onto the street before even . opening his eyes and the woman who had . come forward kali knew that she was . taking on a huge challenge consequently . she had no intention of keeping him . forever the kind host initially planned . to care for the unwanted newborn until . he was of adoption age that's usually . around 8 to 12 weeks she then planned to . give him to a no-kill shelter there he . would grow up and wait for however long . it took for someone to adopt him but . within days a strong bond had grown . between cali and the tiny creature and . she gave him the name olly however not . everyone was enamored with this olly guy . when kali showed a girlfriend a photo . that she'd taken of him the . he arrived her power marked you he looks . like an alien rat. it was hardly a glowing review but kali . laughed it off and got on with her . maternal duties indeed one woman's alien . rat was another's loyalty so fit oli and . got him to sleep by putting him near her . heart she did this by wrapping him up in. a hand towel and placing olly in her . shirt she called this a perrito moreover . it meant that she could carry him around . the house easily while doing the dishes . typing reports and folding laundry. writing on imgur alongside a picture . from day three of their relationship . calli coud look at that happy look on . his sweet little face yet although kali . barely took her eyes off ali during the . first week he was yet to even open his . eyes then just when the pair were. getting into a routine disaster struck . one evening oli showed symptoms of . severe dehydration which can prove fatal . to newborn alien rats . so kali rushed him to an animal hospital . for a late-night emergency appointment . hours later veterinary specialist had . given oli the necessary meds to save his . life and reboot his health . they then provided callie with some tips . to aid his recovery and sent them both . off back at home the patient did some . extra napping to recuperate while his . doting mom kept watch . thanks to kali the junior furball made . it through the night and the very next . day his 12th with kali something . miraculous happened oli opened his eyes . fully for the first time his carer . subsequently reported on imgur that he's . given her this happy little dazed look . of a happy and full baby it was love at . first sight and soon oli had become a . stage five clinger moreover he seemed . completely besotted with the woman who'd . ensured his survival sure enough all he . was beginning to look a lot less like a . sewer-dwelling . alien rat and a lot more like a . household pet specifically a kitten when . this adorable snap was taken he had . survived for a whole fortnight and . according to vets who kali spoke to the . signs were that he would make it to . adulthood all he could still be carried . in one hand at this point but he was . growing at a rate of knots as for his . personality it seemed that this kid he . was very much a people person . kali explained he would cry and cry and . cry if he heard people outside of the . room he was kept in i made sure it . wasn't due to hunger kittens cry . horribly when their bellies are empty . sure enough he'd reject the bottle and . just chill on me instead olly was also . an increasingly energetic pet he liked . perching on people's shoulders once he . became too big to sit inside shirts and . when his mom took breaks from cuddling . him to eat her lunch he'd give her . serious side eye and meow like there was . no tomorrow but he still had her best . interests at heart because when she was . recovering from leg surgery the kitten . gave her comfort and company she needed. becoming her little healer. but ollie wasn't the only non-human . lodger vying for callie's attention . during a routine exploration of his home . which often involved creeping under. sofas all he came across a tank . containing callie's gorgeous pet betta . fish rainbow thankfully though his . well-fed feline housemate was only . interested in drinking rainbows tank . water rainbows tank was one welcome . distraction for the inquisitive cat when. human cuddles were temporarily. unavailable. another was watching birds gathering in . callie's backyard but homebody ollie . didn't feel ready to venture outside . preferring to linger on the warmer side . of the screen door oh so big that callie . had to use both hands to hold him up . three-month-old ollie is not just her . precious baby but also a very handsome . cat with teal blue eyes large pink cute . ears and long whiskers his alien rat . phase was far behind him. moreover humans shoulders weren't ideal . for sitting on anymore . callie's favorite weirdo was nonetheless. still finding novel places to curl up . and go to sleep in for months ollie had . found that his owner had bought him his . own scratching post but he mainly liked . to hang out on the back of callie's sofa . although on one occasion he selected a . rather unfortunate napping spot on top . of her purse it's more being a mom to . ollie had changed callie's life for the . better. with that in mind and now knowing how to . care for a tiny kitten she was open to . taking in another one rescue kitten . number two had been brought to her . attention by a male pal via social media. the tiny tabby was abandoned by her pals. neighbors when they bought a new . property. callie agreed to take in the kitten but . was worried that ollie would become . jealous as he was very spoiled by this . point . recalling memories of ali's first week . callie carted home the miniature brown . black and white kitten and set him down . in his box on the carpet would ollie . accept him as a brother. or. not a brother at least a friend well . people say that pets become like their . owners and this certainly seemed to be . true of olli who graciously accepted the . adorable kitten as a new member of the . family . before long the wise foster cat was . cuddling up with the fluffy lodger on a . blanket and teaching him the ways of the . world then after eight weeks with olli . and cali he was ready to leave the nest . the kitten who went on to be named ryder . was snapped up by a loving new owner . after cali posted some advertisements . receiving three offers in just 15 . minutes. clearly cali wasn't the only one who . knew the joys of adopting a furry bottle . baby like olli . moreover the anti cat friend of cali who . once described him as an alien rat was. now his number one fan at the end of her . long post on imgur cali wrote olly won a . place in my heart and is a permanent . member of the family raising a kitten . from literally day one is very trying . but a rewarding task he's one of the . sweetest kitties and ever known . [music]. [music]. .
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