A Farmer Thought He’d Found An Ancient Relic, But Then He Realized It Was The Rarest Of Spiders

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A farmer thought he'd found an ancient . relic but then he realized it was the . rarest of spiders when li wen er stepped . into his orange orchard one november . morning it was unlikely that he expected . anything more than another routine day . at work the chinese farmer lived just . outside of chengdu in southwest china . where the humid air can make winters. unpleasantly cold however he was in . store for more than bad weather that day . li was an ordinary farmer he's one of . the most prevalent surnames in china . second only to wang and it's shared by. over 100 million people worldwide but . while it was the surname of the . emperor's during the illustrations tang . dynasty li couldn't lay claim to any . royal blood being a citrus farmer his. thoughts were likely focused on ensuring. a strong orange crop orchards throughout . china had been hit by citrus greening . disease that year reducing their . expected yields but as he walked through . his orchard he moved closer to . discovering something that would improve . his fortunes regardless of the health of . his trees in fact the health of the . trees generally wasn't much of a concern . in pujan county the area in which li . lived often referred to as the garden of . the chengdu more than half of the region . is covered in trees but while this . creates a rich and fertile ecosystem is. unlikely that li was expecting to find . something so exotic or potentially . valuable more than 40 million people in . china survive on an annual income of . less than 350 dollars in addition around . 500 million of the nation's inhabitants . have to live on a daily income of below . $5 50 given such poverty what li was . about to find would probably be a big. deal for most chinese people while busy . at work on the orange farm li saw an . unusual object sitting just in front of . him he was unlike anything that he'd . ever stumbled upon before while walking . through his orchard the object didn't . quite fit in with the brown soil the . green grass or the orange of his fruit . in . did it seem to lee to be man-made he . initially believed that it was some kind . of cultural artifacts perhaps a pendant . or medallion that had been lost . centuries before he moved closer towards . it becoming excited that he might have . something valuable on his hands maybe he . could sell it for a handsome fee his . assumption that the object was a. historical artifact seemed credible. huijiang county's roots go back almost . 2500 years when it was created after the . shoe kingdom had become conquered by kin . kingdom so it was possible that li was . looking at an ornamental coin more than. two millennia old . however just when li had come to the . conclusion that he'd found a long-lost . man-made object that he could. potentially make some money from his . discovery moved he suddenly saw eight. legs in motion and realized that the . object was alive it was a spider in fact . the stranger spider that he'd ever seen . spiders are fairly common in pujan . county and in china as a whole there . were more than 3,000 species of spider . in the country including two types of . tarantula the golden earth tiger and the . chinese bird spider after getting over . his initial shock li subsequently . carried the spider home with him in a . plastic bottle after his neighbors heard . about what he discovered they rushed . over to his house to see the strange . specimen for themselves. he then scoured the internet for info on . the creature and was taken aback by what . he read it was called a chinese . hourglass spider a species that was once . thought to be extinct and since 2000 it . had been sighted on just five other . occasions meaning it was an extremely . rare creature first recorded during the . 5th century bc it's distinguished by the . hard flattened disk that ends its large . abdomen the book in which its first . recorded his area the oldest known . chinese dictionary its fifteenth chapter . contains an account of a creature that. closely resembles the chinese hourglass . spider. so while li didn't exactly find an . ancient relic he still found something . that has a long ancestry as the spiders . name suggests its . lower abdomen is shaped like one half of . an hourglass unlike an hourglass though . the abdomen is a muddy brown allowing . the spider to blend in with its . surroundings the only exception to this . is the disc which caps the bottom of the . abdomen and led lee to believe that it . found an antique another more generic . name for the creature that lee found is . a trapdoor spider this name comes from . the fact that the animal lived in an . underground burrow it uses its hard . abdominal disc to close the burrows . entrance and to protect itself from. predators and the elements the chinese . name of the hourglass spider is lee shi . pan foo shoe and is latin derived . scientific name is silo cosima rickety . the spider is of extreme scientific. value entomologists as our holy told . people daily and it is definitely a rare . species in sichuan province lee's . discovery was made even more remarkable . by the fact that the hourglass spider is . usually found it says shang and foo . yoong provinces rather than session and . although it was known that the creatures . can tolerate temperatures as cold as 55 . degrees fahrenheit the winters in . session tend to be far colder so lee's . find had therefore helped to advance our . understanding of the spider as peculiar . and even frightening as the chinese . hourglass spider might appear on first . sight some people nonetheless keep . spiders of the same cycler kasnia genus . as pets this is possible due to the . spiders calm temperament although its . rarity and strangeness also make it . attractive but lee has no intentions of . buying a spider tank for his mantelpiece . on average the female of the species has . a disk with a diameter of half an inch . and is just over an inch long but even. if the size of the spiders body is . modest its market value certainly isn't . they discovered that the spider can sell . for around twelve thousand yen rmb which . is about $1,900 and having learned this . lee decided to trade the spider to . someone looking for a new pet which is . likely to secure him a sum of money . greater than millions of chinese people . earn in a single year please share this . video with your friends below . 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