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A huge war between The Golden Empire (Yellow Crazy Ants) and mites has been underway and we initially hoped exposing the ants to lemons would help rid them of their mites. However, 4 weeks later the mites have persisted and after speaking with some biologists we learned that the ants needed to be moved out of their home asap. By popular vote, the Golden Empire's new home was going to be a huge planted terrarium, one we call the Hacienda Del Dorado. Watch the drama unfold as the ants continue forward against this epic war vs mites.
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Caption: Oh boy . ac family i have some news . the golden empire are yellow crazy ant . colony is still battling with mites. we've tried the lemon therapy and after . four weeks the mites are still around . and so we are ready to enter our next . face to help our golden empire here when . their war against the hungry parasites. introducing hacienda del torrado the . golden estate after we uploaded our . video for weeks ago i was able to get in . touch with some experts on aunt might . relationship these biologists all said . the population of light is unnatural and . endangers the colony so the s must be . moved out of their set up asap so . instantly fled to twitter and asked you . guys what new home we should give our . golden empire and by forty percent . margin you guys chose for them to move . into a big planted terrarium you won't . want to miss all of this crazy and. action ahead so keep watching until the . end ac family let's caravan together . into these new lush territories as we. continue forward in this golden empire . saga with mike and this episode of the . and canada sanchez feels like before . weeks have truly been an eye-opener for . those of you who might be new. no pun intended our golden empire here . our yellow crazy ant colony has been . struggling with a frightening mite. infestation the mites warm in there set . up a form on their garbage and they . covered the antibodies these foreign . invaders appeared one day and we had so. many questions about if they were . harmful and where they came from . we tried using lemons to battle the. might but they have proved ineffective . over four weeks however thankfully i was . able to get in touch with dr. caitlin . you campbell from unc pembroke north . carolina a mite biologist . okay so here's the lowdown on these . months these mites are arrested . matted might probably in the family a . carroty or his steals commodity turns . out these astok matted mites have . interesting life cycles they are . free-living and highly mobile as larb i . programs students and adults but get . this. we have a special life stage between. prominence and tribal names cause a dude . on this stage the might at this doodle . min stage our forensic on other . arthropods which means they hitch right . on other insects and such and the highly . compact and pierre drop shape these . doodle names are what we see on the . bodies of our golden empire dr. campbell . said she doesn't think these sporadic . lights are directly harming our aunts of . the golden empires because these types . of estimated might as far as their . record shows are fun divorce bacterial . board and cabbages . oh what a relief right guys additionally. get this these doodles mites writing the . end don't even have mouth or anuses ss . life stage they are specially designed . at this stage to simply ride the ends . and dispersed to a new area so why did . these mites which normally eat and . garbage or stuff caused by our and . garbage decide to enter this doodle and . phase in the first place and attached to . the end . well dr. campbell said the might enter . this doodle mint dispersal stage due to . environmental cues either related to the . host our and/or their hosts habitat our . and set up here she said that often one . sees unhealthy might load the rise when . the host is suffering already from other. issues or the environment suddenly . experiences drastic droves over-watering . or changes in food resources meaning . either too much food or too little while . that made for a lot of possible . circumstances. it meant that the might somehow entered . our setup and decided to enter this adds . body attachment faith because either our . answer somehow weekend or sick or . because our setup was too dry and note . we do not water rac out world in order . to keep the answer nesting in the hybrid . minus or our setup was too moist and . note our hybrid nest is moistened every . few weeks or there was either too much . or too little food my goodness all such . great info but so many more questions . it would have been really hard to tell. what really caused my to become and body . like these doodle meant but what this . did tell us with the typical setup that . works for most standard ends meaning the . dry out world moist nest arrangement of . most and capers was not working out for . our golden empire now i was also able to . get in touch with raymond amended an . expert in keeping captive and colonies. and designer of some of the world's. greatest museum and displease he says . that in the wild many ant colonies just . simply move when mites appear from . harvester ants to tree and colonies move . out when these natural cleanup crews . show up he pointed out that if one goes . and picks up abandoned as message for . cuts into the wood of wood flooring . three-piece one will often find a . million pile full of mice and other . predators or peritectic this ability to . move however is not available to captive. colin don't ask kept in captivity just . have to live with whatever conditions. the and keeper provide student and the. mics so what this meant was that our . golden empire and the mice can actually . coexist . but they require the straight to be able . to migrate accordingly are and seeded . the ability to move away when the might . came to eat your garbage and might need. the opportunity to find their garbage. day around it but at the same time have . conditioned consistent enough hydration . and food wise so that they don't enter . this bothersome doodlenet stages and . attach themselves to our and so the next. step was to offer our golden empire a . setup which allowed this movie . and migration behavior away from the . light activity on our twitter page we . set up a pole and among all the choices . you guys chose for the answer to move . into a huge planted terrarium . by the way if you guys aren't following. us on twitter complete to follow our . official twitter him so we can stay . connected during times like this where i . need real-time feedback between video. uploads so a huge planetarium it was and . it was going to be called hacienda . eldorado the golden state and the state . it certainly was going to be i went out . and bought a massive 75 gallon tanks and. using a variety of different plants soil . media rocks andrew thought i was able to . create our new home for the golden and . pipe the construction process took about . an allen the new heavy-handed errado . with its new semi-tropical habitat but . now ready for our golden empire ac . family let's take a tour shall we. here you will see airplanes all engines . which are great plants because they. don't require soils they are called . airplanes because they absorb water from. the moisture in the air and they are . epiphytic which means they attach two . branches of trees here you'll see . beautiful bonsai trees which gives me as . a nice area to climb and they're. actually blossoming perhaps the answer . will enjoy some nectar i have also . included a small bush of the most . beautiful blue firm i love friends for . terrariums because they require low. light levels and grow well in tanks same . as this spike its plant which is great . for finding let's take a look at my . favorite part of our hacienda eldorado . the driftwood we have three large ornate . pieces of driftwood which add dimension. to the territories the one of the most . significance . it's this piece which i anticipate the . golden empire will choose to inhabit i . chose this driftwood piece because it . offered an amazing cavity underneath it. as well as some good holds four . entrances. despite this the hash and eldorado . offered many ideal locations where the . ants could ness including under rocks . around the plants and inside or around. the various driftwood pieces with plans . to set up the lighting needs to be good . we fixated to full spectrum fluorescent . tubes as well as for spot lamps for . something spots over our plants it made . for a very attractive display of the new . territories now here is why i really . felt this happy and eldorado with the . best new home for the end. first the amount of space was perfect to . allow for this a state matter regulation . let's just invent that term for now the . answer could establish a nest somewhere . in this terrarium and then simply move . to another area when the microsites one . their garbage or the end had much more . space to create a garbage piles far away . from their nest and isolate the mic . population in that area second this . setup also offer the ants with digging . medium which meant the golden temple . there now had the freedom to bury their . garbage and further isolate the lights . third with digging medium and science . presence we didn't have to worry about . the environment being too dry or too wet. it could stay constant and hopefully . keep our estimated might from becoming . do donuts and attaching two are . antibodies theoretically the doodle . names attaching to our ends now will . enter with the ants into the house and . eldorado be exposed to the new ideal . environment and develop into adults like . there by detaching themselves from are . antibodies let's hope this happens so . here we go ac family here with the plan . first i had to apply our anterior . luckily this tank was created with an. upside-down lip like raci world which is . perfect for applying our baby powder and. rubbing alcohol makes i was going to . detach this tube here remember our . control to which had no lemon in it . well it was the most infested part of . the golden empires territory so i . intended it to be as far from our new. portal into the hacienda dorado as . possible i assume the mobile non-google . might weren't as quickly moving as our . end. so with this to being the first section . from the hacienda dorado the least . amount of might would migrate into the. new home now attaching to the nest would .

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