A Woman Took In These Geriatric Chihuahuas Then They Adopted An Adorable Misfit Of Their Own

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Elderly dogs are sadly overlooked during adoptions, but they often still have so much to offer. One woman, for example, gave a senior Chihuahua a home and didn’t realize how much it would change her life. Now she has four, and she even recently welcomed an unlikely member to the pack.

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A woman took in these geriatric . chihuahuas then they adopted an adorable . misfit of their own elderly dogs are . sadly overlooked during adoptions but. they often still have so much to offer . one woman for example gave a senior . chihuahua a home and didn't realize how . much it would change her life . now she has four and she even recently . welcomed an unlikely member to the pack. back in . julie daugherty from los angeles saved a . life the victim in question was a little . 11 year old chihuahua called momo whose . previous owner had surrendered him to a . high kill shelter and the state he was . left in was appalling luckily for the . poor pooch she was soon transferred to . california's tiny loving canines tlc. rescue center and that's where dr. d . found him my first senior adoption was a . happy accident. she told the dodo in september of 2016 i. discovered momo fell in love with him . and we bonded over his rehabilitation . and care certainly momo was in drastic . need of some tender love and care not . only did he have hearing troubles but he . also led to have an eye surgically . removed i came to realize then how . heartbreaking lee overlooked this large . category of shelter dogs are and how . ideal senor adoption was for me dotard . he added indeed daugherty's experience . with momo led her to taking in four . other senior chihuahuas bonito linda . jolie churro and lalo flan they were all . rescues one from animal synergy and two . others from tlc however lalo only lived . another two and a half years with dodi . before succumbing to cancer for the rest . though dr. dee's house has become a . canine retirement home the youngest dog . is age 13 and the oldest is 16 together . they get through each day with their . various ailments including heart failure. dental problems and arthritis and though . they aren't their prime they do . nevertheless have some advantages over . younger dogs things are pretty calm with . these four no hyper chewing puppy energy . no need for long walk . with senior pups you'd never have to nap . alone they sleep a lot and have an . enormous capacity for love with an . attitude of gratitude . daugherty told the dodo but not being as . active as younger dogs doesn't mean that . they don't have a lot of personality on . the contrary in fact momo is a people . person bonito is the most relaxed and . khloe's the funniest last but not least . paloma is the natural leader of the pack. each is so unique but equally. entertaining dodi added and while in any . household they might tease one another . sometimes they're usually one big happy . family paloma and bonita are the closest . dodi explained to the dodo moe tends to . like his space. chole will invite himself and flop next . to anyone he especially enjoys . tormenting benito but was the family . dynamic about to change for more than a . year dotard he's been volunteering at a . leis love my neighbor foundation on skid . row providing food and clothing for . homeless and vulnerable people and . during this time she fell in love with a . little kitten . the tiny cat was in the arms of a young . woman who had just rescued it she . explained she'd saved the cat from being . tossed around in one of the tents which . lined the streets as makeshift doe judi . went on to tell the dodo in october 2016 . but the poor thing had no home. the woman knew she wouldn't be able to . keep it she was asking if any of us knew . a rescue where we could take the cat not . having a game plan in place but knowing . i had to save this kitten that day i . came home with a cat . dosher he added she named me two and a . half week old kitten rosita of course at . that age the cat needed bottle feeding . and round-the-clock care and while dodi . was up to the task there was still one . pressing question to be answered. how would her dogs react indeed even . dodi was apprehensive about whether the . chihuahuas would accept the little cat. but after introducing them all she . realized that she had no reason to worry . the pups were very inquisitive with her . for about five minutes and then totally . unfazed dodi recounted still the . chihuahuas did have to make some . adjustments with rosita around their . retirement home rosina's energy level. goes from off the charts and then . immediately to a nap time . which is more accepted by the crew don't. you d explained to the dodo each dog has. had their own personal tolerance level . with the hyper kitten mode as a former . breeder dog paloma doesn't have much . patience for a baby anything anymore . as for benito he's still a little shy of . the new furry housemate of course at . their age the dogs are allowed to be a. bit grumpy from time to time so young. rosita is learning to test her limits as. one of the pack momo has had the most . patients with the little kitty though. and has a lot of love to give her and . it's jolie who keeps rosita the most . entertained jolie seemed to be most . interested to play which didn't really . surprise me dotard he said i've always . felt he's a bit cat like himself but . despite their clashing energy levels . rosita fits in with the dogs just like . part of the family she does everything . with her new pack from playing and. eating to nap time and although the . living conditions are on a trial basis . things seem to be going well indeed . after all although the chihuahuas found . their forever home later on in life they . can now finally enjoy the retirements. and rosita is sure to keep things . exciting for them the dogs advanced age . meanwhile also means that their owner . really appreciates each moment she has . with them we don't know how long we have . together but each day we share we see as . a gift. dody told the dodo her commitment to . helping these senior dogs is commendable . and now all five of them have a life . spring of kitten energy to keep them all. on their toes. .
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