Adding Fish to My Patio Pond! (Dalmatian & Balloon Mollies)

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This week, join me as I finally add some new fish to my patio bowl pond! I chose a group of dalmatian mollies, lyretail balloon mollies, and lyretail black and gold mollies to put in my 30 gallon patio pond from Aquascape. They've been in the pond for just 3 weeks and have already had babies - so cute! Let me know what you think of them in the comments section down below and until next time, Stay Gold!
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Caption: Oh my gosh there's a baby what well then . i guess they're happy in here hey guys . it's jenny and welcome back once again . to solid gold now today i have to come . clean about something to you guys . alright because i've been keeping a . secret from you guys for a little over . three weeks i actually filmed a whole . video about getting these new fish . that's right i got a new fish for the . patio bowl pond behind me here which . i'll show you guys in just a second but . i got them right before the orlando koi . show and i filmed the whole video of. adding them to the bowl pond and i just . didn't get a chance to edit it before . the koi show so if that video got put on . the back burner and then after the koi . show there were all these other exciting . new videos that i wanted to do so it . kind of got pushed back until finally . today when i get to spill the beans with . you guys that i did get some new fish . about three weeks ago for the patio bowl . pond and i finally get to show you guys . let's quickly flashback to three weeks . ago when i got the fish and set them up . in the bull pond . this week we are adding fish i talked . about wanting to add one or two goldfish . to this bowl pond but after giving it . some more thought i decided to go in a . little bit of a different direction for . a few reasons . one this bowl pond is only thirty . gallons which technically because i have . such hefty filtration here with this urn . filter i could make it work but i kind . of want a type of fish that's gonna be a . little bit more of a low maintenance . type of fish per here in this patio bowl . pond especially considering the fact . that i'm already gonna have so many . massive aquariums in the fish room for . goldfish i don't really need this. additional space for goldfish as well . and also i live in florida which means . my options for outdoor pond fish are a . little bit more expanded as compared to . some more temperate regions of the world . a little bit of an update here on the . bowl pond i've got of course this urn . filter here which as i showed you guys . in the last video about this has tons of . biological and also mechanical. filtration inside of it there so that'll . be able to support pretty much any . aquatic life i want to put here in this . pond my plants have started feel . in quite a bit there's the creeping. jenny there which has really taken off i . still just have one single lilly pad up . at the surface actually you guys didn't . see that in the last video but i posted . about it on instagram and facebook this . plant here has already put out two brand . new leaves they're these green ones here . this plant looks like it's putting up . this new this new leaf here which is . currently curled up but as it keeps . growing it's gonna unfurl all the other . ones look like they're doing pretty well . too except for maybe this one this one i . don't know if i don't know it's probably . just acclimating to the new situation . and it'll come back in in time so with . that being said i'm gonna head on over . to my local fish store now to pick up . the fish and bring them back here and . put them in the pond two hours later all . right guys here they are they're so cute . oh my gosh all right so i ended up . getting molly's if you can't tell and . there's an assortment of different kinds . in here and there's 15 fish total there . are 10 black-and-gold lyretail mollies . those are the orange and black ones with . kind of the pointed ends on their tails . those are super pretty and then there . are three dalmatian mollies i would have . gotten more of those but three is all . the store had i just think they're so . cool obviously i love anything black and . white so that was an obvious choice and . then i also couldn't help myself and i . had to get two balloon mollies - i . wasn't planning on getting any balloon . mollies when i went into this because. i've heard that they're a little more . sensitive than your your standard molly . but i just connected with them on the . same level that i connect with goldfish . because of the chubby cuteness i just . couldn't help myself . so i had to get a couple of those - look . at these guys they're just so cute the . water in the bag is a little bit warmer . than the water in the pond right now so . i'm just going to float their bag in . here for 20 minutes and see if the . temperature is matched by then just a . quick tip guys for those of you that . have multiple tanks like me which is . probably most of you watching this you . probably also have multiple pythons or . water change hoses and it's kind of hard. to tell them apart because they all look . exactly the same so i found these . a little wrap around tags on amazon . they're actually made for like plant . nurseries you can wrap them around twigs. and branches of plants and trees and . stuff to label them and they work . perfectly on this part of the python . water changer right here so you just . clip them on there's like four different . colors to so you can either just use the . color coding to tell them apart or you . can even write on them with sharpie too . and they're waterproof because they're . plastic so i thought these were really . neat and super handy because i have so . many different tanks now and so many. different water change hoses because i'm . trying to keep each system kind of . separate as much as possible anyways and. it doesn't really help when the hoses . all get jumbled up in your aquarium . storage bin and you can't tell them . apart a few moments later all right my . little mollies have been floating here. in the pond for the past thirty minutes . so it's time to open the bag and let . them loose in the tank i'm so excited to . see them swimming around in there so . what i'm gonna do is i'm just gonna dump . the entire bag very gently into this net . that's suspended over a bucket and the . fish are gonna get trapped in the net . while the water goes through and spills . into the bucket. [music]. and then you just take the net and drop . it into the pond or the aquarium . whichever it is that you have i love how . they're like halloween and fans cuz . they're all black and orange all right . guys you ready to swim free in the . siegel pond . thank you all right this isn't a glass . box we don't know what to do with this . all right everybody get out of the net . please . there we go so there you have it guys i . finally got to show you the fish that i . got from my little patio bull pond out . here on my back porch i love having . these mollies here in the pond they're . really low maintenance they're really . fun to watch and look at they actually . do have a lot of personality and spunk a . lot like a goldfish but with a lot less . maintenance and i worry about them a lot . less than i would if they were goldfish . they're really fun they're really easy . and they look great in here too they . have bright flashy colors so they really. stand out amongst the plants if they're . swimming around speaking of the plants . the plants have grown a ton here's my . little tropical lily and it's not even . so little anymore we now have . lily tags up at the surface and the . other thing about this that's kind of . annoying to me but it is what it is is . all of the plants are not looking their . best. from this angle because they're all . facing towards the sun they're all. facing towards the screen so that the . sun can hit the surfaces of their leaves . and they can soak up as much sun as . possible which means that the plants . look the best from the backside of the . patio pond so i'm thinking about maybe . moving this to the other side of my back. patio here so that the plants will. actually face towards the front of the . bowl. but it's not that big of a deal . especially once they fill in even more i . think it'll start to look better but . right now it's kind of at an awkward . phase where all the plants are kind of . like leaning away but anyways back to . the lily these are gorgeous and look at . how much they have grown it's probably . doubled in size since i first got it . like the actual size of a pad itself has . doubled i'll put a little clip or a . picture or something to show you guys . for a size comparison what it used to . look like but it is so much bigger now . and there's so many so many gorgeous . lily pads the creeping jenny is really . taking off and starting to spread what i . hope is gonna happen and actually what . is starting to happen is that it's just . because this is kind of like a vining . creeping plant it just creeps along and . runners like this and puts out roots as . it goes you can see the roots coming . down out of it so anywhere that it can . latch on to it just latches on and it . keeps on growing this runner decided to . just pop straight up and have some nice . new green healthy-looking leaves on it. this one is not doing so well it just . doesn't like this setup or something i . don't know this one here actually though . it's doing quite well this is way way . taller than it was when i first planted . this red plant here these two leaves on . top are brand-new and they're huge - . these are big leaves this one is putting . out a bunch of new leaves there's so . many new leaves going on here it is. awesome. i also added a light it's angled up at . the downspout of the urn filter so the . light reflects off of the water splashes . and it looks so cool at night it . actually kind of looks like we have one . of those like bull fire pit things . sitting out on the porch but actually . it's just the light reflecting and . bouncing off of the the trickling water . i mean i figured that they would breathe . eventually but already i'm only having . for three weeks that's so exciting . wow i can't believe it wow . there's a lot of foliage for them to . hide in and there's kind of this shallow . area that's created because of a plant . pot so i bet they hide in there a lot oh . my god. wow this is really cool i was not . expecting this . anyways i do have pet snails i'm . assuming that they came in on the plant . they're out in the big pond as well i . don't really mind them too much because . they're not going crazy yet maybe . eventually they'll start to become . really annoying to me but right now so . far i'm not too annoyed about it . actually in a way than being here in . both ponds just kind of adds another . element it adds another living thing to . look at and admire in the pond so as . long as they don't get too out of hand i . don't mind them too much i should . probably stop teasing them and actually . feed them now come and get it there they . go they're so cute. here's one of my balloon mollies this is . the male balloon moly it's actually a . lyretail balloon molly that's the female . flyer tobler molly if anyone out there . loves goldfish but their tank is too . small i would definitely recommend some . mollies because they are very very cute . although they are going to probably . breed like crazy especially if they're . happy in their environment and i have . all their needs be met they're gonna . breed like crazy and produce too many . babies so you might have to give some . babies away but there are pretty fun. little alternative to goldfish i will . say so yeah guys there's the update on . my patio bowl pond i'm really loving the . mollies i'm curious to hear from you . guys about which of my new mollies is . your favorites you guys prefer the . balloon mollies do you like the. dalmatian mollies or do you like the . orange black one i personally think it's . cool to have a little bit of a mix of . all of them but unfortunately the . dalmatian mollies are kind of dark and . so they don't really show up really well . in the bolt on and i have to say . probably because i'm a goldfish person . myself the balloon mollies are . definitely my favorite that's all for . now guys thank you so much for watching . another of my videos if you enjoyed this . video make sure you subscribe and also . hit that bell button youtube is making . all kinds of crazy changes these days . and unfortunately just subscribing . doesn't mean that you actually get all . of that person's videos but if you hit . the bell button that'll make sure that . you guys see all my videos as soon as . they are released as new videos so thank . you guys for watching and i'll see you . in next week's video until then stay . gold. .

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