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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote looks back at the WORST animal bites he has taken since launching the Brave Wilderness channel!
From Alligators to Giant Desert Centipedes our fearless host has been bitten by some pretty formidable chompers.
Get ready learn why animals bite Coyote...A LOT!

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Caption: I'm coyote peterson and i'm about to be . bitten this is worse than a sting one . two . yeah he got me. it's a fair statement to say that my job . bites and i guess sometimes it also . stings but today we're not going to talk . about stings we're gonna save that for . another video because this episode is . all about the worst bites i have taken . thus far on the brave wilderness channel . there have been many like the collared . lizard which really wasn't that bad . and then there was the spotted lizard . which also wasn't that bad i think we . can all remember the houndour mite who . that was a living nightmare and even . something like the burmese python which . did draw blood but really left me pretty . unscathed now most of the bites i take . are intentional but then again sometimes . they happen on accident just like the . gila monster oh that was not a good day . now what i want to do is count down the . top five best and when i say best i mean . most painful bites that i've taken over . the course in three years on the brave . rulers channel and to kick it off let's . travel back down to west virginia where . i had the unique opportunity to get up . close for a day of tactical training . with man's best friend . you will feel every bit of the pressure . from the bite of the dog oh yeah just no . puncture but you have to wear if you. want to get taken down by a canine all . right jay are we ready i think we're . ready you ready mario then we're rolling . one two . run it to the top of all three . man she's a lot stronger than you would . think spinner mihrab circles but i can . see easily take down a criminal you know . despite her ferocious appearance maya is . actually the most kind-hearted and . loving tactical attack dog i think you . probably could have ever worked with. now adult makes a good pet but you know . it doesn't make a good pet an alligator . i think you guys all remember this . episode so let's travel back down to . florida and see what happens when your . baby alligator reaches his fourth . birthday. well the footage . i am trying to mentally put myself in a . place where i'm not going to feel the . pain it's the real deal this is the real . deal all right junior go easy on me . buddy ready everyone ready roli . here we go one two oh yeah he is into my . arm yes hold on . yep all right that feels like big . needles going into my forum and i can . see there that those teeth are deep down . into my skin oh yeah he's really whole . nine all right i think to get him to let . go i'm gonna try to just pry his jaw . down a little bit and put my arm out you . ready no he's not letting go . he's locked out of my arm guys you know . what let's get a bottle of water ah . there are some teeth underneath that . have just popped through the owners side. of my arm all right i'm gonna dump a . little bit of water on you ready here we . go . all right buddy let go let go oh i don't . want him to like slide back why not . harder and harder and harder believe it . or not my arm was stuck in the mouth of . that alligator for seven minutes still . want to get an alligator as a pet . now reptile bites can be really bad . because oftentimes they can cause . infection this next bite didn't exactly . go according to plan i don't think this . is one that i'm ever going to forget . oh boy we are seconds away from we've . been chomped by the common snapping . turtle coyote your gopro is rolling this . is crate this is crazy this is crazy. i'm coyote peterson and i'm about to . enter the chop zone with the common . snapping turtles are you ready do this . one too . three . ah ah he missed the wood oh my gosh okay . i'm not gonna touch the turtle he missed . the wood this is bad . yes ah oh mario give me a bottle of . water he's by not harder he's mine i . heard that's not working that's not . working oh boy i want to go straight to . the straight to the rubbing alcohol . he's got the back side of my hand yep go . ahead just kind of dump some into his . into his mouth there ready real light . real light okay there we go she's trying . to get off he's trying to get off there . he goes oh wow . major holes in my hand okay let me dip . him in the water to get that rubbing . alcohol off there you go little buddy oh . my goodness yeah ah geez . ah man he bit right there and slid off . to the side ah oh that hurt it missed . the wood i honestly couldn't think of . anything else to say in that moment . because the pain was so incredible . fortunately my tea was on hand and mario . jumped in to help me get the turtle off . of my hand now i said it before and i'll . say it again guys do not try to catch . snapping turtles because if you were . bitten trust me it's gonna be a really . bad day now the next bite is one that i . have avoided for a very long time but . due to popular coyote pack demand i . finally decided to face my fears and go . through with it i'll tell you what i've . been bit by this creature as a child and . trust me when i say it is absolutely . excruciating look at that creature an . alien from another planet i'm not doing . the scene in the dark guys who are we. until tomorrow morning and yes i'm going . to let my big toe be bitten by the toe . biter wow look at that . [music]. it is so strong the grip good grip good . grip. are we ready okay here we go . ah ah this guy's is worse than a sting . oh i don't like foot is throbbing this . is like this is like dropping a brick on . your tone i can't move the feeling of . that rostrum going into your toe is like. the pain is unbelievable and i think it . goes without saying guys then whatever . you do try to avoid shining water bucks . now i guess as i say that i also . realized that our number one most . painful bite needs no elaborate . introduction so if you guys are ready . let's jump right into being bitten by a . giant desert centipede not a beat . holy this oh no no it's smooth give it . that tough work container i got a pin . whoa that is a big thing that will get . your heart racing the bite from this . creature is one of the most painful here . in the southwest and if there's one . creature that gets my heart racing . it is the giant desert centipede here we . are 7 o'clock in the morning i think we . all know what's going to happen all . right guys i'm gonna do it i'm gonna be . bitten by the giant desert centipede so . that i can explain to you just how . painful the bite from this creature . really is i'm gonna gently go in and pin . it ready yep. there's the commitment okay got a hold . on it and those little legs are digging . into me whoa look at those fangs my . goodness okay here we go . immediately searing oh my gosh is so . much worse than a bullet in sting . this is searing my skin oh my gosh this . is the worst pain i've felt since i yell . monster this absolutely just completely . eclipses all the insect stings i've . taken that episode still makes my skin . crawl and trust me when i say a bite . from the giant desert centipede is the . worst bite i have ever taken . now the venomous bites are oftentimes . worse than the non venomous bites and no . matter what if you're ever bitten by an . animal make sure that you seek medical . attention but i have to tell you guys . always try to avoid being bitten and the . best way to do that is to simply admire . these creatures from a safe distance now . i know a lot of you are wondering and . maybe even writing in the comments . section below . kylie are you going to be bitten by a . great white shark no i can be bitten by . a lion no . are you gonna be bitten by a tiger no . guys i'm not going to be bitten by any . of these major predators or highly . venomous snakes when it comes to bigfoot. well that might make a pretty. interesting episode if we could actually . find one i'm coyote peterson be brave . stay wild we'll see on the next . adventure . hey coyote pack i have some exciting . news i'm proud to announce that the crew . and i will be back on tour in 2018 with . brave wilderness live visiting cities . all across north america our first shows . are in anaheim and san diego california. from there we head to phoenix arizona . beyond that we will be visiting san . francisco california portland oregon . seattle washington and boulder colorado . with many more shows to be announced in . the coming months tickets can be . purchased at the brave wilderness. website so make sure to reserve your . seats today and don't forget subscribe . so you can join me in the crew on this . season of breaking trail . i'm coyote peterson be brave . [applause]. .

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