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With an ant overpopulation problem, we add a praying mantis into our ant farm terrarium in hopes to control the population of our yellow crazy ant colony.
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Caption: Warning: what you're about to see in this. video will blow your mind!. keeping an ant colony is very much like caring. for a growing city. you starts small, with just a few pioneering. members, but over time, you find yourself. managing a booming metropolis with a massive. population. but what do you do when the population of. ants reaches a point of unsustainability . welcome to the hacienda del dorado, home of. our mighty golden empire, our huge colony. of yellow crazy ants who are so close to outgrowing. their space, resources, and even food. if you've been following this channel for. awhile, you know that this ant empire has. conquered some incredible past events that. have only strengthen them. these ants have survived a mite plague, they've. even survived carnivorous plants in their. lands, so today i was about to try something. i never ever thought i'd attempt. the golden empire's unchecked population absolutely. needed to be controlled somehow and fast,. so i was left with no choice, but to resort. to the introducion of a very well-known predator. to help curb their population. today, we will be releasing into the hacienda. del dorado, a praying mantis. but will the praying mantis survive against. our golden hoarde. who will end up eating who . you won't want to miss a single action-packed. moment, as well as a surprise revelation of. what else i found living inside the hacienda. del dorado, so keep on watching until the. end!. ac family, today we discover just how complex. the predator-prey relationship can be in the. world of insects, in this episode of the antscanada. ant channel. please subscribe to my channel and hit the. bell icon. welcome to the ac family. enjoy. check out the hacienda del dorado today. it is amazing to see how much this terrarium. has evolved and changed over time. it seems every month the terrain and relationships. between the living things inhabitting these. lands evolve. what i find the most impressive is the vegetation. in this terrarium. these lands have developed into a magical. and wild rainforest!. check out these vines of the ficus that have. carpeted all areas of the terrarium. it is by far the main botanical monopolizer. of these territories. and what's amazing is that it also has begun. to climb and attach itself to the glass. the roots are so effective at helping the. ficus' vines climb that the ficus plant manages. to cling onto microscopic ridges in the glass. surface. with all these plants that seemingly rule. this world, it doesn't seem like we have an. ant population problem at all. in fact, it even seems that there are less. ants seen than normal. but don't be fooled, ac family, for below. all the plant cover working silently but relentlessly. are workers of the golden empire. all these towering plants everywhere have. interestingly created a variety of different. niches and sections with their own microclimates. and unique spaces within the terrarium, which. the golden empire is enjoying now more than. ever. with a closer look at these bare areas, you. will see that ant activity is still busy as. usual. the golden empire still never sleeps and is. ready to get drastic at any moment. their grossly huge population is most evident. at feeding time. watch what happens, ac family, when i place. a roach into here. once a few members are made aware of the cockroach,. it isn't long before a mass of ants come ravaging. the cockroach. so as you can see, this colony which last. we checked had 8 queens, but may possibly. have more is still growing and active as ever. they are actually running out of space, and. soon, their demands for food may be hard for. me to keep up with. this colony is now up to 5 adult cockroaches. a night and a jar of small honey every 3- . days. that's a lot of food!. so you see, i absolutely needed to cut down. their population but in a way that was natural. and humane. adding carnivorous plants didn't seem to work. in the past. they only became insectivorous for a short. period of time, and the ants eventually started. piling dead insect parts into the pitcher. plants rendering the pitcher plants ineffective. when they were in insectivorous mode!. i also found that the pitcher plants created. pitchers in seasons, and it was now an off. season. no pitchers had grown from the stems. but i know what some of you might be thinking. is adding a major predator into the territory. of the golden empire a wise choice . after all, a few months ago we attempted the. introduction of some giant millipedes into. this terrarium to try to control the plant. life, but in the end they disappeared after. that. we never saw them again, and it has been months. since that introduction, so it was safe to. say the millipedes sadly had not survived. the golden empire. but hold on. ready for the plot twist . as i filmed the golden empire feasting on. their roach, a tiny movement caught my eye. it was a little peach-coloured creature. it crawled inconspicuously on the surface. of the soil, unphased by the ants that clamoured. about. my goodness, ac family!. i couldn't believe my eyes. this was a baby millipede!. the same species of the those that we added. several months ago. in fact, not only did i spot 1, but i spotted. several all around the terrarium!. this was amazing!. this meant that not only were the millipedes. that we introduced alive in here, but they. also were breeding!. the millipede introduction attempt was surprisingly. successful!. in fact, the baby millipedes crawled under. and through the ants' legs, and the ants didn't. seem to notice or care about the millipedes. being around. the two species were now living amicably together. and sharing living space!. it was just an incredible thing to discover. ok, before we move on, please leave your suggestions. for names for the millipedes in this terrarium. in the comments section and i will choose. my favourites for the ac family to vote on. in a future video. so you see, it certainly was possible for. some major creatures to live in here with. the golden empire. the state of the land just needed to be right. i believed that with all this lush plant cover,. new niches, varied topography, and generally. more places to hide and live apart from each. other, it made cohabitation and sharing of. living space a much easier matter for all. the inhabitants of the hacienda del dorado. this was why i strongly felt that if we were. to introduce a predator into these lands,. now was a good time to do it, more so than. before. so ac family, let's meet her, shall we . above the hacienda del dorado, awaiting in. her own holding cell, was our predator of. choice. behold, hierodula sp. , an asian praying mantis. isn't she just a beautiful specimen . wow!. our asian praying mantis here is just a juvenile. measuring about an inch long. she is an awesome brown colour, but her species. also comes in a bright green variety. if her abdomen wasn't showing signs of breathing,. i could have easily not seen her against a. natural background, as she stood perfectly. still. as the name suggests, they are native to the. tropics of southeast asia and are actually. among the largest of mantises. in fact, as adults they can reach up to centimetres or 3. 9 inches in body length,. excluding extended forelegs. perhaps my favourite feature are her eyes!. just look at them!. her eye sight is absolutely on point, and. those big eyes see extremely well. her head is capable of turning 360 degrees. allowing her to see all areas around her easily. they need good vision to hunt. mantises like this young lady here are voracious. predators, and at this size, she is the perfect. predator to feed on selected members of the. golden empire, and thereby be a living, natural. population stabilizer. i chose her for a few reasons. first, i knew praying mantises were naturally. voracious eaters, as they are even cannibalistic. in nature, often eating their own kind!. this meant that she could eat many ants, as. this was greatly needed. second, i also knew she had the skills and. capabilities to survive against the ravenous. golden empire within this terrarium. take her keen eye sight, for instance. not only were those eyes and fully rotating. head adept for hunting, but they were also. perfect for avoiding being hunted. i knew she would be able to spot any approaching. golden empire worker, giving her enough chance. to escape to safety if needed. they are also extremely intelligent creatures,. and you can almost see her thinking behind. that hypnotic gaze. i knew she had the brains to get away if she. needed to. this species of mantis is also extremely agile,. and inhabits shrubs and trees. she can jump around twice her body length,. especially at this age!. it was for this reason that i installed a. network of refuge vines for her, which were. not in contact with the ground, glass sides,. nor plants of the hacienda del dorado, meaning. she could retreat to it if she needed to,. but the ants who weren't capable of jumping,. would not have been able reach her there. finally, i chose this species as a predator. for the hacienda del dorado because of her. evolved method of killing. of course, we love all insects on this channel,. and even do our best to dispatch prey insects. as quickly and humanely as possible. those huge, razor sharp spines on the forelegs. of this mantis were specially designed to. kill prey effectively and quickly. i knew that if she were to kill our ants,. the death blow would be fast and quick, no. venom, no prolonged agonizing death. so ac family, it was time to do this. it was time to introduce this asian praying. mantis, an evolutionary ant-eating machine. to help us control the population of the golden. empire. here we go. 1 - 2 - 3. i transported the mantis onto a vine branch. without a fight, she accepted her new perch. i held my breath. instantly, she spotted the ants moving all. around her. she was clearly awake and stimulated, but. s

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