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Our fire ants, yellow crazy ants, and black crazy ants have never experienced living with aquatic companions like these! In this video our young Polyrhachis semiinermis ant colony (Lesser weaver ants) are under threat of attack from wild pharaoh ants who are looking to invade our new ant island named "El Dragon" situated in our brand new paludarium. In this episode we choose a guardian beast to unleash into El Dragon's waters, as well as go over what steps are needed in order to make sure our new El Dragon guardians are able to survive! This is an info-packed and intense episode with an unexpected, twist ending that will blow you away!
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Caption: [music]. until i saw it something crawling on the . glass that filled me with great concern . oh no . wild pharaoh ant scouts were checking . out this new island of ours it didn't . seem they could get across just yet this . is not good we can't have what happened . to our titans and our jaw breakers . happen to our new poli raucous ants it . was only a matter of time before thei . scouts will go back to their main colony . and let them all know of our lush island . the time has come ac family for the . release of some special guardians we . needed to add a colony of beasts into . the waters of l jorgen to protect our . island inhabitants and i knew the . perfect creatures for the job . [music]. enjoy it was clear that elder gaughan . was in the initial stages of a mass . invasion by these notorious wild ants. known as feral ants ants we've been . grappling with for months now . they still haven't moved out of my aunt . room and of course they would find our. ant island here alluring four on it they . could inhabit its rich virgin soils . receive a constant supply of insects and . honey and all the water and humidity . they needed not to mention a stout . fledging polly raucous colony with brood . to nourish them for at least a week or . two l jurgen needed some guardian beasts . to intercept the pharaoh ants plans of . invasion and protect our polly raucous . colony ac family i will take you through . the official release of these beasts . into elder gone but trust me you will . want to keep on watching until the end . for the crazy and unexpected event as . for our polly raucous colony they're . clearly oblivious to the amount of . danger they're in they just seem . completely happy to be moved into their . new home in this leaf pocket on elder . gone speaking of which the time has come . ac family to give bea's new polly . raucous ants an official name please. take a moment to vote here for your . favorite name from my top five favorite . suggestions from the comments of last . week's video thank you for your input ac . council this beginning acclimation . period for an ant colony is often the . most exciting and challenging stage for . any ant keeper because in these first . few weeks we get to learn via trial and . error what the ants want and don't want . i found that one can read all the and . keeping manuals in the world but in . reality every ant colony is different . and has its own personality . these polly raucous ants i find are. inquisitive but at times quite cheeky i . saw this worker wandering so i attempted. to figure out what it was looking for i . wanted nothing more than to give it . whatever it needed in order to help the . colony succeed. i tried offering a fresh piece of super . worm and okay . rejected and it assumed the threat posed . all right polly reiko-san . perhaps some honey might tickle your. fancy success she began licking the drop . and oh i guess sugar wasn't what she was . looking for either there was something . else on her mind what could she be . looking for i suddenly found her . seemingly trying to pick at something . from the driftwood and as i looked . closer i realized what she might be . looking for she wasn't looking for food . she needed building supplies as you may . have seen in our video a couple of weeks . ago these ants build homes in leaves . using the silk spun by their larvae they . glue leaf ends and debris together to. create these cozy nests . i tried offering the worker a piece of . spagna moss and a tiny bit of cotton . bingo she instantly took to it she . picked up the spagna moss pit but i . guess that piece didn't meet her . standards she inspected my offering a . bit more. it was amazing to be able to interact . with her like this which he approve of . my package of building materials and no. and here she is assuming a threat posed. again warning me not to come near her . all right i get the message . so instead of choosing for the ants i . figured i would give the ants the . opportunity to choose their building. material at their own discretion i tore . up more swag no moss and cotton bits and . placed them into a small container which . i placed on 2l jurgen island and as . planned in a few short hours the workers . were rummaging through our container . picking ideal pieces to bring back for . nest building it was awesome to see them . at work what an amazing and unique . behavior to witness in ants right ac . family it was like watching birds . building a nest seeking out and . gathering nesting meeting. [music]. and wow check out their nest progress it . seems like they've got a plan and . they're already looking pretty cozy and . insulated in there in the meantime back . to grave matters we need it to unleash . guardians into these waters just in case . the pharaoh ants decide to pull stunts . and attempt to get across this river . somehow by the way this river also needs . a name please take another moment to . vote among these top five name . suggestions here so we can give this . river an official name . so now ac family let's go over our short . list of candidates to be the protective . water beasts of elder gone turtles . archer fish crayfish frogs salamanders . house geckos newts betta fighting fish . white cloud minnows and mosquito wrasse . borås many of these were popular . suggestions from last week's video now . to narrow the list down i had to pass . each species candidate through three. specific criteria one ideal habitat . match to a taste for pharaoh ants but . not polly raucous ants and three . compatibility with shrimp so let's go. over our first criteria ideal habitat . match which of these species could . realistically and comfortably live in. this l dragon pallid areum right off the . bat turtles would be eliminated because . there is simply not enough space perhaps . a baby turtle might be able to live in . here but it wouldn't be long before it . up grew it and not to mention a turtle . would totally wreck this setup and god . forbid it bend a branch or plant enough . to touch a wall and form a bridge for . the feral ants to cross or our poly . rekha sense to escape this also . eliminates one of the top suggestions . from last week archer fish the water of . elder gone is only about eight gallons . in volume and super shallow which is . insufficient space for an archer fish . plus it would also try eating our polly . raucous our second criteria a taste for . pharaoh ants but not polly raucous we . don't want our water beasts to be . picking off our polly raucous islanders . this eliminates a lot of our candidates . frogs salamanders and crayfish would eat . both pharaoh ants and . hollyrock ascents that fall in or get . too close to the water a house gecko . though it would make a cool gargoyle . hunting feral ants crawling on the glass. walls would also relish any thali . raucous and it leaves us with four more . candidates newts better fighting fish . like cob minnows and mosquito wrasse . boris. so our final criteria was compatibility. with shrimp we didn't want our water . beasts to be feeding on our shrimp . colony which by the way also need a name . ac council vote here and get this . surprisingly the shrimp's have already . begun breeding so cool see this baby . here that triplet is super cute so we . can't have it become food for our new . river additions let's see who passes the . test. newts sadly don't make this cut seeing . as they relish aquatic crustaceans like . shrimp betta fighting fish though . gorgeous fish and a very popular. suggestion in the comments of last week . also don't make this cut because the . betas are large enough to eat the shrimp . 'lets and semi adult shrimp two more . candidates left white club minnows and . mosquito raspberries both very small . fish that swim in schools . turns out white called minnows which. grow up to 2 inches are twice as large . as mosquito russ boris which grow no . larger than 1 inch long so not only does . that mean white cub minnows can actually . feed on the tiniest shrimp --let's but . also that i couldn't keep as many white . cloud minnows in our river so it was . official ac family our new water beasts . were going to be a school of mosquito. rasp auras mosquito rosboroughs known . scientifically as per our osprey get a . are found in dimly lit slow-moving quiet . streams and ponds in the forest peat . swamps of west borneo this was perfect . because the rivers of el jurgen island . offered a lot of shady areas mossy areas. con areas and a stream they also loved . eating living mosquito larvae which in . my books was a plus in this size of . pallid areum i could comfortably housed . an impressive school of 10 mosquito . rosboroughs which was awesome i couldn't . wait to do it but before i could add our . mosquito russ for a fish into this river . there . something i needed to do first the . waters were not prepared to house a . school of fish just yet we first needed . to move in a special preparatory team. remember last week how i said that it . was essential that our river was . biologically established with enough . beneficial bacteria to properly sustain . life well right now the bacterial . colonies are still building up and are . doing okay at keeping our shrimp healthy . but i fear there may not be enough . beneficial bacteria to sustain a school . of fish. let me explain so without getting too in . depth with the biochemistry of it all . basically all animals excrete waste in . the water right excrement urine etc this . waste releases ammonia into the water . which is toxic to fish and aquatic . creatures now here's where the bacteria . work comes in ac family get this a group . of bacteria convert the ammonia to . nitrite which is even more toxic than . ammonia but another team of bacteria . consume this nitrite and converted to . nitrate which is a lot safer to fish . than ammonia and nitrite periodic . partial water changes helped remove t

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