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In this video I will be sharing with you how I bathe my pets. Bathing my pets isnt just as simple as putting my animals in the bath tub and showering them. Every animals cleaning or bathing needs is different, and I'll be showing you some surprising ways which my animals have to be maintained.
So, I present to you - Bathing all my pets (which can be bathed).
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[music]. hey what's up creatures its em and i'm . back today with another video for you . today . thank you presto always right on cue . stop okay today i'm going to be showing . you how i bathe my animals and the . methods behind them because bathing pets . can be fascinating it's not simply . dunking your animals in water like here. be clean be cleansed now as humans we . keep ourselves clean by either having a . shower taking a bath or going swimming . and we tend to use different soaps and . washes to help ourselves smell good but . animals needs are very different to our . human desires for some animals bathing . or submerging themselves in water can be . very beneficial to their health or even . essential but there are some animals . where it can be detrimental or even . fatal so please if you are thinking . about bathing your pet or thinking about . what your pet needs in order to be clean . or healthy please either consult a. veterinarian or consult multiple . different channels to see if you can . gather the information that you need or . check out different forums where you can . get all the information you need about . your specific species if you haven't . already remember to hit that subscribe . button down below become part of the. creature crew and also hit that. notification bell down next to subscribe . button if you haven't already and as . ever if you guys have any requests for . any videos you'd like leave a comment . down below hello in here is my first . animal that i'm gonna be bathing this . over here is fluffy fluffy is an. alligator snapping turtle and you might . think that's a bit silly you know he's . obviously aquatic he doesn't need to be . bathed but he does need some shell. maintenance and that's what i'm gonna be . showing you now full fluffy shell . maintenance i will be employing the use . of an old toothbrush of mine complete . with tunnel scrubber. [music]. so philosophy is going to have his bath. and for maintenance for the shell i just . use a toothbrush and with the toothbrush . let me just hold him here most of his . body weight is supported right now by . the water it's he's got like some good . buoyancy going on there and i'm just . gonna gently scrub the back of his shell . and this is to bring up all the algae . that's growing on his shell he's got a. lot of algae growing i know baby i'm so . sorry you don't do this very often with . him because it is obviously very . stressful for him and so we just to . every so often just to keep it off and . the algae doesn't necessarily hurt the . snapping crystal it actually helps them . to camouflage funnily enough but i just. rather keep him as clean as possible and . so i'm just going to spray good i don't . stress them out too much all in one go . snapping turtles can be kept with . permits in some states but i do not . recommend them as a pet although they're . shy and slow-moving when out of water . their beak is incredibly sharp even at . this size which isn't even half grown . keeping this turtle shell gives me a. chance to check for any signs of shell. rot or injury i do this only once every . few months but it's more frequent in the . summer with the extra heat. [music]. remember when i said that bathing could . be essential for some animals many . reptiles require to soak themselves in . order to have a complete shed if they're . not in a humid or moist enough . environment they can sometimes have an . incomplete shed which if built up over . time can cause a lot of health issues . soaking behavior can give you many clues. about your snakes health if your snake . seems to be soaking a lot it may have. snake mites sometimes excessive soaking. can be a sign of stress or that your . environment is too dry this is how i . soak my snakes in individual containers . with a little water. it also gives a great way to provide . some exercise for your snakes as many . species typically hog noses and ball . pythons tend to be overfed in captivity. so when you're actually gonna soak a . snake what you want to make sure is that . when you put the lid on you're not going . to trap their head or their tail so . there we go the tail is on the inside . the head is covered tail is nowhere near . the top and there you go if you can . perforate the tops of these so you can . have breathing holes but i personally . don't soak the snakes for more than . about gosh about five to seven minutes . so he doesn't really need any breathing . holes he's not gonna have any lack of . oxygen in there and also you want to . make sure that you always always monitor . your snakes when they're actually being . soaked and that's because they're . amazing escape artists and sun lids will . come off a little bit and if you go away . for even two minutes . i can guarantee you some little smart . snake is gonna find its way push its way . out and be like thea ok clifford you're . done you're just gonna stay there come . on sausage different to soaking is. swimming enrichment some snakes will . love to swim and float in the water at . their leisure carmo ball python for . almost 12 years loves to swim not just. soak best my adopted burmese python also . loves to swim perhaps because it takes . the strain of his heavy body off of his . bones and muscles for a few minutes in . the wild burmese pythons are well known . for their swimming ability interestingly . zombie my blind rescued gray banded . kingsnake loves to swim you can tell. that zombie is sensing her environment . she is very very calm she's not . thrashing typically. if you put a snake in water and they . start to thrash then they are panicking . part of why she's not panicking is . because she knows that there's this . massive anchor log right here and by . anchor log i mean that she can anchor . her tail on there or something if she . feels that she's getting into any . difficulty or if she wants a rest and . also what i've done in this pool is it's . actually much shallower so i can . literally just took a finger in there . and you can see that it comes roughly up . to here so it's like about an inch or so . deep whereas at the other side let me . come down here and show you so i can put . like my whole fist in there so it's much . shallower there she's actually enjoying . herself she's she was completely beneath . the surface just now she's a great . example she's actually got her head . completely submerged don't worry snakes. will not drown themselves she's a great . example of a snake that's just enjoying . a recreational swim car you're floating. away you're gonna just stay there car . hi just going with the flow its third . time different birds have different. bathing needs according to their plumage . my doves love to be sprayed with water . once a day they have a vast amount of . contour feathers which act as a shield . to keep out moisture so they're fairly . water resistant bubba cook the . kookaburra also likes to be sprayed or . he will bath himself in his avery pool . at the back there that's the right at . the back that is today the baby she does. not like to get particularly wet but you . know she is still a baby and then to the . left is preston to the right is vudu who . loves a bath and buddha will probably. stick her her wing up in the air let me. see if she'll do it let's see she might . just do it which is when she wants to . yeah there we go yeah and i only spray . one side of the enclosure because if the . birds do not want to get wet they will . move and they'll make it very obvious . that they're not wanting to get wet so . i'm not wetting the baby the baby is . just gonna hang out at the back there . but vudu is really really enjoying this . spray that i'm doing right here so i'm . really pleased to see that that is a . happy bird grinchy is unique among my. birds because he does not like to get . wet red-billed hornbills don't have the . same waterproofing on their contour . feathers so he soaks up water like a . sponge and can't get cold very quickly . grinchy needs something special so for . greinke i actually use a lot of . chinchilla dust green she goes through . two packs of these every week so that . gives you a rough indication of how much . green she loves to bathe himself not all . birds would like to bathe in dust it can . be quite fatal to some birds especially . in a confined area so you have to make . sure that if your bird is going to be . taking a dust bath or if you give them. the option considering that it might be . beneficial to that species but please . research the species you keep this is . not for all species of bird because it . can cause respiratory issues and birds . do have very very sensitive respiratory . systems so just make sure that you do . this in a well-ventilated area . [music]. [music]. here's someone who you've only met once. before this is blue this is the blue . tongue skink which danny brought home. last week and actually surprised me . while i was filming my video he. literally walked in while i was filming . was like look i brought home a skink now . i believe the story with blue is that . she was owned by a guy who is married to . a woman who thought that she he wasn't . taking proper care of her anymore . so they decided to give up to a pet . store and danny happened to be there at . the time and the pet store said you know . do you want her we don't really have . space to hold her right now and bring . her home so danny said yes and mostly . because he took pity on poor blue her . fingers due to having bad sheds and not . having stock shed removed her fingers. have actually become necrotic now what . that means is basically because skinks . need to shed their skin just the way . that many other reptiles such as snakes . will do she didn't have the proper . humidity to actually remove the shed . from her fingertips so it basically . wrapped around her fingers constricted . and has become so tight that it cut off . all the blood supply now especially at . the back you'll see when she's soaking a . bit better. she has already lost a few of her toes . that will never grow back she's always . going to have stumpy little toes but as . you can see even for a blue tongue skink . who which don't seem to get her on that . well anyway because they've got . ridiculous little redundant legs she. gets around just fine now this tub that. i've just placed blue inside that's been . in the sun now for quite a while so this . water is nice and warm with any reptile . you really don't want to just plunge . them into cold water because it can . really upset them and shock them and . you're just gonna have a reptile that's . running around thrashing all over the . place so this water is nice and warm now . with the water level high blue with the . water level it's . very shallow because not only our skinks . not built for swimming let's be honest . they're hardly even built for walking so . you don't want to give them any . opportunity to drown as they will drown . if you just plop them into a deep body. of water again always make sure that you . are giving them enough space to lift . their head this is mostly to soak her . feet and her front toes as well and also . she's got some stuck shed i don't know . if you guys can see just here so every. single day we've been soaking her and . more of this stuck shed let me see if i . can show you some of these scales come . off so that's really great we've got a . lot of it off already every now and then . there's a scale that i didn't even know . needed to have it shed come off and she . just keeps on surprising us because she . is a very surprising creature there we . go got a little bit more coming off as . well oh and many reptiles will actually . defecate when you put them in water. sometimes due to stress sometimes due to . the increased movement so there we go . we've got blue blobs in the water great . and we are back with brand new water in . the magical blink of a second which. actually took 15 minutes and blues blobs . have now become fertilizer thank you . very much for gracing us with your . beautiful blobs blue and also thank you . to everyone who left name . recommendations blue was a very popular . choice and as she went with blue not . because it was just the popular choice . but also because i just saw jurassic . world and i thought well why not she's . doing really well so thank you guys for . sending her your hopes and your prayers . and your wishes and i'm gonna get her . back inside now and give her her mineral . oil the time has come for us to talk . about something very important . bono's weasels don't beat your foot . legit just hit my faith now ferrets . don't actually have to be bathed all . that often in fact it's not good to . bathe them too much because it can . irritate they're normally very dry and . sensitive skin i bathe these guys maybe . once every three or four months even i . don't think they've had a bath since may . bathing a ferret will never get rid of . their odor that is a common . misconception among new pharaoh owners . if you do not like the smell of a ferret . just don't keep ferrets because there's . no way that you should be spraying . anything directly onto the fair . to make them smell better like no . perfumes nothing like that deodorizing. shampoos and things like that can be a . little bit of a scam so just realize . that nothing is gonna take away that . musty ferret smell you have to learn to . like it or love it . in my case when you're washing your . ferrets make sure that you use a . dedicated ferret shampoo this is the one . that i'm going to be using today it's . actually specially formulated for . ferrets and the formula will not dry or . irritate the skin of the ferrets which. is really really important it's dobby . first you ready the plunge . no she's not gonna like this i'm gonna . try and keep it brief . [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. their coats are really nice and fluffy . now hide our bear i'm gonna give them a . little reward now for being so good . nah no no if it's in a little bit some a . little bit soggy hey baby i'm so sorry . oh what did we do to deserve weasels you . guys were so good thank you so much it . gonna sniff your face good job guys i'm . sorry go to bed you're done you're done . okay today guys i hope you really . enjoyed it if you did enjoy it leave a . comment down below to let me know which . animal you enjoyed seeing the most if. you learnt anything or if you have any . questions leave a comment down below and . either myself or hopefully someone else. would jump on and help to answer your . question thank you guys so much for . watching i will see you in another video . soon bye . .
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