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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote is bitten by a Giant Water Bug!
Also known as a Toe Biter, these Water Bugs pack one seriously powerful chomp. Using their beak like appendage they inject a strong enzyme into their prey to consume them from the inside out! They also use this same tactic to ward off predators, or in this case a Coyote Petersonโ€ฆ
Get ready to see Coyote face his fears and brave the bite he has dreaded since his childhood!

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Caption: I'm the face your fears ah okay here we . go i'm coyote peterson i'm about to be . bitten by the toe biter on my big toe . one two . every time i leave from a kayak by . myself submerged beneath the swampy. surface i am absolutely terrified not . because i'm afraid of the giant . reptilian predator that i have likely . grabbed a hold of no no snapping turtles . don't scare me at all it scares me is . the alien looking creature that may be . hiding the tangles of pond plants that . it's infamously known as the toe biter . you guys know what that is right that's . my old arch nemesis the toe by area . scientifically they are known as the . giant waterbug . a nightmarish creature that we have . briefly featured in the past one of the . animals that i have continuously . expressed an honest fear uh nobody in . the right mind would do this i get . bitten by alligator any day as compared . to being stung by this thing with their . alien like appearance grappling hook . like arms and massive rostrum that can . inflict an incredibly painful bite trust. me when i say . is not something you want to bump into . when mucking around in the swamps yet. leave it up to the coyote pack to . request over and over again that i show . the world just how painful that fight . really is and in turn how to treat that . bite if you are ever so unfortunate to . take one . these water-dwelling insects can be. found worldwide now it's just my luck . that happened to be very common in costa . rica so the crew and i headed out into . the darkness of night when they are . actively hunting to see if we could find . one big one sure enough would certainly . give me a bite to remember i am looking . for a giant waterbug also known as a toe . biter and i'm pretty sure i saw one . right on the other side of that log what . i'm gonna try to do is actually go out . on this log you see this fallen log that. should get me right into perfect . position i don't want to disturb the . environment i'm gonna use this net to . try to scoop it up . [music]. [music]. wow it's big hold i'm coming right . towards you get out of that get in there . get in there get in there . that is a monster water bunny look at . the size of that thing . my goodness hold on let me get it out of . the net guys got lights lights look at . that creature an alien from another . planet my hand is shaking this giant . waterbug. also known as the toe biter i'm not . doing the scene in the dark guys who are. we until tomorrow morning. and yes i'm going to let my big toe be . bitten by the toe biter wow look at that . my goodness it's a beast they can fly . they can swim and their bite is one of . the most painful in the insect kingdom . not a sting guys it is a bite all right . i'm putting in the container you ready . get the lid on it trust me you don't . want this one getting into your boots . warning the bite from a giant water bug . is non-lethal meaning however it is . excruciatingly painful ever attempt to . recreate the following scene there it is . the little shop of horrors itself the . giant waterbug . [music]. also known. now let me tell you guys a little story . about when coyote peterson was 8 years . old i was out in the swamps searching . for snapping turtles wearing nothing . other than shorts and a t-shirt wading . through hoping to come across a giant . reptile when all of a sudden i felt a . piercing pain in my thigh. i immediately screamed reach my hand on . my shorts and what do i pull out a giant . waterbug i had never seen one of these . creatures before i immediately started . crying not only from the pain but . because i was absolutely terrified at . the sight of this thing i hobbled myself . back to shore got myself home told my . mom what happened and we looked it up in . a field gun she called the doctor and lo . and behold they sherby i would be ok it . is not going to kill you all i needed to . do was put ice on the bite and relax for . about an hour and a half and finally the . pain ended up going away and ever since . that day this is the one insect dive . truly been afraid . now before we get to the bite let's take . a look at this insects anatomy now this . is a true bug it may look like a beetle . or cockroach but it is in fact its own . variety there are around 60 species of . water bugs worldwide in the united . states there are 20 now this one here . the giant water bug is very common here . in central and south america and this is . about maximum size the largest they get . is around four inches in length and i . would say that one it is about three and . a half inches an absolute monster now . it's interesting you can see it kind of . skittering around inside the container . here as soon as i move it but you see . that position that it's putting itself . in where it's sticking its rear up. through the water look at that little . snorkel looking device there that is . actually how its breathing they breathe . from their back ends it presents fun . yeah it's like a little but snorkel . right so it's keeping itself positioned . like that and this is also the same . position in which they hunt i'll tell . you what's most intimidating about this . creature are those front arms let me . turn. little bit like that now like all . insects they have six legs and these . fronts who are modified with those hooks . on the front they use those to latch on . to and grab them in there let's see miss . sniffing oh internet yeah the sin oracle . does it goes in that you can see it's. kind of thrusts its abdomen up into the . air there that's allowing it to breathe . so it can just flow like a dead leaf . just like that all day long . waiting for let's say a newt apples need . to come to the surface to breathe frogs . and you've come to the surface a fish . could just swim by and if its limbs . right up towards that face what they . will do is reach out with those forms . and they have two hooks right on eddie . don't babble on and pull it towards . their face right on the face there is . what's called a rostrum which is like a . little hook to beat now it is inside of . a sheet some soon as they catch . something it comes out of that sheet and . it ejects an incredibly potent saliva . now the enzymes in that saliva will. actually paralyze the victim and that. kind of is stuck in place so imagine . that you're a tadpole and then as that . saliva works its way into the system it . actually breaks apart the victims . insides and then they drink it up just . like a milkshake how horrific is that . well it's not going to do that to my toe . because i'm not gonna let it hold on . that long but what it is going to do is . latch on and then rush whack me with . that rostrum and just a little bit of . that saliva getting into my system it is . going to be unbelievably painful this . will probably be worse than any of the . insect stings i have taken remember guys . this is not a sting this is a bite very . different. so is it venom it's not technically . venom but it works like venom in that . the enzymes and peptides in the saliva . are modified and break down the insides . of the victim and maybe ask yourself . well something like this does it have . any predators well certainly a bird . could eat it a large snapping turtle . could eat it but they are incredibly . camouflaged let me turn it like this . take a look at its back there it looks . just like a leaf there i will just pick . this leaf up off the ground hold that . next to the container. now if you were mucking around in a . little pond like we have here behind us . where we caught it and you just saw it . sitting there just like that completely . still floating you'd have no idea that . that was an insect and not a leaf the . incredible part another name for this . insect is the electric light button . that's because in places especially like . florida we have those large halogen. lamps there will be drawn in by the . hundreds and oftentimes people just . think that they're flying roaches and if . you go near one and you pick it up you . stand the chance of being bitten so if . you see a bunch of bugs fluttering . around a light and they're about the . size of a leaf just admire them from a . safe distance guys because it's a bite . but you're never going to forget so it . to be clear not just in the water these . things fly yes. not just terrorists beneath the surface. but also tears in the air that didn't . find one of the parking lot once in . florida we did yeah it was actually . inside of my booth believe it or not . yeah i think i actually took a photo of . it posted on instagram yeah now what's . interesting is that this is a male you . know how i know that the males carry . eggs on their back . and i can see that this one has a few . eggs still hanging on to . as is one of those rare species that you . have the male taking care of the young . making sure that they are protected . until they can form into larvae and then . swim off on their own their quick . growing right there popeye arm they are . super strong actually you want me to . take it out of the little container here . so you guys can some better shots i'm . gonna gently reach right down in there . and pick it up ready . [music]. i'm gonna set down the table pick it up . right from the back . [music]. see how they scurry like that oh it's . unbelievably powerful let me turn it . like that for you look at the underside . but actually you know what when you grab . that leaf again because now we can see . it better than it's so strong so look at . the underside as compared to a leader . underside of the leaf underside of the . water bug almost identical right really . hard to spot yeah . look at the eyes they tilt it forward a . little but they actually have really . good eyesight those eyes reflect red if . you shine a flashlight into the water . that's how you can identify . it's so angry right now you can see on . the back here it has a join

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