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(dramatic music). - this is the current cage, that comes up. we have this tunnel that goes on the side. that comes up and over and then peachy. likes to live inside here. but today, we've got a mega challenge. - another mega challenge. like last one was mega. - this one's going to be bigger. we went online and we got. a ton of hamster tunnels. we want to see if we. can build a tunnel that. goes all the way from. here, all the way down. around upstairs and may up. in that bedroom up there. and the good thing is. we bought a second cage. a second home, so the hamster,. wherever as far as we get,. we'll put the second home. there and peachy the hamster. will have two places it can live. (dramatic music). (popping and shouting). this is all that we bought right here. this is about $400 worth of tunnels. there's lots of them in there. let's just build the. tunnel straight for now. and then we'll get moving. look at all those. - [lincoln] this is awesome. (upbeat music). - [dad] that's a lot of tunnels. let's start building. - [lincoln] alright. - [dad] what's going on is the hamster. is up in this right now. - [lincoln] asleep. - [dad] it's not asleep,. it's just kind of tired. (lullaby music). we're going to undo the cage,. and put some paper towels. in the tunnel. and we want to move this. cage over to the corner. and try to go up stairs, up. the stairs and everything. okay, that will stop it for now. by the time it starts chewing on that,. if it does try to get out,. we'll here it and we'll get it. (upbeat music). it's taller than you. - and look how many more we have. - the first bit is done. - good job easton and sam. so it goes over and it comes here. - [sam] oh yes, this will be perfect. (upbeat music). - [dad] we still got a lot. of options to choose from. - [lincoln] i know. - [dad] i think we're going to make it,. i think were going to do it. - i know me too. i'll go grab some more green ones. - [dad] look at that, you. guys got a lot of them. right in there. why are there so many little ones . - because it's hard to. get one of the big ones. - [dad] so this is like lego's basically. - it's basically lego's. - [dad] you guys are engineers. (upbeat music). we're running low guys,. are you sure we have enough. to go over the doorway . - [sam] uh, it will probably be awesome. - the stairs are super tricky. we made the first one,. but there just so hard. to find the correct pieces for it. so we just working on kind. of making this work i guess. so we have thought about it. we think that it would be. awesome if it came up over here. and then it went up the. doorway, like up here. on top and back down, and then. the cage would be right here. (upbeat music). - ta da. - yeah. so everything is completely done. we just have to duct tape now. this is where we're going to stop building. so we can build a cage now. yeah, this is awesome. and by the way, this is sam. - guten tag. (laughing). - and this is easton. - hi. - okay, we are done with the duct tape. do you want to see this. amazing work that we've done . come on up. duct tape. duct tape. duct tape. duct tape right here, then right here. we deserve a break. well a cookie break. ? i really want a cookie ?. ? better grab me a couple ?. - [dad] we're trying to. get peachy out of there. - [lincoln] get an almond. - [dad] come on out peachy. come on out, it's safe out here. - [loncoln] if you come. out, i will give it to you. - come on it's going to be happy out here. we got a new home for you. so here's what we want to do. we have the cage that we want to build. but easton has to leave. and we want to test it out. what we're thinking of. doing is connecting this old. tunnel with the running. ball on to the end of it. at the top. and then to see, this is the. first time i'm seeing this. i was in the other room. this is the end . look at the tunnel it goes. all the way around like this. oh there it is. i'm sure it smells that it's different. - [lincoln] it's going. - [dad] hey buddy. - [lincoln] that's not. smart, that's not the way. - why are you going in reverse . don't go in reverse. okay here's the plan. we're going to dump out everything. that's in his home right here. - [lincoln] and peachy so be careful. - and peachy's in here, just. because she doesn't want. to go in the tunnel. - [lincoln] dad. - i just dumped it all over. - [lincoln] dad. she's in there. - she ran into the house. okay, now we wait. it's in it's home right now. we just need to wait for it to find out. what's going on and for it to get curious. and go through the tunnels. the next thing you see will be the hamster. going through it's tunnel hopefully. welcome to your new home. why don't you go explore. in our giant tunnel. you're going to love it buddy. you're going to love it, i promise. unless we didn't build it well. and it falls from 10 feet. okay, go figure it out. sometimes it gets really. mad whenever we dump out. all of the stuffing that's. inside of it's running ball. because that's kind of its home it's made. it's like oh no. so i think that's what. it's doing right now. see, it's filling its cheeks up. it's like,. - [hamster voice] i know this. stuff does not belong in here. i'm going to fill up my cheeks with it and. then i'm going to go. run back up the tunnel,. - but that's when we trick. him and he's going to realize. the tunnel is different. than it was before. okay, it's got almonds in it's mouth. we took the roof off. try to put it in the hole lincoln. oh, here we go. oh no, tell her to go up. (dramatic music). she's going, i hope she doesn't fall. it's really tall. look at her go. no go back up, don't let it out. put your hand in put your hand in. your going to like your new home. maybe grab it and go put it in the top. - see how much it's been pushing,. right when i let go she just rockets back. - okay, this is the beginning. she's going. - [boys] go go go go. - [dad] it's opened right here. come on guys. she's not going to trust it now,. you just pinched her face off. ? i'm going home ?. ? to the place where i belong ?. - will she ever do it . - [dad] i hope so. - [lincoln] we don't know though yet. - [sam] crossing our fingers. - [dad] and 20 minutes later, it is still. just running in the ball. lincoln doesn't your. hamster listen to you . can you tell it to go through the tunnels . go through the tunnel its safe. - [offscreen voice] one eternity later. - [dad and lincoln] there it goes. - [dad] here it goes for the first time. (dramatic music). it's going. - [lincoln] here it goes. - [dad] oh yeah, this is happening. can it make it all the way . will it fall . it made it up that long one right there. - go go go go. - [dad] don't stop now. come on. there it goes. (dramatic music). (crickets chirping). it's stuck. - [lincoln] it's not stuck. - [dad] it's happening. lincoln, it's happening. are you proud that it made it this far . - i'm proud it made it this far. it's going. (dramatic music). - why does he keep stopping . it stops to look out the window. you like that window there yeah . - [hamster voice] it's a nice window. - [dad] okay, backs out. is he going to go up or backwards. it's kind of like a one way thing,. once it gets started. to go all the way back backwards. it's looking out the other window. i'm glad you guys put the windows in. (dramatic music). - [hamster voice] i look out the window. - [dad] he's always got. to enjoy the view right . i feel like it's just. looking for any exit. like a way to get out. okay, go back down. hi, oh okay, nope. okay this is the big one. can it make it all the way around that . oh no, don't go backwards. (melancholy music). - [lincoln] we were so close. - [dad] it's going backwards. no no. oh, it went down so fast. what are you thinking, go back up. finish the job. are you kidding me . he just slides down it. what the heck . i want to see it go down the big long one. - oh yeah. - [dad] do you think it. can even make it up that . - oh yeah. - how did it turn around . right there it turned around. it did, it turned around. in that thing right there. on the stair. guys, i don't know if. this is going to happen. i feel like it can make it because we left. for a couple of hours and. we came back and it was. in the cage. we literally just walked. in right when it was there. - [lincoln] so we know that it can. - it has to be able to do it,. but it decided to give up right there. let's see how it makes it down this. are you happy with yourself . you're a complete failure. failure. - [lincoln] he is . - [dad] yes, he didn't do it. he didn't make it all the way there. oh boy, what's wrong with you little guy. you need a drink after that . why don't you get yourself a drink. okay i've been waiting. another couple of hours. everybody's asleep expect. for me and lincoln. we've just been waiting and looking at it. as soon as i turn on the. camera, and starts talking. it goes backwards. (melancholy music). here it goes, it gave up and. now is going backwards again. - it is going backwards. - he can't make up his mind. what the heck. what the heck is wrong. with you little guy . i don't know how much. of this we're going to. put in the video. this might be the longest hamster video. in the history of youtube. hi, we need to make. something in the middle. some stop stations for. it, so that it can stop. and relax. - [lincoln] we should. get three stop stations. and more hamster tunnels so. he can make it to my room. - [dad] monster hamster tunnel part three,. part two i guess is coming. sometimes soon, stay tuned. .
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