Can’t Sit, Can’t Stand, Can’t Walk

Now that's one tough pup!
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Think i'm going to her and after carry . this stuff was full found out and . services were calling from red she is . super sweet she was a little bit maybe . at first attracted to shelter by she's . extremely painful . we have around several peanuts now but . essentially they think i friend home to . you. her pelvis is completely disconnected . from her so she's about how much trouble . you're comfortable she can't walk you . can't sit comfortably you know the . inference stand there probably hit by a . car. another dramatic a special about three . months old i think she's probably a . little bit older she has 494 up your . nice full maintenance and maybe you can . see a fracture here on her ilium that's . part of her pelvis and there's a. fracture here i'll show you there's a . better view to see that as well because . the next one on this side you can see . this little edge of the pelvis fractured. off this is that fracture you're seeing . on the other side you can barely see . that allele fracture here but the . biggest issue that she's having is that. this is a sacroiliitis joint right here . with the sacrum and lilius which is part . of the pelvis with a join and both of . those are luck stated which means it's . pop out of joint you know one of those . alone is that both of them are awful so . i can imagine why she was trying to bite . people and she's still painful she can't . walk. also if you like your pelvis is . collapsed and all of these are broken. here you know i think you are you ready . to be able to walk he came . [music]. it's all in your surgery is today so all . [music]. i think you're really sweet beer a three . and red is sitting in one position now . and starting to try to get up on her own. which is progress. baby girl you didn't want to go are you . comfortable just want to our foster . today the first page rest and we're . going to check the back into week two . weeks later you read actually walking . and so it shows it feel with me and . never even fully star walk before she . went home because she was so keen . follower didn't want to walk you want to . position b so this is starting to make . becoming uses you her incisions are . filled up beautifully going to recheck . her back in about four weeks and then do . some radiographs and hopefully clear her. for open your production i have you read . he is often dogs are calculated amazing . oh have play we are seeing her today . anything back to help us making her . acting reading class afraid of her . pelvis with all y8 me later and then . next people are forever home . she's probably about my knowledge . everything filled up pretty good . actually looks great the only issue is . we saw this little pain here has. migrated out and we can feel it under . the skin so we're going to remove that . really quick but pretty darn impressive . they got better and chai just into a . very instructional center right now we . have the only using body's exposed body . like engine so what was it a privilege . for the bottom of it like so social good . so thank you guys so much for watching . our video cannot be this about you again . and we'll be fine . [music]. [music]. .
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