Catching Trout…THE HARD WAY!

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On this episode of Base Camp, wildlife biologist Mario Aldecoa joins the show!
Today he, Coyote and Mark will look back at the famous “Rainbow Trout Rescue Mission” video and talk about how difficult it was to pull off this seemingly impossible feat.
Get ready see the team catching a Trout…the hard way!
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HUGE THANKS to 101 BK of Polaris Ohio for allowing us to film this segment at their amazing location!
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Caption: I would hide five year right now that i . don't whatever you do don't lose the . fish coyote. [applause]. what's going on coyote pack and welcome . back to base camp the show where we . don't do any camping at all but we have . by yes but no mountains today no well . there's fires back there but how do you . ask you about that new opening animation . i personally love the music i think it's . hilarious. i mean i think it's funny i don't know . if it's set in stone i'm curious to kind . of hear what everyone thinks about it . coyote pack give us your feedback in the. comments section below but i have a . feeling that this one is here to stay . well we're definitely having fun with it . right absolutely and that's what this . series is all about have fun and today . is even more fun than the last episode . because mario's back hey welcome to the . show mario how do you feel feel honored . honored yes yeah part of the base camp . program mm-hmm thank you guys welcome . welcome we're glad to have you well you . have been on location with us for pretty . much every episode other than diving for . snapping turtles so the episode that . we're visiting today is an oldie but a . goodie one of my favorites rainbow trout . rescue mission so we're gonna take you . guys back to montana the special place . with freezing cold rivers as i remember . it's so cold why is every episode that . we do with fish always freezing cold . because it's in the water because we're . in the water it takes you forever to . catch the fish well this that's uh yeah . that's pretty fair actually cut the . salmon pretty quickly but the rainbow. trout was quite the challenge to catch . it what's crazy is that montana was . bright and sunny and warm out yet you . get into that freezing mountain water . and you think oh my gosh i'm gonna get . this fish in one take didn't work out . like that guys no no no so if you're . ready and you guys are ready let's . return to montana and head out on one . epic rainbow trout rescue mission all . right let's cue the video here we go hey . the footage willie that sunglasses . removed really proud of that i am it's . good thing i poked my eye out with that . man i remember getting a shot man your . beard games kind of weak there . yeah let's pause that for a second a lot . of you guys in the comments section . that's a good that's a that's a good . freeze frame right there i don't know . what that face is that i'm making that . is like one day shaven coyote seen a lot . of comments in the comments section . coyote your beard game is on point i've . been growing this beard now . for about two and a half months really . since right when we left for australia i . think that's the coyote that can see . your beard right now and he's like. what's that thing on your face man he'd . be proud of you . it is it is getting shaved off before . south africa but the frontier has been . in major command as a recent alright i . should have had this beard in montana it . would have been fitting with the . mountains yeah right . who knew yeah well here we go keep going . keep going here we go again another one . of those quick interests and that shot . right there pause that for a second that . arbitrary jump into the water and splash . i remember when we did that yeah well . this would have scared fish away totally . unnecessary totally unnecessary and . freezing cold i think we did that like . four or five times dinner yeah i think . we're seeing to figure out the flow of . how to make these videos well again just . like the snapping turtle episode we . would shoot these b-roll high-intensity . action shots to be like it's got to be. fast paced and action right and then i . fell off that cliff in arizona we were . like no more these arbitrary b-roll . shots let's just use a drone which has . worked out splendidly for me alright . into the animation all right here we go . can we watch the video game stassi oh . look you excited look at the zoom range . on that x a 20 i miss montana . oh this is when we were sponsored by . general motors that's right and there's . those cows set a chevy traverse traverse . why wait pause that for a second i . forgot that it was i think what venture . episode where we showed me making the. cow noises and that was me making that . count . yeah that's not an actual that's not an . actual cow but i said what's my back . and that cows looking to me that grass. hanging out of its mouth number 620 he's . like okay he's not it's not an angus not . impressed now i try to talk to him and . that's a whitefish that's right some of . those are not trout yeah man we're all . this river rocks like ankle breaker . remember walking along the river yeah . just going through this environment was . crazy difficult so now what's funny you . know i see you building this makeshift. net right what was the saying that you . said no nets no traps no rob that used . to be that like part of the concept of . the show right i could do all this . catching these things by hands but . actually where this inspiration came . from was an episode of man vs. wild with . bear grylls where i saw a bear. take his shirt and build the net and we . you know some of these episodes we've . had the opportunity to macgyver things . with the environment we were like okay . this would be cool if we can come across . a fish in a small pocket of water maybe . i can use that same tactic and i watch . the episode of man vs. wild and it . seemed like bear did it in a couple of . minutes i'm telling you guys it is so . much harder yeah yeah we're gonna see . here in a second do you know how hard it . was but i just think it's funny how you . know back when we were making videos . with the macgyver element now we just . now he sees nets yeah now i'd like it . alaska i think it'll ask originally we . were like you think we could do this . again with a shirt net and immediately . in the pre-production meeting you're . like no we're going to use a legitimate . net well i think everybody including. alaska fishing game was pretty convinced . that it wasn't possible period so we . wanted to give you every advantage yeah . good yeah in this case we also have . special permission to be doing this from . montana fishing game and that's . important because this is not a way that . you can actually legally catch a fish . without a permit so which is crazy that . in my mind that you can have a fish hook . go into a fish's mouth but you're not . allowed to touch with a net but hey the . rules are the rules right oh these . b-roll shots. i remember how cold this was . i did really see trout down there oh . yeah water was like ten feet deep oh . there you go i'm so it was so cold on . that shot how cool do you think the . water really was it was just above . freezing i remember i didn't have extra . boots so i had to take off my shoes and . wait across there funny barefoot oh yeah . it was so cold . okay pause it for a second cuz i think . what people don't realize is how long we . were actually out there hiking up this . river before we got to like these . smaller pockets and i remember having. you know you were there and actually. chance was on that shoot as well having . to move the camera gear over all those . ankle breaking rocks in how much time it . took for us to actually move from spot . to spot that was one of the most . difficult things about montana is moving . around often we actually have to set up . like a little base camp on location and . that means moving gear constantly . depending on what were shooting yeah . yeah yeah and you know when you think . about back in these days like we didn't . really have a lot of experience doing . this kind of thing with the catching . fish like we didn't really know what we . were doing at all going out there we . were just looking for fish and we're . like hopefully we'll have a situation . where we might be able to catch one yeah . we didn't actually plan this out too . well i think i remember liking that shot . when i was standing on top of that cliff . looking down like there's fish down . there i'm like water is like ten feet . deep i was like but we knew in theory . that exactly what we ended up stumbling . upon would exist . eventually small pockets of marooned. water where there may be fish that were . trapped so that's kind of the part we . get into yeah you looked so enthused in . that shot i know how cold we were . already at this point . oh i remember seeing this fish that was . that moment we were shooting these . b-roll shots and then i was like i could . see the tailfin going i'm like dad . there's a fish we actually did not even . imagine that shooting describing this . pocket of water that there would . actually be efficient right and you know . we had seen other fish right at this . point in time but they weren't catchable . at all like honey not even it's not even . close and i think . at this point mario we were just like at . what point do we just call this is this . even gonna happen this wasn't an episode . that almost was scrapped because you're . out there for so long being like this is . this isn't feasible . how did bear grylls do this on man vs. wild must have just been right class was . about to go get a fly rod and right now . trying to like actually go fishing yeah . because we could see fish but we . couldn't catch them but this ended up . then being that moment where we we found . a pocket yeah but it wasn't the end of . the story no child's like oh boy this is . bear territory too so yeah they're bears . that's true yeah . constantly we were kind of watching her . backs and you know i had the chance to . catch it right here remember that where . it was in this back corner and it got . underneath in that i did not have the . neck yeah we didn't realize like what a . good opportunity that was know at the . time i thought i had it right there and . it went back up see how little wate

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